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Mandalorian Wars: The Jedi Torn (D&R)


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Mandalorian Wars:

The Jedi Torn


The Mandalorians began a crusade of conquest against the

galaxy beginning with the worlds on the galaxy’s outer rim.


For 32 years the armies of the warrior race invaded many

planets and moons destroying any one who dared to stand

against them before their sights finally turned to the



The Army of the unified worlds pleaded with the Jedi

council for help but they refused to fight, however to young

Jedi known as Malak and Revan chose to go against their

masters wishes and went to the republics aid taking all

those who would follow with them…




The Story

I tried this before and figured I’d give it another go as i did like it while it lasted the first time round.


The RP takes place during the early stages of the Jedi involvement of the Mandalorian War. You are a Jedi who chose to defy the councils orders and followed Reven and Malak into battle against the rampaging Mandalorian forces. As part of Reven’s plan your character is one who has been put in charge of a force to take back the world of Corellia, the furthest the Mandalorians have gotten into the galaxy.


Corellia has been under Mandalorian control for the past week and a large space force have blockaded the world and invaded the Capital city of Coronet. The Jedi mission is to first take space superiority and then remove the mandalorian threat from the surface.


The Mandalorians are led by one of Mandalore’s Lieutenants who goes by the name Maverick.


Although it may not come up we’re going to be using cannon so at this stage Malak is called Alek ‘Squint’ Squinquargesimus, Revan is male and the Exile is Female.




Rules- Rp forum rules are standard.

no 'super' Jedi, you can have unique abilities but not too powerful

no killing Pcs without permission

Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to rp without it creeping in)

Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' Npcs

7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.

Original Characters only, if Revan or the Exile turn up they’ll be NPCs




Character Sheet


Name: (John Doe, Jane Doe)

Nickname: (JD, Sparky)

Species: (Human, Twi’lek, Zabrak, etc.)(Star Wars cannon only)

Sex: (Male/female)

Age: (18+)

Class: (Sentinel/Guardian/Consular/Weapons Master/Watchman/Jedi Master)

Appearance: (Picture or description)

Lightsaber: (Type: Single/Twin/staff)(Colour)

Weapons/Equipment: (Grenades, blasters, med kit, personal shields, etc.)

Specialist skills/force powers/traits: (3 Max, no dark side powers)

Bio: (History and personality)



Name: Castov Jesp

Nickname: CJ

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Class: Sentinel

Appearance: Picture

Lightsaber: Single yellow blade

Weapons/Equipment: Tool kit, handheld scanning equipment.

Specialist skills/force powers/traits:

Lucky- Unsure if it is by the will of the force or just dumb luck when things start to go wrong he always manages to come out of it in one piece.

Mechanics- If it needs fixing Jesp has the skill to pull it off.

Stealth- Although he hasn’t mastered the ability to make him self invisible in the force he knows how to move without being noticed.


Bio: Like most Jedi Castov was taken in to be trained as a Jedi in his infancy and no longer remembers who his family were. He spent his early years training at the Coruscant temple, here he earned a reputation for being reckless and a risk taker. He spent a lot of time in front of the masters explaining why a fight got started or how the ancient artefact got broken. Fortunately for him other than these slight misdemeanours he was a good student with the force. The young man was also found to have a certain aptitude with mechanics and electronic, so he was allowed to work in the temples hanger and garage.


When Castov was assigned to a master he got transferred to the enclave on Dantooine where he became friends with the other Padawans, Notably Bastillia, Reven and Malak. He passed all his trials the first time and was knighted as a full Jedi of the order. Castov followed his friends Reven and Malak into the war against defying the wishes of his masters.


CJ is fun loving and a joker but he has a need to always do the right thing, although skilled with the lightsaber he prefers to take a stealthy approach to combat.

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Name: Renon Lornal


Nickname: Hammerhead


Species: Ithorian


Sex: Male


Age: 30


Class: Guardian/Watchman


Appearance: To most eyes, it's hard to distinguish Renon from most other Ithorians, from the twin mouths on either side of his neck to the hammer-shaped head and brown skin, he look every inch the standard Ithorian, with the exception of his white robes and the lightsaber hanging off his belt.


Lightsaber: Single, Green-bladed.


Weapons/Equipment: Medikits, kolto treatments, bacta spray, sedatives and stims, various other medical tools, laser scalpel, holdout blaster pistol.


Specialist skills/force powers/traits: Healing. Renon is an extremely capable Jedi Healer, and is also quite capable of using non-Force related tools to treat injuries.


