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XWA mod for the jDome invention?


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Hi all XWA fans!


Since I think XWA is the best SW space-flight sim I was wondering if it possible to change the Field of View in XWA? If it is possible would you see more of the cockpit?


Why I wonder this is because it would be cool to show off XWA (with upgraded graphics) on my invention, the jDome.


If you haven't heard of it, please check ot the promo video on youtube:


And peoples reactions from Swedish Game Awards:


and from Dreamhack:

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MXvTED is the only way I know to change the cockpit point-of-view, and since XWA thus can't do it dynamically, I doubt your new device would be able to be supported. There are also the view controls (look left, look right, etc.), but, again, I doubt XWA would be able to extend the view to the edges of your screen.

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