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Mandalorian Wars: The Jedi Torn

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Mandalorian Wars:

The Jedi Torn


The Mandalorians began a crusade of conquest against the

galaxy beginning with the worlds on the galaxy’s outer rim.


For 32 years the armies of the warrior race invaded many

planets and moons destroying any one who dared to stand

against them before their sights finally turned to the



The Army of the unified worlds pleaded with the Jedi

council for help but they refused to fight, however to young

Jedi known as Malak and Revan chose to go against their

masters wishes and went to the republics aid taking all

those who would follow with them…


The Mandalorian fighter sped through the barrage of laser fire being exchanged between the Hammerhead Class Cruiser and the Mandalorian Dreadnaught. The fighter took such a dangerous path to it’s target as it was attempting to shake of the Republic fighter that had been on his tail for the last five minuets. The Mandalorian was heading for the Republic’s flagship with the mission to launch the nuclear missile it was carrying at it.


The Republic fighter was flown by the Jedi Castov Jesp, he knew the Mandalorian’s mission and had so far been successful in preventing its completion. CJ weaved his fighter over, under around the barrage of weapons fire that was being passed between the two capital ship. He kept his eyes on the Mandalorian best he could through the ordinance and explosion that came between them.


Suddenly a bolt of energy from the Dreadnaught skimmed over the back of Castov’s fighter, although the damage it caused was minimal it knock him into an uncontrolled spin. This would have been troublesome at the best of times but not when he was in the middle of two ships trying to shoot the hell out of each other. The Jedi gripped his control stick tighter and attempted to straighten up his craft before he drifted in front of a laser bolt or missile.


It took him a few minuets before he managed to stop the spin and get his bearings, looking to his right he saw a missile launched from the hammerhead on a collision course with him. Castov pushed his thrusters on fall and launched forward as fast as he could narrowly avoiding the missile.


Jesp checked his sensor and saw that the Mandalorian he was tracking was rapidly decreasing his distance with the Republic Flagship. The Jedi launched his ship out of the weapons exchange and sped as quick as he could towards the Mandalorian.


Soon he had closed on the mandalorian as it approached its firing range and Jesp fired two laser shots. Both bolts impacted against the rear of the fighters hull and begun a chain reaction of explosions that soon evaporated the ship.


Castov spun his ship around and looked at the larger battle, Dozens of Capital ships exchanging fire with fighters doing the same.


“Looks like we still have work to do, Tee-three.” The Jedi told his Droid.


(ooc- You can do anything you want in this battle be it in command of a capital ship, boarding a Mandorlorian ship, defending against boarders or you join Jesp in a fighter.))

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"Leon!" a Republic commander called.


"Here!" Leon shouted back.


"We have an updated mission for you Jedi! You have been recommended by Malak for this specific task; I need you to report to Captain Sorno, pronto!"


"Got it." Leon ran across the rumbling halls of the gigantic Republic flagship, hurrying to accompany Captain Sorno.


"Leon, thank goodness you're here!" Sorno said as Leon rushed through the doors. "As you know, you have been appointed with a very special mission. No doubt, this will be a difficult mission, but we're sure in your ability to achieve success!"


"What is it?" Leon asked.


"We need you to aboard the Mandalorian flagship and capture the codes for bypassing their defensive shields," Sorno explained. "We have already sent a republic soldier to download a map of the flagship onto a datapad; he just barely made it back with the information."


Leon took the datapad from Sorno and placed it in his robes.


"Use your transmitter to view your current position on the flagship and make your way to the central control room. From there, you need to hack into the system and steal those codes!" said Sorno.


"Hack?" Leon asked.


"I realize you're not the master of computer skills, but that wasn't why you were chosen for this mission! Your weapon skills will be needed to guard this EF-3F droid which has the necessary skills to hack into that system!"


"Got it."


"My student Kila will fly you to the Mandalorian flagship, but from there you're on your own!" Sorno said. "You better get going; there's no time to waste! Kila is already waiting for you in the Grand Nova. I wish you the best of luck on your mission!"


"Come, EF-3F," Leon commanded to the droid. Both of them hurried out of the door, down the hall, and across the boarding platform to finally reach the Grand Nova. This ship has been used many times already in the Mandalorian Wars. It has proven its use and sturdiness.