Master of Soresu. Renon is one of the most capable Soresu lightsaber duelists in the Order. His mindset aids him in this.


Mind Tricks. As he prefers to avoid killing, he has committed himself to learning how to master the art of subtly shifting a person's perceptions to avoid deadly conflict.


Bio: Renon is, surprisingly, considering his current situation, a rather typical Ithorian, peace-loving and fond of nature. To his eyes, it's a reprehensible disregard for the sanctity of life to ignore the Mandalorian rampages. Although he finds Revan and Malak's mindset rather off-putting, he sees them as being better than the Jedi Council's flippant disregard for the slaughter the Mandalorians are inflicting.


He was born on Tafanda Bay, one of the numerous Ithorian herdships over Ithor. Taken along with several young Ithorians to the Academy on Dantooine, Renon proved himself to be a model Jedi, calm, focused, and peaceful.


When the Mandalorian Wars began and the Council refused to act, however, Renon was shocked. They were sworn to protect the people of the Republic. When Revan defied the Council, Renon followed in Revan's footsteps. Although increasingly uncomfortable with Revan's method, at least Revan was doing what the Jedi were sworn to do.

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Name: Arija Greenleaf

Nickname: Green

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Class: Sentinel

Appearance: http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs11/i/2006/192/2/2/Painty_Jedi_by_Saehral.jpg

Lightsaber: Single yellow blade

Weapons/Equipment: Computer spikes, and a blaster

Specialist skills/force powers/traits:


Computer - Arija's got great skills in getting what she want with computers, and if she doesn't, she's quite good at destroying them.


Force Persuade - In order to achieve her goals, she had been forced to 'persuade' people who kept her away from her goals.


Bio: (History and personality)


Arija was born in the Greenleaf family, a rich family on Alderaan. And at a very young age she was found by a Jedi called Lona Vash, who brought her to the Jedi Council on Coruscant. The council decided to train Arija in the ways of the Jedi.


Arija was on Coruscant during all of her training. She was assigned to Master Illienda, who always called Arija gifted, but a bit to stubborn, and unpredicitble.


Arija and Illienda were sent to the Outer Rim on a mission, dealing with pirates, Illienda got killed. Arija barely escaped, but managed to crash the computer of the pirate ship. She went to Jedi Enclave of Taris, to inform of what had happend. The council there spoke with the council of Coruscant, and it was decided for Arija to stay on Taris.


On Taris, she became restless, even if she helped the council with local problems on Taris. But she befriended one clumsy Padawan, called Zayne Carrick.


One day, a group of Jedi's turned up on Taris, recruiting other Jedi's to join them in their crusade against the Mandalorians. Arija considered that the Mandalorians had to be stopped. When the Jedi, who introduced himself as 'Squint', asked her to join, she gladly accepted his request.

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Name: Leon E. Nobuul

Nickname: Len

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Class: Weapons Master

Appearance: Here

Lightsaber: Single, Light Blue

Weapons/Equipment: Tracking device, com link

Specialties: Elemental Force User - Water (can manipulate and control water to a certain degree)

Bio: More on Leon's past will be revealed in the role play.

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Name: Elina Keis


Nickname: Elle


Species: Zabrak


Sex: Female


Age: 18


Class: Guardian


Appearance: The first thing that sets Elle's appearance apart from that of a human is her pale yellow skin. The second thing would be the two horns adorning the crown of her head. From between and behind her horns she has grown her dark brown hair to waist length, though she normally wears it in a braid.

Her almond-shaped eyes have murky yellow irises, though like all Zabrak she has no eyebrows or eyelashes. She has a relatively wide mouth with thin lips and a small, pointed nose. Her face is dotted with tattooes, though only Elle knows their meaning.

Her usual attire is a standard white robe with a brown cloak worn loosely over it.


Lightsaber: Single violet lightsaber


Weapons/Equipment: Personal shield of Echani design, medpacks


Specialist skills/force powers/traits:

Valor - Elle can tap into the force in order to increase her body's potential. Sometimes she draws on this in order to strike harder and move faster, other times she uses it to keep going during a long battle.

Ataru Duelist - Elle is a practitioner of Ataru, one of the more aggressive, acrobatic lightsaber forms.

Medic - Though she has yet to fully master force healing, Elle makes up for it by her knowledge of medicine, and knows how to get the most out of a medpack.


Bio: Elle was originally from the rocky world of Iridonia, though she doesn't remember much of her time there. Once it became apparent that she could learn the way of the force, she was shipped out to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine to begin her training. Only the tattooes that covered her body remained to remind her of Iridonia.


