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Black & Red Colored Mandalorian Armor


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Hey ppl.....cuz i love the Mandalorians and Sith, i was thinking of a mod armor for mandalorian(disguise) armor.



ok here's my idea, think a blue standard mandalorian....


where the white marks are,======i want it to be like blood(dark) red.

the blue full mark color,=======i want it to be black.


and the stats......



required=heavy armor

resistant=darkside 25%

resistant=energy 15%

disguise=Mandalorian alien(New Skin color though)


DESCRIPTION====something to do with mandalorian/sith armor used personally to gaurd bastila or something....plz



thats what i request, plz oh plz make it, i tried and my kotor tool isnt working and i tried it like along time agio and it look horrible, so can one of you better, more experianced modders make it for me....oh plz.



ive tried to request it before but no one replied saying they'd help.




plz plz plz.




thanks peeps

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well if you want it sooner some-one else will need to make it cuz my mod id make this for wont be done for atleast 5 months- a year (im still new to modding and this is gona hava alot of dialog and voiceing so......)


This specific request doesn't need all of that dialog/voicing.


It's just a reskin and a new *.uti.


Someone else who offered to do it (Hanhar and Atris also said they would...) should try as a semi-experienced modder could finish this in an hour or so.


Damn the fact that I don't have my KotOR discs.




@OP - if you still don't get a response (like in the next 2-3 days) PM me and we can talk.

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