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Which Exile?


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I always choose 14 for a couple of reasons. #1 is that it actually looks serious enough to be a former general and Jedi, #2 because I always get ticked off that every main character (usually the Jedi ones) ends up being a caucasion (sp?). :( Is it that hard to get some diversity with our main heroes/heroines?

I agree. Thats why I always choose head number 2 or 5. They are my favorite heads, and I also think they are the prettiest heads. The rest of them look weird or look like men. But it would be nice if the Exile was actually ethnic.:)


This is why my Revan is a black woman - she breaks the mould in every way possible :D

Mine too. It's the pretty one with the loose hair. I like her because she's the only female Revan model that doesn't look like a dude. :lol:

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when i play k1 or k2, i just cant seem to play it any other way than the ones i did the first time i played. the heads i chose then have completely associated themselves in my mind with the characters. like when i read fanfics, i picture those heads. i always play as #12. i never thought she looked like atris... shock1

i just cant choose another head when i play. for me its like taking some random person and calling them <insert favorite franchise character her> yknow?

anyone else have that?




its also great when you find artwork of your fave head:

check out aimo's deviantart page:http://aimo.deviantart.com/

i love her kotor art


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Please leave KOTOR fan manga out of this.

Thank you! Someone agrees! :D


The rest of them look weird or look like men. But it would be nice if the Exile was actually ethnic.

Matter of opinion I guess. I never thought any of them really looked male... And I'm still routing for an ethnic Exile. Too many of the typical heroines end up as overly beautiful, young, long-haired blondes, with blue eyes. Its rather annoying after a while, and the Exile is apparently a hardened, jadded war veteran. And a Jedi before that. She shouldn't nessesarily look like a model, IMO.


Oh, and to clarrify as to why I'm still alive: the fan-girls brought me back to life to try to convince me to become one of them... (eye-twitch). As such, I am typing this post from a safe-house. :xp:

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I just realized that I forgot to say which heads were my favorites! :eek:


LS: 9. Or a red Twi'lek. ;)

DS zombie: Atris (12)

DS w/yellow eyes: 14. Or 9 again. (I just love 9, I don't know why...)



As far as the male heads go, I don't think ANY of them fit for Revan OR the Exile!!!!!!! :lol:

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