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Betatester Reforms - look inside if you want to know more about V1.3


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Every betatester that was appointed before V1.2's release is now dismissed of his or her duties. This is nothing personal, but the team feels that with the big upcoming change, there should be waves noticeable in the PR and community section of the mod too.


I've been in the process of appointing new Lead betatesters for specific timezones, countries and continents. I'll list them out at the bottom of this post. Firstly, I'll tell all of you future wannabe-betatesters what betatesting for OJP is all about, and how you can become one.


Betatesters are going to be in charge of using their own ties to the community to create play-dates, to attract players to servers and see them leave with a content feeling about OJP.

A betatester will have to keep tabs on what features within OJP are more popular, and what features are less popular. Inquiry into what should be changed, and what is desperately needed in OJP, is one of the main priorities for a betatester to take care of.

They will need to act in a professional manner, be helpful, and devote a part of their time to the general improvement of the community and the mod through playing, networking and feedback.


In return for their hard work, all betatesters will have access to the most top-secret of OJP advancements. They'll be able to try new betas, speak their mind about new features and decide together with the team, which features go in and which features do not.


They also get full support from the team in the way of problem-solving and other help and support-related situations.


The newly appointed betatesters (confirmed) are:





(retired)US-Pennsylvania area:






264-759-039 (icq)

mankano (xfire)






The Netherlands:





US-Washington area



carbon016@gmail.com (msn)



These are the confirmed betatesters so far. There are others for regions such as Poland and Sweden, though they stand unconfirmed.

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As I told you on MSN maxstate I'll be moving to Pants in Waterland soon lol.


Exact date that I'll be leaving is 31 October, however apparently our new school schedule for the year shows that I'll be having lots of crap, starting wednesday. As such I'll need to start planning on when I can attend and when I need to do stuff for school.


Last year, Final exams & crap. (Only thing I don't have to do is PWS, since I did that last year lol)


SO YA, dunno how much I'll be online, though I should be able to get on during the weekends.

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