"There you are!" Kila shouted. "Leon, EF, hurry and get in!"


EF-3F placed himself in the droid cockpit above the pilot's, and Leon hurried to strap himself in the passenger's seat.


"It's going to be a bumpy ride!" Kila shouted.


The ship started slowly to rise off the ground, and in an instant it raced to join the epic space battle which was taking place.

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"The Mandalorians have breached our hull!" came the report aboard one of the Republic's cruisers. Joran Tal headed for the lift.


"I'll go down there," he said coolly. "Send a team of soldiers to meet me. Which deck have they penetrated?"


"Deck four." In the lift, Jor keyed in the correct deck and the lift began to descend. It stopped on deck two to admit twelve Republic soldiers.


"Cancel deck four," their leader said. "General Tal, deck four is overrun. The Mandies are spreading both upward and downward. We have other soldiers passing through the access tunnels. I recommend that course for us as well."


Joran nodded. "Let's go then."

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"That ... is ... not ... nice" the words were phrased one by one, every time interrupted by a loud crack. In the middle of the hangar one figure stood, around him several Mandalorian Crusaders who had attempted to openly board the Hammerhead under his command. As Republic soldiers entered the hangar to defend it, the Jedi crunched his staff through the weak neckpiece of the last alive Mandalorian. It was ruthless, yes, but the Hammerhead had no more capabilities to house any more prisoners. It was all could be done and also served as an honor to the Mandalorians. The lightstaff clacked on the hangar floor and Brryg looked out the open hangar door. The soldiers looked through the bodies and checked their ship for any further hostiles. At the same time the comlink beeped on the Jedi belt. A hand reached to it and opened the com with the captain of his vessel.


"Yes, captain?"

"All fighters have been launched, General. We're locking down all hangars"

"Good. Make sure there are forces near each hangar entry in case they get through the blast doors and the shields. All point defense lasers on full intensity"

"Yes, General. We have reports of Mandalorians overrunning General Tal's vessel, sir"

"Get some marines ready to aid them. Open fire on any Mandalorian vessels attempting to attach into the hull of his ship"

"Yes, General"


The lightstaff clacked on the hangar floor as the Jedi headed for the corridors to lead the battle back from the bridge. as he was halfway to the door the large blast doors sealed the entrance to the space battle and removed any possibility of any Mandalorians coming in that way. As he entered the corridor the ship shook violently. A Mandalorian frigate had come in close and opened fire. The Jedi General rushed to the turbolift and headed to the bridge. He acknowledged his comlink beeping to notify him of an incoming call. He ignored it and once the turbolift doors opened shut the thing off. He rushed to the doors leading to the bridge and stepped inside when the doors had slid aside.

"No need to call me, I'm already here" he stated as he looked at the Mandalorian vessel, walking up to the window like daring it to open fire on the Hammerhead. That's exactly what it did, actually.


"Intensify forward turbolasers! Shift power to front shields! Concentrate firepower on the hostile frigate's bridge!" he barked orders, his eyes like on fire as he stared down the enemy frigate. His face twisted into a satisfied grimace when the turbolasers began pummeling the Mandalorian shields. Like said, despite the man being a calm and concentrated Jedi he still fought with great passion and intensity when it was forced upon him. There was nothing that could stop him except maybe being jettisoned into space.

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A tremor ran through the deck as the warship unleashed a stream of turbolaser fire. Renon watched the battle through the viewport in the medical bay.


"Master Lornal."


He turned around. A human boy, probably no older than twenty years, lay on the bed, his left arm horribly mangled, and both legs had been severed, his face and sides burned to black.


"He was patching a blown circuit when the nearby bulkhead exploded. He's got shrapnel buried in him. We need to get it out of him, then get him into kolto."


They didn't have a lot of time. He stretched out with his senses, reached into the boy's body and found numerous metal shards, centered around his lungs. He gripped each one with his thoughts. Renon grimaced. This would be a little tricky. He could prevent them from going deeper, but he couldn't maintain that forever, and if they put him into Kolto, they might slide into his heart or lungs. Either would probably be fatal, despite the Kolto.




He made the initial incision along the boy's ribs. He peeled the flesh back amidst a stream of blood washing over it, revealing his ribcage. "Spreader."


