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XWA DirectDraw issue


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I have been playing XWA on my computer for the past week or so, and as of today, i started getting this error- "DirectDraw init FAILED at 2"

the specs of the machine are as follows -

Athlon64 x2 5600+

Asus Crosshair motherboard (NVidia 590 SLI chipset -15.01 drivers)

Geforce GTX280 graphics

2gb RAM

Windows Vista x64 Ultimate


I was running 177.79 drivers for the GTX280, but now upgraded to 177.91 to try and fix problem.

I have tried running in all sorts of compatibility modes.

the problem is, it was running fine up until today.

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dropped desktop reolution down to 1024x768, restarted XWA - worked!

BUT! - the game lost all my remapped joystick buttons, graphics settings etc...

bumped desktop up to 1680x1050 again, and it still works like normal. any way i can export the key mapping etc to back it up? otherwise i will have to use the logitech software to do it for me.

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