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SOS--Help with LEGO Indy (DS version) and Infernal Machine (PC)

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Dear All:


Greetings from Canada!! I hope this finds you and yours well.


First, I'm raising a flare to ALL OWNERS OF NINTENDO DS LITE: I'm having trouble in the "City of Danger" area of the game. I can't seem to get out of the area of Cairo. I seem to be missing something, but what? Marion's cute as a monkey, but that can't last forever. Granted, things are a little different in this version of the game (check out the Lost Temple) but in my book, different is good.


Secondly, I'm looking for a saved game, any hints for one last jump he has to do in Nebuchanezzar's Library. I have to get one last piece of text before I leave the Library.


Are there any hints or saved games you guys can give me? I don't want to still be there when I'm the age of Indy's father!!!


Any ideas, brainstorms and vague notions will be entertained.


May the for Force be with you all!!


Sincerely yours always,



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