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What was the (adventure) game you played last?


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I recently played Puzzle Bots, which is quite a fun little game (you can read my review of it here). I also played Sam & Max 301, which is a very promising start to the new series, and I've started on Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island.

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I finished The Whispered World recently, it was not bad I liked it and I didn't mind Sadwicks voice since thats most of the controversy around the game. The ending was a little surprising and a couple of puzzles didn't have any logic behind them but overall its a decent title.

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Long time ago I posted here in this forum. I was lately more in the KOTOR forums.



Good to hear that you liked TWW. :) Does anyone know when´s the release of Edna and Harvey in English?



Have fun with Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island.


I´m just playing Black Sails. Well I installed it the 3rd time. :D The first time it didn´t installed the voice pack right. The second time: hard drive crash. :( And now with new hard drive the 3rd time. :D

Now, copy that! :D

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Does anyone know when´s the release of Edna and Harvey in English?

Last I heard it was supposed to come out winter of last year in North America. :( I hope it's still coming, since it's an adventure I've been anticipating for a while.


I just completed Space Quest IV. This was the most enjoyable Sierra game I've played so far. I enjoyed the storyline, the voice acting was pretty good, and the music stayed in my head even after the game was over. Best of all , it's completely mouse-controlled so no more evil stairs! :D


The only thing that irritated me was that darn Skate-O-Rama section. It was an easy puzzle, but they gave no indication to you that you could fly up into the rafters. I didn't know Roger was floating. It looked like he was crawling. :¬:


But, other than that I enjoyed it a lot. I love time travel stories. :)

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I must look on Amazon USA. I HAVE too buy it again in English.

It was supposed to be released last year in English, but it hasn't come out yet. :(


I just finished Space Quest V. Just one more to go! This one's my favorite so far, even without any voices (although I missed Gary Owens as the narrator ;)). It was great to finally see Roger as a captain. I loved how they fleshed Roger out as a character even more in this episode, and I loved the animation of Roger when he first tried to hide before the narrator corrected him. :D


Every character in this game was interesting and memorable. The parodies of the original Star Trek were great here. I didn't watch the original show, but I watched most of the movies and I did see Trouble with Tribbles (mostly to see where the Deep Space Nine episode came from), so I got the jokes that directly referenced that episode. :)


I love where this story is going after the revelations learned from the time traveling in the last game, and the fact that Roger has now begun on the path towards that future. It's just a shame that there never was any Space Quest past part 6. I would have loved to see what Space Quest was like when they finally reached the part X and part XII that were featured in the last game. :D


Interestingly, when I played through Space Quest V I realized I completed it when I was a little girl, but I didn't remember that I did until I played through it again. I always used to buy Sierra games since I loved the art, but I only remember playing all the way through Freddy Pharcas. I wonder if there's any more I've played through but forgot that I did? :nut:

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I have finished the two episodes of the Doctor Who adventure games, City of the Daleks (here's my review), and Blood of the Cybermen (and here's my review for this one).


I just completed They Stole Max's Brain yesterday (my review).


I enjoyed all of them, although I felt all of them didn't quite live up to their potential.


Now I'm beginning to play Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers. :)

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It´s pre-ordered! It comes on February 12. Lol, age registriction in the UK is 3 years. PEGI says 12. And in Germany the USK says it´s without age registriction! They only seen the graphics but didn´t play it right! :rolleyes:


Well there were more. ;) But the last games I Played were:

Lost Horizon, Wallace and Gromit Episode 1-4, A New Beginning and Gray Matter.

Tale of a hero didn´t work very well.

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Ok, it´s a while ago. The last was Black Mirror 3 and Jolly Rover. Good indy-game.


And I played Edna and Harvey: The Breakout the third time (but this time in German) and Tales of Monkey Island the second time. (but this time in English)

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I just played through Shenmue and Shenmue II on the Dreamcast for the first time in years. I guess I'm getting a little more lenient towards stuff than I used to be, since I used to hate the English voice acting but I didn't mind it for the most part during my latest playthrough (although I still would never give it any awards ;)).


The control scheme is dated now (directional pad for walking, trigger for running, analog stick for looking), but it's still enjoyable to play. I'm better at the fighting parts than I used to be. And the storyline is just as engrossing as I remember it (although the English translation is a little clunky, especially in the first game). It's just a shame the second one ends on such a strong cliffhanger and they never made Shenmue III. I hope Sega will provide the financial backing to Yu Suzuki to finish it some day. :)

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I finished up Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse around a week ago. It's Telltale's best game, and probably ranks up there with some of the LucasArts ones. It's better than Hit the Road. It had some creaky moments, sure, but I generally thought it was great.


Show spoiler
(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)

Favorite bit: trying to find-out who the Clone Master is, introducing who it is through some gameplay, and the utter insanity of that character.


Least favorite: bringing back unnecessary characters from Seasons One and Two. **** that ****. Horribly underused and honestly jarring.


Best line: (Tie) "You Americans are all animals! ANIMALS!" and "Flint even THINKS in barely applicable metaphors".


