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A few noob-question


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Hi everybody,

first off, please forvige any grammar error that you may eventually step by, English isn't my first lenguage.


I'm new here, as I'm new to OJP.

Presonally I think that this is by far better than mod like Ja+. As soon as I dled OJP, I tried to figure out how to host a server for me and my friends, and it appears just as I've been able to set everything ok in the .cfg, except for one thing : I still cannot set a custum map as the first map. What do I have to do? I tried to paste the name of the map I want to play with in the map section, as the first map ( map mp/%&%) but it doesen't work...


Secondly, I would like to know how to log in as the admin.. I know is a really "newbie" question even for a noob:D, but although I was able to log in and act as the admin on my Ja+ server, with ojp the "amlogin" command simply doesen't work :s

And, since it seems to me that the normal command have been changed, I'd like to know the command needed in order to change map, along with the login one.


In the end, I'd wish to know if it is possible to scale models with Ojp, and, eventually, how.


Thanks in advance for the reading and for any help you may be able to give me. :)

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You need to set the rcon password in your cfg file and then set your rcon password to be that password. You'll then be able to do commands just like you're the server using

/rcon <command>

For example, if you want to load a new map manually you'd do...

/rcon map <mapname>

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Well, that's great!

Really.. awesome! I had the smallest Yoda ever seen with x being 1 xD


Now, Is that normal that each time I die, the model height is set to default? If yes, is there any way to edit some kind of .cfg so that one particular model will be always scaled to a certain value?


And, I have another question: I set my server.cfg so that the initial exp value is 35, in order to allow people to start with saber defence and one style; while playing, I noticed that more people I killed, and more "new" saber style (staff, juyo) I was able to chose... Is there a way to start from the beginning with those style?


Thanks in advance for any help you may provide :)

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yeah, it worked fine, thanks :D


Btw.. I've been all this time trying to adjust minor settings on my server, and just now I've realised that my friends aren't able to join it. I don't think it's my connection since I was able to host a ja+ server before, so I guess there is something wrong with my .cfg or something like that.


I'm trying to host a server in lan, using our custum hamachi network, I start it with the .bat provided with OJP v1.2, and my friends simply cannot even select it in the "favorite server" list. Any idea?


Thanks for all the help you are giving me and for any further hint you may give :D

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Ofc they already have it.. xD


Well, maybe the fact that I do have installed only OJPe and not OJP basic can interfere? I know this may sound "noobish", but please, answer.. I really cannot see the way to make this server work



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it doesnt matter. OJP basic is completely different code except for a few things. it has nothing to do with enhanced. As far as your problem is concerned I'm no expert on server issues sadly. I just click on the start OJP Enhanced server icon and then start a new game and join my server on the list. :p With some people though, the only way they can even run a server is to use hamachi.

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Oh, I see..


Well, in the end I've made it work: I edited the provided .bat adding the string "+set net_port 21000" file so that it starts a server leading to my IP address. This made the server appear in my friends server list.


Thanks for all the help you gave me

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set your server starting skill points to 70

^ 40 works just as well.


2 Jump

2 Speed

2 Sense


1 Saber Defense

3 Absorb.



Immune for every force user and still enough speed & height & combat abilities :p (Optionally replace 1 sense point for defense)


As for gunners, jetpack is a must, rest doesn't really matter.


p.s: IreJKA.

It's weird that the server wouldn't shop up when you didn't have net_port 21000 in it >.< Maybe you forgot to port-forward hamachi's ports? xD

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