Her master, Velgar, would have described her as a troublesome student. Stubborn, prideful, and above all hotheaded, she was quick to act and slow to listen. But she came to trust her master and what she taught, and was able to complete her training and pick up on the teachings of the Jedi.


Even still Elle could not fully integrate with the traditional Jedi ways. She had been investigating her heritage, her markings, and had resolved to visit Iridonia for herself once her master had taken her eyes off her.


But distaster struck, the Mandalorians struck, and Iridonia was one of the first planets to fall, many of it's colonies hit alongside it. Elle was consumed by rage. Though she had only once touched it's surface, she still felt that Iridonia was her home, and felt anger at the Mandalorians for harming it. Velgar counselled calm and patience, but Elle would not have it. The next morning, she had left Dantooine, and had gone to join the war effort.


Though raised away from Iridonia, Elle carries the pride that often afflicts her people, and she seeks to make up for her time away from Iridonia by rescuing it from the Mandalorian threat. Now away from her master, she has returned to her ways as a stubborn hot-head, more than willing to simply jump into action. When it comes to defeat, she will patch herself up and keep walking as soon as her body will allow it, unwilling to let one or two scrapes get in the way of her goal.

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Guess you fellas could use a proper force user as well.


Name: Brryg Jikat

Nickname: General Bha'lir

Species: Nazzar

Sex: Male

Age: 73

Class: Jedi Consular/Sage Master

Appearance: Yarr

Lightsaber: Lightstaff

Weapons/Equipment: A rather cannibalized heavy armor with enough armor removed to make it nimble enough for Jedi use but still offer protection, electrobinoculars, medpacs, comlink.

Specialist skills/force powers/traits: Plant Surge - Can speed up plant growth and control them to his liking for battle or other purposes.

Protection Bubble - Can form a blue hued sphere around himself or someone else that can deflect and protect otherwise severe attacks ranging from lightsaber to blaster to matter. Limited time and eventually does have a limit on how much damage it can take.

Electric Judgment - Can create a green bolt of lightning that can either immobilize or, if enough concentrated force energy, kill the intended target. Even more effective on droids' electric circuits then humanoids.

Bio: Even before being a Jedi Brryg was a philosopher and something comparable to a Jedi Consular with the secluded Nazzar community. You see, he was born to a well respected philosopher family and strong believer of the Ulizra religion, prominent in the Nazzer culture as the only one. He was taught since childhood to be xenophobic, arrogant, and to adhere to the religion strongly. However, Brryg was not happy with the culture and history his race had. His youth went past, he became an adult and began self study leading him to question heavily the ways of his people. At the age of 40 he placed himself into self-exile, or Boqeri, as was his right as and adult Nazzar. For years he traveled until coming to Taris, where he stumbled on a Jedi also having a short stop on the planet. Intrigued by the philosophies of the Jedi and what the Jedi called the Force, he questioned more of the matter and it soon became clear to the Jedi the Nazzar had indeed no previous contact with the Jedi Order. Not in literature or person. So he was taken to Dantooine for the judgment of the Council there.


Due to Jedi having previous contact with similar Nazzar and knowing fully well the traditions amongst their kind prohibiting the taking of children in their youth from any of the Nazzar systems, he was tested and granted a place in the Dantooine Enclave. The council did worry about the traits taught to him during his youth and wished to see if Brryg would abandon these teachings willingly. So the equine humanoid was placed under the teachings of a Cantorisan Jedi Master and sent to very humanocentric planets to show the wrongs of his species' cultural teachings. Eventually he did let go of his pride and prejudice, instead becoming a fully pledged Jedi mentally. He was granted the title of Jedi Knight at the age of 53, after which he began to concentrate on studying the arts of the Force, becoming a Jedi Consular instead of the much opted Sentinel at the same time. Of course he had a near master level training by then on Form I, the most basic of them all, but he never truly found lightsaber combat preferable. It was much more like a deterrent on missions than anything else. If it came to battle he would much rather use the Force to immobilize or kill his opponents, for it allowed him much greater potentials than what a lightsaber would have.


