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On that note, my monocle is still in tip-top condition (as those who've seen it will certify!).
I am sure they would.


Not that I am implying anything at all by that statement.

Well if he had just told me we could've stopped for tea and crumpets.

Paying me a visit instead? I'm happy with my current pair of shoes.

Terrorists have useful information to pass on to federal agencies. Therefore it's beneficial to be nice to them.

Terrorists do, but I don't think suspected terrorists might have much to say.


It would be like saying I am a suspected Klingon, so if I'm tortured enough I would reveal secrets about the Empire. Just because I'm usually angry doesn't mean I'll start spouting death rituals in the service of Sto-Vo-Kor.


I think I've just made a fair size of enemies with that statement. For the Glory of the Empire?

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