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Guest DarthMaulUK

Blizzard are great at polishing turds. WOW is just that. However, as I have said, Galaxies has many more features than WOW - player cities, mayors, better crafting, player/character creation, ability to fly (jet packs), superior crafting, personal transporters, team speak, I could go on.


Just because 9 millio + play the game, doesnt mean its any good.

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personally i think wow and swg is equally good wow has something that is better then swg and swg also has things that they are better at than wow i am going to give some example


I think they have better pvp like capture the flag defend castle and taking over POI and defending them

they have in a way a better story even though i am a jedi myself in SWG i still dosen't think it fits in there

they have better things for char like special things that makes that race good for some special classes like gnome extra intelligence makes them good spellcaster and humans have 5 exrta skill with swords and maces

Awesome armor and many different sorts of armor

and with the latest expansion the flying mount

also wow got cool nature and so

they got better server system that are like rp servers normal pvp servers and rppvp server

also DarthmaulUk wow got lots of those things you mentioned



Have better combat animations for melee fighters

then one thing that new jedi armor i wanna know where to get jedi armor

player city's

one thing i hate with swg that only those who bought total experience could get BARC and only those who bought Trials of obi wan could get bunker i think it's unfair

There is probably lots more that i can't come up for swg now but i just wanted to say that the companies are good at different things


but that was what i wanted to say

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SWG has that WOW does not have:

TWO games in one(technically 3 because crafting itself is it's own game)

Ground game and a space game. The two are almost completely different.

Ground game has mostly roll based combat, specials, and roughly equal equipment.

Space game has mostly twitch gaming and highly variable equipment.

Character creation: HIGHLY customizable character appearance.

Character mounts for any level.


Player run cities.

Player mayors

Highly detailed crafting system.

multiple space ships for each of 3(well 2 and a half) major factions with unique handling

Home decorations. Lots of them.

Smuggling system(hey it's weak, but we got it haha)

multiple planets to explore.


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Wow (not literally) This turned into a WoW vs SWG forum. They are two different games entirely. There is no need to compare them. WoW is for the fantasy type with elves and trolls and SWG is for the star wars folks. I have played both of them and they are equally fun.


This post was for the KOTOR MMO. I believe like most on here that KOTOR will not cause the end of SWG. There will be a lot of people go over and play it for sure. I will most likely be one of them because I loved the pc games. They were some of the best I had seen. But I definitely won't stop my SWG subscription. I also think this will cause a healthy competition and we will start seeing more content upcoming from SWG and hopefully more planets and ships. With the Clone Wars cartoons and the upcoming live action show we are in the height of star wars again which should propel both platforms.

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meh I was just pointing out that SWG and WoW are not the same thing. They are completely different. I personally like SWG. I tried WoW for a while, and pretty much hated it..


Now after playing Mass Effect, and understanding that the PC version was worked on with the Austin team's(same ones doing the MMO...or whatever haha) assistance, I think The Old Republic MMO will be a fun game. However, I like being the pilot. I'm pretty well reguarded on my server as a pilot. If the new MMO doesn't have something for me to fly, I may not enjoy it as much as I enjoy SWG.




will I delete my SWG account for it... nope. I might even play both for a while. If SWG ever gets smuggling right, or if the new MMO gets smuggling right, I think that'll be more of a deciding factor for me.


Of course I might quit both IF they ever get a Firefly MMO working haha

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i do also think wow and swg is equally fun to but this kotor mmo that sounds very tempting well anyway i hope that we also get the kotor 3 come on i wanna know what happened after TSL or kotor 2 also don't flare up again but i just wanna say one thing that is wow got better enviorment and nicer nature and so but okay enough with this wow vs swg

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Saber, That I can definitely agree with. Plus jumping over a wall is a nice thing haha... But the character models are so basic and bland. The environment of WoW is way better looking. Lag is more managable than SWG as well(even with more players, the lag isn't as bad). Of course I prefer sci fi to fairies and trolls, so SWG and the new MMO will be more for me...


Personally I wish Bioware were making a Mass Effect MMO, and a KotOR 3. but that isn't likely.

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I just can't condone paying ~$15 a month to play a game...It's like re-buying the game 4 times a year...I don't know, but it just seems like an outrageous expense no matter how good the game is...


