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Hi people,

I've been looking around on this forum for a while, and I can't seem to find any thread on what programs to use.


I know its some Microsoft Virtual studie, but should I use a new, or an old version to work around this?


Also, I know I need a JKA SDK, can I find this on JK3files or so?


What els to do I need, ?


Thanks ,, IPO

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First you have to decide whether you want to start off the vanilla SDK or OJP base/enhanced.

In the first case, you can download it from jk3files - Jedi Academy > Official_Releases > Others, along with 1.01 patch (which you'll need to use any compiled DLLs).


In the second case, I'd suggest you hook up with the OJP guys themselves (look in the "hosted forums" section to find their sub-forum).


As for the compiler, you can in deed use Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. But you'll have to apply some fixes to the JA source code first

(with the vanilla SDK, you can use these code fixes of mine, if you want).

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Thanks for the fast repley nizwiz!

You seem like a nice guy, and im pleased with your answers.

Even though I still have a few to ask; I hope you or others can answer:


1: Would it be a waste learning modding for the game, since the community is slowly diying, dueing new game updates from the creators. When I say 'waste' I mean would I be able to use this knowledge in newer game, or atleast a bit? (please answer more then 'yes' or 'no') :)


2: You suggest me to use either the Vanilla SDK or the OJP.

First of all, I need to know; if I use these Software developer kits, like OJP. Then I could make my own extentions to this mod, but would that also work with other SDK, like Lugor or Vanilla. Also who/what is Vanilla I never heard of that 'SDK'


3: As for the compiler, you say i indeed can use Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition, which is a freeware if im right, but wouldn't the professional edtion be better. Now I ain't talking about piracy, but that my school are having almost any programming software, and they hand out free serials for students. IF a Professional key is free, would you suggest me to use that instead, and would I be able to get the same help as I would in 2008EE?


4: If I wanted to use the SDK from OJP, you suggest me to talk to them self, the OJP guys. Is that because their version of the SDK have the nessary fixes to work with the Visual C++ 2008 EE, that your code fixes for Vanilla SDK have?



I hope you understand these consurns and would answer them :)

Thanks for the help so far!


.. // IPO




In the second case, I'd suggest you hook up with the OJP guys themselves (look in the "hosted forums" section to find their sub-forum).


Also aint I able to use the "JKA SDK" which seems to be the most nutral one? Just a question, not that Im sure I want to.

Where to find this, if I may ask?

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1. JKA is written in C whereas most games nowadays are written in C++. Although the way things are coded are done differently, the different parts that make up the game (entities, client/server communication, etc) are similar so you'll still have an idea of what to do if you decide to move on.


2. The 'Vanilla' SDK means the original JKA SDK without any changes to it. I would go for an altered SDK which already has the various bug and exploit fixes (and changes to compile with Visual C++ 2005/2008) and it saves you the time doing it yourself (if you ever felt the need to).


3. It doesn't really make any difference. The express edition can do everything you would need to do to make a small JKA mod.


4. The OJP Basic code has bug and exploit fixes made to the SDK, as well as some changes so it can be compiled in VC++ 2005/2008 properly. It also adds a few little extras such as RGB sabers.


Hope that helps :)

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It did help me out, alot, now I got the Microsoft C++ 2008 EE, since I aint at school atm,a nd you told me it didn't matter.


Also I think I want to try with the Vanilla SDK, with the fixes Nizwiz did!!


One last question might be:


Is this forum still going strong and are there other places I might search help for getting started with all this, remember im brand new at coding.

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Thanks for the fast repley nizwiz! ...

You're welcome.


My 2 cents on your questions:


1: You'd certainly be better off starting with a newer game, like HL2. Q3 based games are pretty much history. The only part of JA that's still noteworthy is the swordplay.

So, if you're not interested in the swordplay aspects, I wouldn't recommend bothering with the JA source code at all.

If you are interested in swordplay, you should really consider going with OJP enhanced instead, since it's swordplay is - well - enhanced, and quite so. And OJP is going to stay a considerable while longer, I suspect (v 1.2 has recently been released, and they're now working on 1.3; it's getting quite some attention at the moment, I guess).


2: First: With "vanilla JK3" I mean just the source code as released by Raven in their SDK, as you can download from the posted link (you know, the basic stuff, without any extra flavours - like in "vanilla ice cream"). OJP is itself a mod that has started off this source code and changed it in two levels ("basic" and "enhanced"). Like XycaleTh said, the "basic" version is mostly bugfixes, and the "enhanced" version is "basic" plus a lot of quite hefty enhancements (so hefty that it'll be a whole new experience, at least when it comes to swordplay). As opposed to most code mods out there, OJP's source code is available to anyone to use as a basis for their own mods, more or less (I don't know the exact terms of their "licence", though).

Now to your question: Probably, no mod you create via coding will work with any of the mods you mentioned (regardless off which code base you start), since those mods have their own code bases and there's no (easy) way to combine code mods other than merging the source code (the only scenario in which two such mods could work together would be if one were a server-side only mod and the other a client-side only mod). Still, if you think you're gonna end up merging your source code changes with other mods (which is unlikely, since it would require you to get the source code of those, and that's no easy feat), vanilla jk3 is the safe bet (otherwise your code change might depend on some feature of OJP that the other mod lacks).


3: Like XycaleTh said. You won't need any of the professional features that the express editions lack, to be sure.


4: I cannot say (haven't tried to compile OJP myself, yet).

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Thanks again Nizwiz!


Well, I must say my attentions was to make extentions to a mod like T2, the Lugor addon created by Phred who I once spoke alot to. Just small extentions that would fit into our Council RPG, since the mod needs an update, and we got so damn lots of wishes to add to the game.



It seems that It would be hard without the scource codes, and it seems to be harder then I might though in the first place, anyway thanks for helping out!

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