The nurse slapped the instrument into his hands. He slid it between two of the boy's ribs and operated it, moving the two ribs apart.


"He's going into cardiac arrest. Master, we need to get him into Kolto fast. Can't you just pull the shards out with the Force?"


"It's not that simple. Forceps."


Renon reached through the gap with the forceps, grasping the largest shard. He slowly pulled. "Tray." He lay the largest shard. Most of it was exposed now. He reached out to the shrapnel and gently slid it out, pulling the bloody pieces of metal to lay them on the tray.


"Get him into Kolto." He stripped off his now-bloodsoaked gloves and dropped them into the incinerator. A droid lumbered over and gently lifted him and hauled him over to the rack of Kolto tanks.


The deck rumbled again, and blaster fire was heard outside the corridor. He thumped the intercom. "What the hell is going on up there, Captain?"


"Mandalorians have overrun Deck Four. Are you still down there, Lornal? Get the hell out of there!"


Renon mumbled a rich curse in Ithorian. The others in the Med Bay that were lucid were all white with fear. He readied his lightsaber. "I will attempt to draw them off. After I have left, use the droids and the empty tanks to barricade the door, but get ready to jump in the escape pods."


Three Mandalorians were just outside. He touched their minds, implanting a suggestion that their shuttle was under attack. The minds moved away. "Good luck, and may the Force be with you all." He ignited his lightsaber and moved through the door.

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Castov had entered the fray of battle along with all the Republic fighters, he was engaged in taking down Mandalorian boarding craft that were attempting to attach themselves to the republic vessels. So far him and the Squadron of republic fighters he had taken command of were successful in their task since the Jedi had taken command. Castov’s tactics were an improvement upon the original strategy they were employing.


The squad were destroying each boarding ship they came across but this was time consuming so Jesp had come up with the idea of simply disabling them. Right now around fifteen of the Mandalorian craft were just floating around without any engines courtesy of CJ and his wingmen.


“This Bravo Team.” A Voice came across the channel. “We are aboard the Mandalorian Dreadnaught Kraken and have been cornered and are unable to complete mission or escape, we need backup Now!”


“Bravo team, this is Jedi Knight Jesp.” Castov responded. “I’m not too far from your position and coming to assist.”


“Roger that Jesp.” The marine confirmed. “Please be quick.”


“Blue Squadron.” Castov replied opening the Comm again. “I’m breaking, keep up the good work.”


Castov spun his fighter around and rocketed towards the Mandalorian craft, while on his heading he looked over at the Dreadnaught and saw that its hanger bay blast doors had been closed. This added an obstacle of finding a way to get into the ship. As his approach closed he analysed the ship best he could trying to find any entry point he could use to board. He noticed a large window on the ships port side.


“Oh, I hope this works.” He said to him self as he pushed his ship into full thrust until he was almost at the window and pushed his ship into full reverse. The vessel smashed through the glass and hit the floor of the room it entered, it slid on the metal deck crashing into tables and chairs until it finally stopped. The broken window was quickly coved by a metal blast door preventing the air from escaping.


A little disorientated Castov opened the cockpit hatch and stood up, he looked around and quickly realised he was surrounded by about 50 Mandalorians.


“So CJ what did you do today?” He said to himself. “Oh you knew flew my ship into a mandalorian staging area.” All the Mandalorians raised their weapons and aimed at him.

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Aboard a Mandalorian vessel, Elle's strike team had hit a problem: A door.


"I'd like to see a Mandalorian Repeater do this."


Elle pointed the hilt of her lightsaber at the small gap between the two door panels and turned it on. She pulled her face away to shield it from sparks as she moved her blade, slicing through the metal. The Republic soldiers behind her could only watch, and though a part of Elle wished they'd stop gawping, another part basked easily in what she presumed was their admiration.


She kicked away the cut-out in the door, revealing a hole.


"Move out, team, we've still got a ways to go."

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"We're directly above deck four now, General." Jor nodded, reaching out with the Force to sense the corridor below him. Six Mandalorians were there below and Jor caught hold of one of them through the Force. He heard a startled yelp as the Mandalorian soldier discovered he could not move.


"There's a Jedi somewhere!" he shouted. Hearing this, Joran shoved as hard as he could at the man's back, hurdling him along the corridor. At the end of the corridor, the lift doors opened. The Mandalorian slammed into the back of the lift track and fell to the bottom.