Best puzzle: Turning Max into a bazooka in episode one. Funny, insane, bizarre.


Moment most likely to be forever stuck in my brain: Stinky making out both with an anthropomorphic dog and an anthropomorphic cockroach.

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The last (adventure) games I played were:

Baron Wittard long ago. :D

And then last week What makes you tick and then I had a problem with WMYT-ASIT (What makes you tick - a stitch in Time) :D and played Kaptain Brawe - A brawe new World. From Kataia Games. First I was skeptic because their first 2 games were not so good. It was good but short. And funny.

And the after a solution of my problem with What makes you tick - a stitch in Time I played it. Very, very good indy-game. One of the best adventure games ever! :)


And then SWKOTOR. Now in English from Steam cuz my CD version is broken. Don´t know why. :raise: But it´s good to. Some differences...

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Since I last posted I finished the Telltale Back to the Future games and Hector.


I liked Back to the Future 1-3, despite the animation bugs in episode 1 and the characters calling Marty by the wrong pseudonym in 1 and 2. Even though I did enjoy them, they were all just average adventure games (about as fun as the Doctor Who Adventure Games), which is disappointing from Telltale. Part four, however, was a big letdown after a fun third episode. The third episode didn't have any bugs for me, but the fourth episode was buggier than usual. I had to turn on pop up text because I'd keep on clicking on things that I didn't want to since the hotspot areas were wrong on a lot of items, I'd keep on getting in a conversation with Trixie just by touching her without initiating a conversation, and the game really seemed to drag in the middle. I liked the overall story (as always), but the inconsistent pace and huge amount of bugs makes it very hard to recommend. This is the first Telltale game I'd rate under a 3 out of 5, but it definitely is below average to me.


Hector is another game that I'd rate below a 3 out of 5, which is sad because it was a fun (if average) game. But, upon playing through the second time I found a dead-end that made you actually have to restart the game and play through again (and has happened to people several times before me). If you don't pick up the spray paint in the park before you leave the screen, it's gone when you come back. Telltale's bugs are annoying, but game breaking bugs are unacceptable. I really hope Telltale releases a patch for this soon.


I was really hoping Telltale would start bug-fixing their episodes after the flack they've been getting on their forums since the first episode of Back to the Future in December. But their last two games are more buggy than ever. :(


I really hope they took the extra month to really bugfix the last episode of Back to the Future, because (I never thought I'd say this since my blog used to be called Telltale Fan) I've pretty much lost my faith in Telltale. :(

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Well, I finished the last episode of Back to the Future. I liked the voice acting. I loved all of Michael J Fox's characters. It was fun to time travel so much in one game. The puzzles were good. The story was fun, it wrapped everything up nicely. And the ending was really crazy, but funny. It was a nice homage of the first movie.


But, the bugs! Gah! The bug where the characters call Marty the wrong pseudonym is there again. One of Edna's sentences is different in the text and the subtitles. Plus Marty gives her a response that would make sense with the subtitles but doesn't with the speech. But the most annoying bug was that I'd often click on an object and it would open up the inventory instead. There's nothing more frustrating to me than a game where you have to wrestle with the interface.


Telltale either needs to increase their testing and programming staff to fix the bugs or reduce the amount of games they make at one time, because I hate seeing them in this state. :(

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I finished Hector 2 and 3. They were much better than 1. The raunchy humor seemed genuinely funny now rather than just feeling like it was tacked on.


It was great that they made Lambert playable too, and that Hector and Lambert had to share objects between each other. The second game felt like Day of the Tentacle in that respect, since communication and object sharing between Hector and Lambert had to be set up, and after that they couldn't interact directly, but through communication through a toilet and sharing objects to each other.


If the second game was like DoTT, the third game felt a little like Maniac Mansion, since Hector and Lambert could communicate directly but they both had different skills that had to be used to accomplish their goals.


The games both still had bugs, but they were very minor (the only one I saw in 2 was a one pixel bar across the screen at the meat truck scene and in 3 Hector's shirt some times changed back to the hospital gown when he was talking at the fair).

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Have fun with Machinarium. :)


Now it´s not over yet!


On Monday I bought:

The City of Secrets

Legend of Kyrandia 1

Gabriel Knight 1/2 (Collection) and episode 3


Gilbert Goodmate

Police Quest (Collection)

Prisoner of Ice

Blade Runner

The Riddle of Master Lou

Tony Tough

and Leisure Suit Larry 7

And then I bought Goblins 4 and Tony Tough 2. Well they´ve not received a good review. But I just can pick it up on my adventuregame-collection. :D


And yesterday. Well...this night I bought:

Discworld 2

Discworld Noir

3 Skulls of the Toltecs

Ark of Time

Under a killing Moon

Quest for Glory 1-4

and Galador


And I´ve bought The Legend of Kyrandia, again. Cuz there was a mistake on Amazon and it was no longer aviable from this seller. I gonna get my money back and I can keep the game he was send instead. So to say as a freebie. :)

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