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What was your first RPG?

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Chrono Trigger.



A very good choice. Would've been my first as well, I'm sure, except that I didn't know it existed til the Playstation 1 days (during my SNES days I was relegated to playing what was available at Blockbuster). I'd have loved to play it on original SNES.


I remember the first time I beat it it froze during the cutscene and I had to do it over. I was so mad. :xp:

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Dungeons of Daggorath in 1982 ... actually, in the end probably more of an FPS than RP. But I was 9 years old. *chuckle*


I didn't start tabletop RPing 'til I was in high school with Middle-Earth Role Playing and D&D of course...


So, the first CRPG I played is probably Divine Divinity, a really, really decent top-down 2-D RP. I found it in a $9.99 bin at a drug store and figured my old beastie of a computer could handle it.


That was two years ago. So, that makes me a n0ob and an old fart all at once...

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