"I could do this all day," Joran said, "but they'll be discovering our location soon enough. Now that I've taken out the nearest heavy weapons specialist, I'm going down."


With this, he slashed a quick hole beneath him and dropped to his feet on deck four. Almost immediately, the Mandalorians turned and began firing. He blocked a few, dodged a few, and then sent out powerful Force pushes in either direction, giving himself a little time to cut a hole in the wall to his left. Two more Mandalorians fell down the lift track.


On the far end of the room Joran now found himself in, there was a door. Now that they knew he was on this deck, the Mandalorians would be hunting for him. In light of that, he had to get as far away from his last 'known' location as he could. The door slid open before him and he slipped through it, keeping his senses open for Mandalorians.

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Renon crept along the corridor. It wasn't easy, trying to remain hidden. Between the glowing lightsaber in his hand, his white robes, and his distinctive figure, he was like a Sith Lord at a birthday party. Still, all he needed to do was avoid having anyone actually really notice him and he'd be fine.


The ship shuddered under another impact, and the bulkhead on his right suddenly began brightening, going from grey to cherry-red to white in under ten seconds. He dove out of the way as the superheated lump of durasteel went flying across the room to impact against the wall, smashing electronics before being halted by another bulkhead.




His attention had wavered, and now someone was going to pay the price. He raised his lightsaber into a High Soresu Guard position as Mandalorians poured out of the shuttle. In the half-second he had before they opened fire, he reached out and flipped the safeties on most of their blaster rifles.


They fired, a paltry stream of bolts followed by a number of screamed curses in Mandalorian. He darted forward, bringing his saber around, severing a hand with his first slash, slicing apart a rifle with his second, belaboring an unhelmeted one with his hilt until he dropped to the decking. Then he leapt out of the fray before they could react, darting down a corridor and dropping against the wall.


This isn't going to work.


There were far too many Mandalorians for him to tackle with only what he had on hand. He dug around in his robes, fumbling inside the Medikit for something that might give him an edge.


A holdout blaster pistol came to hand.


Of course. Nar Shaddaa medicine.


Eight shots was all he had. Hopefully, that would be enough to thin their numbers.


He reached out again, touched their minds, made them hear the sound of battle in the opposite direction. For an instant, they were distracted.


That was enough.


He rolled back out, spraying blue arcs of energy. Of the twelve still-capable Mandalorians, three dropped to the deck. Then the blaster sputtered and gave out, with three shots supposedly left.


Budget weapons. Naturally.


Renon raised his weapon, hoping he had thinned them enough that he could hold off their blasters. The Mandalorians opened fire.

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The frigate had blocked a line of sight to Tol's ship. The Mandalorians had their ship well defended from the intensified laser fire and it could take a long time for the Republic vessel to get through the shields. The Jedi on the bridge grunted, annoyed by the Mandalorians' perseverance in the battle.

"Prepare my personal fighter, captain. I'm going out for a stroll" the Jedi said before receiving a slightly overzealous "Yes, sir" from the captain as he was leaving the bridge. It didn't take long for the Sage Master to stand silently in the turbolift heading to the hangars. As the turbolift doors opened a squad of soldiers ran past. Apparently there was still trouble on board the ship. However, he had no time for Mandalorians when he could sacrifice the time and spend the time doing something more devastating for the Mandalorian space effort. Brryg silently walked into the hangar bay where his fighters and two marine boarding shuttles waited to leave. The hangar bay doors opened and the marines left, leaving the Jedi jumping in his fighter and heading out himself.


The space battle was pure chaos out there. Fighters flying around without any proper targets and frigates just shooting whatever was nearby. It was no way to run a space battle, but for now it was the best way. The Jedi fighter zoomed off with the thrusters and headed for the Mandalorian frigate. If he couldn't destroy it by himself, he sure could destroy the shield generator. Pressing buttons and hitting switches the Jedi within the spacecraft readied a good amount of bombs hidden away in the back of the fighter. as he slipped through the energy shield the fighter pulled up and headed for the shield generator while dodging point defense lasers. The Jedi was strong enough in the force to dodge the lasers and got to the shield generator intact so he could drop the bombs. The bombs indeed hit their target, but the shield only began to fluctuate as it lost power. Apparently there was another shield generator somewhere, but there were no more bombs to be dropped. So Brryg chose another target and headed swiftly around the frigate and for his old apprentice's ship. As he closed in on a blasted open hangar bay on the side of the Republic vessel he put thrusters on full to get out of the crossfire before he was blasted himself. Hitting full reverse just before entering the hangar bay he slowed down and landed, however nastily, on the floor of the hangar. Inside the alarms rang a security breach on level four. With a smirk the Jedi headed for the corridors.


