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Time to Flee The Sinking Boat (or...Goodbye!)

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Alright. It's offical that the KOTOR MMO is coming out. There are few details, but it is rather unlikely I am going to buy it...


Let me explain. A few weeks after I bought the KOTOR series (or is it a few weeks before, I am not certain), I checked up on wikipedia to learn more, and I found out about the TSLRP. Then I got linked from TSLRP over to LF, which I stayed for quite some time.


I stayed mostly because I wanted to learn more about TSL. And I did. I learnt more than I ever thought possible. And then I stopped learning. And then I stayed more because of the "Ethics" thread that lead to the creation of the Kavar's Corner, for good or bad.


But now that we know KOTOR MMO is coming. And there's no denying it. EA's guy is telling the truth.


KOTOR MMO does not exist in my 'canonical KOTOR universe', and will never exist in my eyes, so I am not so concerned about it as most other people. We all can easily conclude what is going to happen anyway with the True Sith (their eventual genocide)...and after the death of the True Sith, I don't honestly care about Revan, the Exile, the Republic, everything else. The story ends, I don't have to see useless exposition.


But what it does mean that this forum may eventually be a battleground between those who support the "KOTOR MMO" project made by Bioware and those who support the regular hypotethical "KOTOR SP", made by Obisidan. Not to mention that, the MMO component will bring in a flux of brand new accounts, leading to a conflict between the New KOTOR Fans and the Old KOTOR Fans. Not to mention the New KOTOR Fans battling amongst each other in the form of Clans and Balance Issues. Eventually, this board can, and likely will, splinter into two sections that hate each other relentlessly, without good moderation, which I am quite certain already exist with Kavar's Corner as a good proving grounds. As it stands though, this forum will enter into interesting times.


And frankly, well, I don't really want to witness this conflict. So, that's it.


I haven't been active in Kavar's Corner anyway, so until I post in 6 months after the embers die down, assume that I left this KOTOR forum forever. Yes, I know, most 'goodbye' threads are intended to be just that, 'goodbye', but I am sure that I won't say 'goodbye' forever (too much of the 'old guard' here to leave forever, you know). But I am pretty certain that I won't post 6 months.

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Well, I share many of the same sentiments, but I don't feel that it's time to 'flee the sinking boat'.


I am worried about the new influx that will inevitably come from a KOTOR MMO, but hopefully, thanks to our moderating super-team (who do a great job), it won't get that bad.


I have the utmost respect for you standing behind your convictions sir, but, as you yourself have said, I won't say goodbye...


But I will say good luck to you in whatever you do. :)

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That's a pretty radical proposition, if you ask me. I mean WTF, it's a damn video game. It's not going to break LF in two. And if it does I wouldn't give a ****. :(


I dunno why people are hating this project so much. It's not like LA has announced the cancellation of the SP series. They could run two franchises side-by-side. Besides, nobody knows what BioWare can do in the MMO field.


But if you're jumping ship anyways, be my guest and goodbye! :)

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