When he turned 65 he met a fallen Jedi during a mission with his padawan and through a show of force in the Force he destroyed the image of power that the Dark Side would give to the fallen one. Falling on his knees the fallen Jedi begged him to strike him down for leaving the Jedi way and seeking power. Instead of doing this, though his padawan had wished for him to do so, he let the man live and led him to seek reconciliation with himself and the Force by going to the nearest planet with an enclave and seek redemption. The Jedi Councils would know what to do much better than what he alone as only a Knight. Proving in this his humble nature and wisdom in seeking the path of light he was given the rank of Jedi Master and the title of Sage Master. He took the title with honor and released from his possession his lightsaber, for he had no need for it anymore. With doubt the Jedi Council took his lightsaber but were curious of what he was to do after releasing the ligtsaber to the Council, usually a tradition when one became an exile. However, in front of the Council, he took his walking staff, which he had kept from his most recent trip, and imbued it with the force. As he did so and vowed to be a worthy Sage Master, he could see an approving look in the council. He left once more for further missions and trained three more padawan learners before the Mandalorian Wars. When Jedi began to schism from the order, Brryg sought council with the Grand Master of the Order and discussed in length the matter both philosophically and politically until he knew exactly what was to be done. With thanks to the Grand Master for showing him the path he was to take, although the Grand Master could not say it directly but had to strongly hint on what was to be done by Brryg as an individual, he joined the Revanchists and entered battle amongst his fellow Jedi. Following Revan he wondered the skill he showed in battle and was even slightly worried where it may lead. However, he was a servant of the Jedi Order, which were peacekeepers of the Republic. The Republic needed them and they could not stand idly by even despite past conflicts proving horrid to the Order's numbers. During the early battles where Jedi were involved he received the nickname "General Bha'lir" due to being very comparable to the predator on Iyred in the sense that he was a very peaceful and gentle man when treated with the respect and dignity he deserved. However, when threatened he could get violent easily towards his enemies. It was also very often compared how territorial the Bha'lir were on their clamed territories and what Brryg was on the old Republic border and lost systems.

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Ok everyone I’ll be starting the RP shortly, even after it’s started there’s still time for people to join, complete their Character sheets or actually do one.


We’ll be starting in the middle of the space battle.


Edit- k it's started in the main area.

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Name: Joran Tal


Nickname: Jor


Species: Human


Sex: Male


Age: 35


Class: Jedi Weapon Master


Appearance: Image: Joran Tal


Lightsaber: single, orange blade


Weapons/Equipment: Joran prefers not to carry an overabundance of equipment, relying almost entirely on his lightsaber and his connection to the Force. However, he does carry a comlink and a few medpacks, and he is quite adept at using any weapon he may find around him. He wears light battle armor, stripped down to decrease weight and increase his maneuverability.



Specialist skills/force powers/traits:


Personal saber style: Rather than training exclusively in one form of saber combat, Joran learned bits and pieces of several of them, combining them into his own style. As he is a Weapon Master, his style focuses primarily on the attack, but he has refused to let this focus infringe on the defensive properties of the style either. To put it simply, his style is suitable for both aggressive attacks and unexpected retreats.


Weapon intuition: As an extension of his Weapon Master training, Joran is capable of handling a weapon and understanding its workings well enough to use it efficiently.


Shatterpoint: In training himself into a Weapon Master, Joran found himself gradually becoming aware of 'shatterpoints', or fault lines in beings and events around him. As he grew more aware of these 'weak places', he began to meditate on what exactly he could do with them. In pondering this, he discovered that the entire galaxy was full of shatterpoints and that they could be manipulated in many ways. Shatterpoints in armor, for example could be enhanced to destabilize the armor altogether. A shatterpoint in a sentient being could be set off with a single word, and could compel them to do whatever you wished... or destroy them entirely.



Bio: Joran was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant for training as a three-year-old when a Jedi Knight discovered his Force sensitivity. Initially, the young boy was frightened at being drawn into an unfamiliar environment, but he adjusted without much difficulty.


For the next twenty years, Joran was trained in the ways of the Jedi. His training did not pass without disagreements with his Master, but Joran had always been an easygoing person and was always intent on getting to the core of the disagreement and settling it peacefully. At age twenty-four, he faced the Trials and was Knighted after passing them.


After his Knighting, his attentions turned slightly more to the combat side of things. When his former master asked him about this decision, Joran replied, "I believe that even combat can lead to a peaceful conclusion if you understand it fully." This was his aim and in time, he would become a proficient duelist.


It was this turn of focus that prompted Joran to follow Revan into the Mandalorian Wars. Though he rarely spoke of his motivation to do so, Joran occasionally admitted he believed combat was the only way to establish peace with the Mandalorians. "They are a culture of war," he said. "If war is what they understand, then it must be used to communicate with them."

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Here's my character


Name: Sivar Ohryn Bewnir

Nickname: Siv; That S.O.B.; S.O.B.

