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Weapons of Choice


Weapon of your choice?  

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  1. 1. Weapon of your choice?

    • Lightsaber
    • Double-Bladed Lightsaber
    • Blaster (Rifle, Pistol, Heavy Repeater, etc.)
    • Any Blade or Sword
    • Other

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*reads post*

*mind atempts to make sence of post*

*atempt failed, secondary sence making engaged: enabling visuals of each word*

*combining visuals*



See... I told you my weapon was ace - I have melted your brain :xp:

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So no throwing knives or shuruikins then? Oh yeah they are not a KOTOR weapon so never mind. :xp: But, my main weapon would be a double-bladed saber, orange I guess. I know, who wants an orange lightsaber, right? I just like them. :D (Not the orange in the game mind you, a real orange ;) )


So that said I picked double-bladed. :D



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I would've had a Ya Mum gun, but I decided that the barrel would be too large for an average person to hold.


Aye, shame; though perhaps there are a few miniature sized Ya Mum's out there to reduce size!


There are some cracking lines we can use Ya Mum for...


Darth Vader "Do not be too proud of this technological monstrosity you've contructed, the power to destroy a planet is nothing when compared to the power of Ya Mum".

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