As the turbolift headed up the older Jedi Mastr leaned on his lightstaff quietly, like meditating while waiting to arrive on the fourth floor. As he was heading up a loud thud sounded through the elevator like it had been hit something. Two more hits sounded in the turbolift before it finally reached it's destination. As the doors opened an empty corridor opened up in front of him. There in the middle of the floor was a round piece of metal cut by a lightsaber. Apparently it had been bodies hitting the turbolift after all. The lightstaff clacked against the floor and several footsteps came from nearby. The turbolift doors closed and the lightstaff clacked against the floor again while the footsteps came ever closer. Soon the other end of the hallway was swarmed by a squad of Mandalorian Crusaders.

"A Jedi! Get him" the commander of the squad ordered and the Mandalorians opened fire. Fast as lightning the Jedi's hand rose, opened and then stretched as tight as it could before he pushed the hand forwards in a sort of jab that didn't really hit anything. However, at that point the Jedi became enveloped by a sort of bubble which absorbed the blaster shots. Inside the bubble the man smirked and lowered his hand.


With one hand he removed two straps that kept his armor together before it literally fell off him. The crash wasn't as loud as it could've been, but it was a crash in any case. Underneath was a bright orange tunic with a black belt holding it together. Taking hold of the lightstaff the Jedi took a low ready stance and then stuck out the staff towards the Mandalorians like daring them to come at him with melee weapons. And that they did after a brief time of confusion. Two at a time the Mandalorians came, swinging vibroswords of all things. The Jedi let them pass the bubble and the fight began. With a high shriek the first Mandalorian felt the agonizing pain of blunt force trauma on his knee, causing him to collapse on the knee. The lightstaff blocked the second Mandlaorian's attack before returning to finish the first one off. It was quite an artistically made move as the staff slipped through the eyepieces of helmet and into the Mandalorian's head. Again the Jedi blocked the Mandalorian before smashing the staff against the side of the Mandalorian's helmet. It did nothing but shake the Mandalorian up a bit, but the staff soon followed smashing once through the eyes of the helmet and into the head, causing instant death. By then the Jedi had had his fun. He leaped into the air and forwards for the rest of the Mandalorian soldiers. Once in the middle of the soldiers he released electric judgment on them, frying everyone but the squad leader, who Brryg smirked at and indicated for the leader to jump him if he could. Let's just say he couldn't and the end result was not quite gory. The force guided the armor back on the Jedi and the straps went on to hold it together again. The clack of th lightstaff echoed again on the hallways as the Jedi got on a cleansing operation of his own.

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((Well, folks, I decided that 'offensive Force powers' was a bit too vague and not entirely helpful for a Jedi Weapon Master. So, I've changed that 'skill'. Instead of that, Joran has 'Shatterpoint' in his arsenal. BKK, you're either applauding my step away from lightsaber reliance, or you're rolling your eyes... I'm not sure which... :p ))



Given the number of Mandalorians on the ship, Joran was not surprised he didn't go long without being detected. At the least, he was glad he could choose the location for the skirmish that was sure to follow. A conference room suited his needs perfectly and he ducked, deflected, and dodged his way in, six Mandalorians after him.


"This should be great," he said as the first two entered. Behind them, the door slammed shut and the door control sparked. It would take more than a decent slicer to crack the code; it would take a Mandalorian demolitionist; the door control was completely cut off, entirely unusable. Joran practically danced up onto the table at the center of the room and gestured to the two Mandalorians. "Looks like it's just us for now."


Both men fired their rifles at the Jedi; Joran deflected one blast and executed a backflip off the table. As he did so, he reached into one of the chairs on the opposite side of the table and pushed hard on its shatterpoint. As a result, the chair splintered into a thousand sharp pieces. While ineffective for piercing his opponent's armor, the shards of the chair certainly captured his attention for the briefest of moments.


