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{IF} Imperial Fleet & Vengeance Lugormod

Imperial Fleet

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Hello everyone.


I'm sure you guys have JKA here :p

The {IF} clan is a clan that runs on Lugormod.

Currently our server, Vengeance Lugormod, is #1 in the U.S.A.

[serverspy.net information]


The 20 slot information:





Our server IP will be changing to a new IP running on an Intel-Quad server.

I will keep you updated.


If your interested in our clan:


{IF} Clan Forum


You can see all the clan information there and some clan websites of the past.


The clan has members in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.


"The {IF} Clan was formed from the last days of 2005 to the beginning of January 2006. The clan, more than 2 years old now, is based on Jedi Knight Jedi Academy is a clan of Imperials, hence the term, Imperial Fleet. Imperial Jedi, Imperial Sith, Imperial Mercenaries. We are a clan, united of many species and warriors to form, once again, an Imperial Empire. The clans name is not exactly what it sounds like. We are not an evil empire. We are a clan formed of many different species, ideas and skills. Together, we form a clan, a clan forged into an empire. An empire is not necessarily "evil" - and we are not evil either. We are sith, we are mercenaries, and we are even jedi, combined, into one. We are mainly a lugormod clan, and we focus on, besides skill, respect and intelligence over the game and life. Without respect there is no organization, without organization there is no clan"


The clan currently has 30+ members, and we are, indeed, currently recruiting. If you wish to join the clan, please go to our General Recruiting section. We also have a clan pack with skins, vehicles, maps, effects, etc, coming soon.



Here are some videos made by high ranking clan members







Our server IP will be changing to a new IP running on an Intel-Quad server.

I will keep you updated.


Thanks for reading and have a great day

Please visit our server / forums and register.

If you are interested in Lugormod, our server is the place to go.


Let me (Tyranus, an IF Emperor), or other IF Emperors know that you come from lucasforums, and we will give you special tours :)

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