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Bastila Model 4 PC


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I will point out, bastila's voice and model is in the game if u set the opitions that revan was lightside and male than Bastila walks in during a cutscene to talk with Carth.

Is there a way an expierenced modder (unlike myself)

can add this to be a PC character or a Recrutable party member?

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You may want to Browse TUCE and KotORfiles before posting here;


Released today by DarthRiddick...




Also it's helpful to put in threads which game you want the mod for ;)


EDIT; although I'm not exactly following what you want done, so the above may not to what you want...

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There have been many new Batilla PC mods to date.


The majority of these can be found at KOTOR.filefront.com.


There was one that was released earlier today, if that helps.




PS: Does anyone know why my Sig isn't popping up? Theres no Sig button here?

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