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Wrath of the Dark Makers


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Wrath of the Dark Makers


120 ABY. The Galacitc Empire has been soughting their image of a peaceful galaxy. But the message of their dream is beyond reachable, as the galaxy faces a new nightmare.

The Dark Makers: a cult with unimaginable power than the sith could never be able to manifest. They were once regular good soldiers of the Empire, until they discovered something outside of the galaxy which changed their view on life forever.

If these supreme beings are to threaten the life of the entire galaxy, then somebody must fight them.



Before this story manifests, the galactic empire has hired a team of mercenaries and soldiers to investigate the planet Rutan, which seems to have lost communication with the Empire for some time. There the introduction of the Dark Makers will be made.


General RP rules apply.


Here is your character Bio sheet:







Appearance: (description or pic is fine)






I guess I'll go first:


Name: Alec Rotham

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Grey Jedi, Mercenary

Appearance: http://travis-english.deviantart.com/art/Sil-Varr-6477547 ... < meh

Weapons:2x Silver Lightsabers, one of them short bladed. 2x Imperial Heavy Blasters

Personality: Ambitious and Determined

Bio: Alec was never part of the Jedi Order. He was trained to use the force when he was on a mission to Bakura with an accompanying rogue jedi, who sensed Alec's connection to the force. As a result, he was trained by request to use force powers so to enhance his survival skills. Alec has been a mercenary for the Empire since he was 18, and was a natural choice to become a member of the mercenary team to Rutan.

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Hey, this looks cool! Here's my character sheet:


Name: Delaney Raffo

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Occupation: Mercenary


Weapons: Blaster pistol, a Dagger with black hilt, and her fighting skills

Personality: Quiet, Cautious, and Calculated

Bio: Delaney Raffo is a young mercenary, usually working alone. She was born on Tatooine, with her mother and father. When her parents got into a big argument, Delaney decided to run away. She became a mercenary at the age of 16, and was taught fighting skills from a tough Togruta pirate named Haro Kyser. Now at the age of 21, she was hired a job from the Empire to investigate the planet Rutan, with other mercenaries.

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*this looks like a good one*


Name: TX-62

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Zabrak

Occupation: An Imperial Special Forces StormTrooper

Appearance: Black StormTrooper armor with a blue navy pauldron.

Weapons:E-11 Blaster, Light repeating blaster

Personality: commanding, polite

Bio: A two year veteran of the Empire he experinced countless battles with thugs and rebels. Born on Tatoine at the age of 15 he singed of for the Imperial Youth SAgroup.

at 18 he was assigned a spot on a Special Forces Storm Platoon. He and other mercinaries and soldiers were assigned to investigate the planet Rutan.

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CodeName: Scales

Age: 23

Gender: male

Species: Rodian

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: http://img367.imageshack.us/img367/2202/98417141cm9.jpg He wears a very old grey sports jacket with light armor underneath. His pants are long and go over his boots. Scales lost his arms years previously and now has Prosthetic replacements for them. He wears dark brown gloves to hide the robotics.

Weapons: L-23 blaster pistol, Controller FP force pike hidden in his sports jacket (for last resort only)

Personality: Cold, logical, straightforward. He prefers to lead a battle and knows several ways of killing an opponent.


Bio: Much of Scales's life is unknown to most. He was born on Rodia and lived with his parents until the age of 16 when he decided to venture out. He started his bounty hunting career on Rodia before venturing to known space. Scales became rather renowned in his field, specifically targeting difficult assasinations. It is known that he lost both of his arms during a very difficult bounty on Corellia. He was caught by his target and heavily tortured before finally escaping. He was barely alive and fitted with prostetic replacements. More recently the Rodian decided to start mercenary work along with bounty hunting. He was employed with a team of mercenaries to the planet of Rutan


Scales's name is the most unknown thing about him. Deciding to forgo his original name he uses a code name to inspire fear into the hearts of his bounties.

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Name: Psycho

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Occupation: Assassin, Criminal


Weapons: Twin DC-15 blaster pistols

Personality: Cold, Dark, and Twisted

Bio: Out of all the most deadly criminals to ever exist, Psycho was the worst. He was the best at killing and never got caught. His parents died when he was four forcing him to live on his own. He taught himself how to fight and became quite good at hand to hand combat. He was a very violent person, one had to be when one lived with thugs. He took up jobs as an assassin and enjoyed killing. The assassin buisness got a bit too boring for him, he wanted to kill more than one person. He went from silent assassin to deadly criminal. He killed anything and everything that moved. One day however he got carried away and took it too far. He killed a sith lord's daughter and was taken down by the empire. He resisted the torture and often welcomed it. The Empire then found a way to rid themselves of this freak, by sending him on a mission for them and in return they would free him knowing he would die.

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M'kay thats long enough. Hopefull more will tag along on the way.


Speaking of which, I'll make the captain:


Name: Captain Raj Tyeken

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Species: Zabrak

Appearance: Averagly muscular. Wears a ribbed jacket over a shirt. Has his black hair pulled into a pony-tail and grows a goatie on his chin

Occupation: Freigher captain of the YV-664

Weapons: Light-Repeating Blaster rifle

Personality: Cocky and easy-to get along with

Bio: Raj Tyeken is the captain of a YV-664 Light freighter. He's worked with the Empire as a freelance mercenary for many years now. Not much is known about his past, other than he split away from his family due to his career. Raj Tyeken was assigned to lead and provide the transport towards Rutan, which seems to have lost contact with the Empire for some time.

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BTW, I've got exams coming up and that will basically limit my usage of the computer for the next few weeks, as my parents will be keeping a strict eye on me studying. Just letting you know.


EDIT: That may also apply with your other RP, SR. Sorry about that.

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That's okay, PK. When others join in, I'll tell them to wait. Good luck on your exams though! :)


Thanks. And don't worry, I'm not implying that I won't be RPing anymore. There will be days I'm on, its just that likely most of them I'll be spending skool work on.

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