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How to join OJP games/servers through Xfire.

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For those of you who use xfire and want to be able to join OJP servers with it, this is what you have to do.


In Xfire, go to Options and click the 'Games' tab. After it's done detecting your games, search for 'Jedi Academy Multiplayer' in the list and select it.


After selecting it, you will see advanced options on the right with a box where you can put in extra paramaters. Put the following in that box:


+set fs_game ojpenhanced


Then, just click apply/ok/save/whatever and you will be able to join OJP servers through Xfire. Note that you cannot join stock JKA games through Xfire anymore with this, neither can you join servers running other mods. If you want to be able to join stock JKA games again (for whatever reason), just empty the extra parameter box. I only play OJP when playing JKA, and probably a lot of you do as well.


Works like a charm!

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Now play MOAR.


Remember that he most active/best server is usually off of the list and is at When you boot the game type in your console:





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