But that was all it took. In that brief moment, Joran found a shatterpoint in the Mandalorian himself. "Tell me, Logran. How is Baarai doing?"


With the slightest of mental nudges through the Force, the Mandalorian staggered back. "How... how did you know?"


His companion glared at Joran from within his helmet, his rifle shouldered and aimed at the Jedi. "Yeah," he growled. "How did you know?"


In response, Joran launched himself across the table, striking the second man's helmet with his left hand while bringing his lightsaber around to smash hard against the first man's right leg. The result was the same; the one man's helmet and the other man's lower body armor shattered. Taking advantage of their shock, Joran decapitated the one and located the shatterpoint in the other's breastplate, and then plunged his lightsaber through it. As both men fell dead, Joran paused for a moment.


"Baarai," he murmured. "I am so sorry for your loss. May you know health and a full life, though your husband cannot return to you." With a bow of respect, he again went on the move, cutting through the wall to the next room.

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A firestorm of blaster bolts streamed around him. His hands and arms moved like the legendary Vaapad of Sarapin, appearing to the frustrated Mandalorians like the Ithorian had sprouted another dozen arms.


But it still wasn't enough. The Mandalorians were canny enough to keep moving, and without them remaining stationary, he couldn't focus enough to angle a proper deflection shot. And he wasn't stopping them all. Already, his robe was dotted with cuts and burn marks from near misses.




His left arm exploded with pain, a massive charred red and black hole through his upper arm, only two thin strips of muscle and skin holding his arm on. The pain was blinding.


A Jedi feels no pain. The appropriate technique didn't come to mind, however. Blinded by agony, he dropped behind a shattered piece of furniture and stretched his senses out, then turned them within, finding the nerve cluster in his left arm, touching the pain receptors and silencing them. That kind of nerve damage would require a resplicing, but the pain shut off like a light.


The Mandalorians obviously thought the wounded Ithorian was dead, giving him a moment to compose himself. Another trick came to mind. Killing the Mandalorians was regrettable, but he didn't have much of a choice.


A slight nudge to one of the Mandalorian's rifles shifted the point to aim directly into one of his compatriot's visors.


"Mereel, watch your rifle!"


It was fairly simple from there to pull the trigger with his thoughts, sending a stream of energy through the other Mandalorian's helmet. A moment's distraction from the apparently dying Jedi was more than enough. He leapt out from his cover like a feral beast, using elements of the Ataru style, leaping across the room to sever the lead Mandalorian's head, driving his blade through the second's spine, and disemboweling a third with a slash.


The other five had an instant to prepare themselves for death as the Jedi advanced, firing desperately. A final, simple trick did for them. He flipped the safety catch on their power packs and extracted them while deflecting their bolts. With a cough, their rifles failed simultaneously.


Shocked for a moment, the Mandalorians went for their side blasters or vibroblades an instant before an Ithorian foot smashed into Mareel's helmet, brought home with all the strength of the Force behind it, lifted the Mandalorian from the ground and flung him several feet. He spun on his heel, cutting through another's Vibroblade cleanly and slicing him in half, dropping two bloody chunks of meat to the floor with a wet thud. He seized the next's helmet with his mind, twisting it halfway around. The Mandalorian attempted to right it, only to be belabored against the wall by the Ithorian's mind. He slumped over. A simple underhand slash opened next to last from belly to throat.


The last Mandalorian was down on one knee when the Ithorian spun and nearly drove his saber through the man's eyes.


"Please, Jedi, I surrender!"


That was odd. He'd never heard of a Mandalorian surrendering before. Grunting, he shut down his lightsaber before smashing his fist into the Mandalorian's face, dropping him to the deck unconscious.


Renon panted among the bodies, his mangled arm hanging limp and useless. Killing was something he had anticipated, but the actual act, watching the slain men shudder as his blade cut them apart was a new experience for him. Now he understood fully why his people avoided war like the plague. He forced down the sick feeling. There was a great deal of work to do, and not much time.


He reached out with his senses again. Shifting groups of men were all around him, difficult to pinpoint...except for one on this deck. He shone brighter than the rest in his thoughts, rippling the Force instead of just existing in it.


The door in that direction was still operational. He headed through it, hoping that it was a Jedi and not some Mandalorian Force-Adept, here to ruin his day completely.