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 36

Class: Weapons Master

Appearance: Siv stands roughly 1.78 meters tall, his skin is well tanned. His dark brown hair is cut in a Military Style, his eyes are a piercing shade of green, and his build is more on the muscular side than not.

Lightsaber: A Viridian Longsaber

Weapons/Equipment: Heavy Blaster Pistol; Combat Knife; Republic Flight Jacket; Jedi Combat Robes; 3 Packs of Deathsticks

Specialist Skills \ Force Powers \ Traits:

Telekinesis: Using the Force, Siv is able to move almost anything in the physical world. The size of the object doesn’t matter… much and the object’s size can range from an atom to a Mandalorian Dreadnought… provided Siv is standing close enough.

Situational Awareness: Siv has excellent Situational Awareness, mainly as a holdover from his poor family life prior to becoming a Jedi. With this ability, Siv is able to know where everybody is in relation to him, which makes sneaking up on him very hard… and dangerous. The only drawback to this ability is that whenever he takes a table in a bar or restaurant, he takes on in the corner that allows him to look around, failing that he’ll try to sit as close to a wall as possible. Also a drawback, he’s constantly looking around, which probably gives off the impression of being bored or impatient.

Special Training: After quitting the Order to follow Revan and Malak to war, Siv joined the Republican Navy (Starfighter Corps.), where he received training. Though he doesn’t use it often, he is a crack-shot with a blaster pistol, and an even better shot with a blaster rifle –a product of his cross-training with the Republican Army for the idea of Marines. Also in this training is Zero-Gee insertions and how to land a fighter on a Ship’s hull without their notice.


Born on Coruscant to Ehlard and Milia Bewnir, Sivar O. Bewnir was always in perfect shape, even from a young age. His father was ex-Army and had instilled that ethic in him prior to his death.

When Ehlard died Siv was 5 years old, he then buried himself in learning all he could about the Army. Building a range in his family’s basement (The family was wealthy enough to have an actual house on Coruscant instead of an apartment), Siv would regularly fire off 100 rounds out of a kit rifle he’d bought with his spare credits when he was seven.

When he turned eight, his mother, Milia, began dating again and by then end of the next year had married a Mister Verin Deci Seth. Like many holodramas, the stepfather turned out to be abusive towards Siv, however this had the benefit of giving Siv his Situational Awareness.

Once he turned twelve, he figured that he’d had enough of it and forced his stepfather, at gunpoint, to let him out of the house. Once out of the house, Siv ran towards the nearest aero-bus stop and started his trip that took him to the other side of Coruscant to the Jedi temple and took six months.

Upon his arrival in the main city of Coruscant (I’ll have to look that up again!), Siv made his way to the Temple, since it was said that he Temple would let anybody in. When he arrived at the temple, he was almost immediately granted some guest quarters and he spent half a year in those quarters while studying and trying to build another range.

On his thirteenth birthday, a Padawan learner happened to come in to Siv’s room by mistake, and was thrown backwards by Siv’s Telekinesis. The Padawan then went to his master who went to the Council who approached Siv with an offer to be tested.

Even though he was Thirteen, he ‘passed’ the test and was accepted as a Padawan learner.

Ten years later found him being raised not only to knighthood but to accept the mantle of a Jedi Weaponsmaster. He left Coruscant and wandered the galaxy, fulfilling the odd mission or two that the Jedi Council threw his way.

His life passed in this manner before Revan gathered some Jedi at Dantooine and gave one of the most rousing speeches in his life. There, he convinced Siv to leave the Order and sign up with the fleet.

Going through the Republican Navy’s version of Basic, Siv proved himself to be an especially bright tactician as well as a deadly starfighter pilot. Also, during Basic, the Republican Navy and the Republican Navy did some cross-training to create a Special Forces like cadre that they could use in the war. The Project was a complete failure, the training received helps Siv when the combat moves to the ground –and when he’s allowed to follow.

While it is generally frowned upon in the Navy to have your own starfighter aboard ship whilst commanding the ship, it is something that Siv has done since he signed on with the fleet. And, even though he doesn’t get the chance to use it in combat that often, it has come in handy whenever there’s been a target that’s just begging to be hit and there’s not enough fighters available.

Currently, Siv is the Commanding Officer of the 5th Cruiser Squadron, his flagship is the Gallant, a Hammerhead- class Cruiser, like the other seven ships in the squadron.

The fleet was ordered to Corellia in order to join up with the fracas currently building up…


Sorry, I've got too much on my plate right now, I'm going to have to back out.

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