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Knights of the Old Republic: The Great Hunt

Lt. Valerian

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A Great Hunt game, which takes place nearly 4,000 years B.B.Y.

It's been 10 years since the defeat of the Sith Triumvirate (Nihilus, Sion, and Traya) and the Republic has been restored to its former glory by the Lost Jedi.... but, the reign of the dark side had consequences... many Terentatek beasts remain alive, spread across the galaxy, and the Jedi Council has decided to send a small batallion of Jedi to eliminate the Terentatek from the face of the galaxy once and for all.... Although the Council chose the wisest and most powerful Jedi (padawan, knights, and masters alike) to complete the difficult task, there may be some surprises during the journey, maybe some are not up to the task.... and as you know, the dark side is always present....


You can only be a Jedi, no restrictions. Later you can choose to turn to the dark side or to remain in the light, but you can only do so depending on the circumstances of the journey.


The Council has designated planets in which they have felt the power of the dark side grow stronger. They believe that the Terantatek are in these planets, and that's the reason for the dark side energies lately. The planets are the following:

-Yavin IV

-Onderon & Dxun



-Dantooine (caves)

-Kashyyyk (depths)





We would start off at Coruscant, preparing the ships and preparing ourselves for the difficult task lying ahead of us.

The batallion consists of 50 Jedi, the most powerful of the most powerful in the Order. We believe we are ready for anything... but are we, really?

The Terentatek are natural killers, they specialize in Jedi... but are they the real threat? That's to find out during the journey.


You can create a maximum of 2 FORMAL characters. It's okay if you create more secondary or tertiary characters along the journey, though. Just make sure they are actually IMPORTANT characters to you and the storyline, not just randomly created ones.







Weapons: -Single hilt, Double-bladed, Dual sabers-

Rank: -Master, Padawan, Knight-





NO GOD-MODE. A maximum amount of 8 players (not counting me) is allowed. Feel free to Private Message me with any questions. Thank you.

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Human (Ysanna)

Single Hilt (blue)


Average, though more muscular than most...

Funny, but a little arrogant at times, acts like a leader

Went to the Jedi Temple as a toddler...He was sometimes cold-hearted, after watching his parents die, moments after finding out who they were (he was 13 at the time, and already a Jedi Knight) He was extremely powerful in the force, and eventually joined the Jedi Council at age 17, now he's been on the council for 3 years when he is sent to Ossus the same place where his parents had been killed...

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Kaleth Sevron

Age: 23

Gender: male

Species: half Echani/half human

Equipment: Lightsaber (blue), Ansantan jedi robes, jedi tool belt, back up lightsaber (green)

Rank:Jedi Knight

Physique: Kaleth wears his long silver-white hair (a trait from his Echani blood) pulled back into a single heavy ponytail. He has deep blue eyes and light tan skin and is considered quite handsome with his strong features. Kaleth stands at 6 foot and is lean and very toned. He wears white robes in the traditional Ansantan style.

Personality: Sevron is very much a believer that words are better than fighting. He is cool headed and reacts better under extreme pressure a trait learned from his old master. Sevron loves to laugh and enjoys music, art and dance.

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