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Even the lightsaber resistant material of the Mandalorian armor had weaknesses and Joran Tal was a master at finding them. To further enhance the deadliness of his attacks, Joran had also plucked a blaster from one of his victims. While he would rather not have troubled with the blaster, it gave him a slight edge due to the fact that no one anticipated a Jedi with a blaster.


Having just cleared his way through three more opponents, Joran stopped a moment to collect himself, drawing the Force in toward his body. Slowly, he expelled the extra buildup of energy, sending a faint surge through the Force. He followed the surge with his mind and sensed it sweeping over and through another Jedi. Further off, and somewhere behind him, he detected it passing over a rather familiar presence.


Master? he thought, surprised. "What are you doing here?" he asked aloud, though none would hear him. Deciding his former master could catch up with him if he so desired, Joran continued on, intending to meet up with the Jedi ahead of him. Just through the next door, they met.


"Renon Lornal," Joran said, knowing the Healer's name only, and only that due to the fact that they'd been on the same ship for a few days now and Joran had taken it upon himself to know the names and faces of every Jedi there. "You're injured," he observed. His eyes half-closed, he swept the immediate area with his mind.


"In here," he said, gesturing to a side door, behind which they would not be disturbed immediately. "We'll get that taken care of."

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To say things were bad for the Jedi would be an understatement, he had just crashed his ship into a Mandalorian Vessel and now stood in the middle of a large group of armed soldiers all taking aim at him. Castov looked at all the soldiers and his surrounding to see if there was anyway out of the situation he had fallen into. He turned his head around to look at the pyramid shaped droid attached to the top of his fighter, a large red light on one of its triangle surfaces flashed as it looked at it’s Jedi master.


“Tee-Three, I’ll take the 30 on the right you take the 20 on the left.” He told the droid reaching his hand down to his lightsaber. The droid’s eye flashed again then it whistled and beeped a couple of times before slowly descending deeper into the ship. “Okay, I’ll take the 30 on the right and the 20 on the left.” He groaned obviously annoyed with the little robot.


Castov reached downwards with his hand and used the force to pull the Ejector seat lever, this sent the seat he was standing on into the air and him along with it. When he was a few meters up CJ flipped off the chair and dove downwards right into the middle of a group of five Mandalorians. The lightsaber activated with a familiar hiss as he swung it low at two of the warrior’s feet knocking them both to the floor, with the same swing he then threw it up diagonally cutting through the waist band where the Mandalorians armour was separated. He the two halves of that Mandalorians body fell to the floor he reached his free hand out behind him and grabbed the man behind him bringing the soldiers head down onto the Jedi’s knee.


He stood up and swung his lightsaber at the fifth man only to have it clang against a Vibrosword, Castov looked at the blade held by the Madalorian. “Mandalorian steel?” The Jedi asked knowing that the material was resistant to his weapon.


The Mandalorian smiled and nodded. “This is called a stalemate.” The mandalorian informed.


“Yeah.” CJ Agreed as he used his free hand to point upwards. “And that’s called a chair.”


A moment later the ejector seat came crashing downwards onto the Mandalorian soldier.


Castov relief was short lived as he realised another group of mandalorians to his right shooting at him, bringing his lightsaber up he began to deflect the bolts as he attempted to look for yet another way out, just behind him he saw a door slowly closing.


Using the force once again he threw the ejector seat (and the squashed Mandalorian that had become attached to it) at the group that was firing at him. The chair smashed into them like a bowling ball in to a group of pins, strike! With those soldier now neutralised Castov ran for the door that was slowly descending, realising he wasn’t going to make it through in time run he dived forward with the force behind him and hit the floor sliding forward. Unfortunately as he did this he dropped his lightsaber and it skidded along behind him.


As he went through the doorway he began to slow down and eventually cam to stop, only to realise that he stop in between three more Mandalorians. “Oh C’mon, What’s with this frying pan and fire situation?”

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During the admist of the battle aboard the ship, an intercom sent on all republic frequencies came on.


"Anyone do you read, this is....*static* we are under extreme fire, requesting *static* immediate assistance over."


"We have severe casualties *static* we are pinned down in the *static* southern corridor..."


"I repeat we are un....."


The comm cuts out.

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