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K1 Endar Spire Jedi

Darth Payne

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I would like to request a mod that adds a couple of things.


1: A couple of jedi bodies with 2 sabers each(blue-red) that the PC and crew can use, as well as 1000 credits each.


2: Three groups of dark jedi that the PC will have to fight before getting to Carth, replacing some of the Sith troopers if it can be done might work for this.


Anyone up for this?

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Last night, I was hoping to have all of the Jedi in place but I forgot that I had to go to band practice. This morning I was able to create all of the NPCs (also known as characters in a module).


I made Sith group:

A - Have 1000 credits

1 Vibrosword

1 Lightsaber Crystal

Know Force Shock and Push

Consist of 3 Sith Acolytes

B - Have 1000 credits

1 Sith War Sword

2 Lightsaber Crystals

Know Force Shock, Push, and Stasis

Consist of 2 Jedi Apprentices

C - Have 1000 credits

1 Dark Jedi Lightsaber

3 Lightsaber Crystals

Know Force Shock, Push, Stasis, and Choke

Consist of 1 Jedi Knight


Is this similar to what you want?


Also I have edited the 2 Jedi corpses from the cut scene to have Lightsabers on them that you can take. There will also be other Jedi Corpses that you can take Lightsabers and credits from. Each will have a different color lightsaber so that you will have every available lightsaber.


Would you want to have a new lightsaber as well. One that can be used by non-Jedi.

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Oh man, this looks perfect.


I can't wait to try this.


And on the new lightsaber that non-jedi can use?


Most definitely.


I always believed that anyone could use a lightsaber as long as they didn't get too fancy with the sword play. (Just look at Han Solo in ep.5, he didn't need the force to use it.)

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To tell you the truth I've already done this. The Sith each have a different Crystal. The Sith Acolytes have 1 crystal each, Sith Apprentices have 2 crystal each, and the Sith Knight has 3 crystals each. Each crystal will be different as well and these are the ones that give your Lightsaber enhanced properties, not color variations. Except for the Sith Knight who hold the Mantle of the Force and Heart of the Guardian crystals. EXCITING!!!!!



Also do you know anything about scripts?

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Are all bubbly inside or are you feeling the tingeling sensation!



It's done!


I just have to figure out how to upload the files onto Lucasforums. If you know how, it will save a lot of time on my part of wonderless searching and also means the quicker you can play it.

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