It isn't that bad when you considder it as it's one game that you play more and get more time with. IF it is done right, you can enjoy new experiences more than a single player game has. Plus an MMO is more about the community than it is about reaching the end goal.

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^No I completely understand the objectives of playing an MMO, but almost every MMO you'll be paying over $125 a year to play a game that you had to pay for to buy (normally), and things like servers lagging and/or crashing without any kind of compensation just doesn't sit well with me...

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Ah I gotcha. I guess I can agree with ya there, however as far as a new MMO is concerned, I would say it's about getting the casual MMO players rather than the Star Wars gamers. For the most part the game that you are getting also has more to do than the standard games. The average RP game has around 15-20 hours of gameplay. Very well designed games can even be completed in around 11 hours(if you ignore side missions). So while you may play that game for some time, the content is still only about 15-20 hours of content. An MMO by design has hundreds of hours of content. It has to in order to keep its players from screaming "I'm Bored!" and leaving.


I think WoW may have actually made it easier to launch this new SW MMO. See before, when Galaxies was released, there weren't that many MMO players. They were also seen as geeks and outcasts for the most part(by the general public). With WoW introducing such a large amount of people into the MMO market, we may see some switch over to the new MMO because they are tired of the faries and swords. Or the people who want to play a new game and have already played WoW.

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Guest DarthMaulUK

They are coming today han. Our site went to a crawl last night due to the amount of traffic! Plus, the site broke! haha. So I will be fixing this today

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  • 7 months later...
I've been playing MMO's since the launch of the original Everquest. I've played many MMO's over the past 9 years since. I took a break for a few years from the MMO genre but recently returned...


I've found the landscape has changed dramatically and the industry has morphed from a very cool boutique gathering of players across the globe into something approaching a Wal Mart atmosphere - yuck.


1. The success of WoW has created a vast number of players - and I gotta say i don't like the game and i don't care for most of your run'o'the mill WoW players. There seems to be an exodus of them because I run into their types all the time.

I can't tell you what a buzz kill it is to deal with them in general as a player or guild leader in this game or the other MMO I really enjoy.


2. I love LotR as well - but not as much as Galaxies. Why? Because MMO's have gotten shockingly easy! I love LotR but its real easy to level up in. When you have that kinda game mechanic you have that kind of players - people power lvling in days. This is not the kinda atmosphere I find enjoyable - these are RPGs, not a power drive to show how awesome you are in a game that is super easy to level in. Thusly, even LotR has lost my interest.


3. I love SW Galaxies because it is challenging and well developed as far as the breadth of gaming material here - space missions, ground missions, card games, and people playing the game like it was the SW version of The Sims - u can get to lvl 90 without ever being in a single fight!

I love it! And its challenging. A great game.

I hear a lotta people crying on and on all over the net about the original version and how this one sucks...


But i've always been one to just make my own decisions - to hell with opinions.


I purchased this game on launch day - but never really played significantly until now. To be honest, i prefer the new game over the skill based one. I found the skill based version frustrating.


The only downside I can think of - is that the servers are old and populated with a high ratio of lvl 90 characters. Its very difficult to get a group together, or just to find people near my level.


Other than that - i've gone ahead and sold my 360 because SW galaxies offers so much in one package and satisifies my gaming needs - to rpg, to be in a cool sci-fi world, to run ground missions, pvp, shoot guns, build houses, play a card game. I mean this game covers a lotta ground for 1 subscription fee. Plus now that i can hook up my pc to my 55" HD tv - i mean that's pure heaven baby!


I can't tell u how much money im gonna save in gaming now!


Also i like the difficulty - and because of that difficulty, certain mmo players types just won't show in SW Galaxies, Hoorah!


Im going more MMO hardcore as i mature - the only other hardcore mmo rpg out in my opinion is that ncsoft game.




I'll be playing SW Galaxies until they turn off the very last sever!


why does this feel like an advertisement? and btw you dont like run'w/e'the mill warcraft players and easy mmorpgs but you prefer leveling over skill based system? strange taste


build hosues and shoot guns and fly.. these are only %10 of what the game used to cover.. gta multiplayer is way more fun right now..



im sory cant help but to make these posts. really heartbroken. but back on the subject.. im very glad that somebody finally menaged to make a mmorpg with group npcs in it. always dreamt about that. kotor is more of the comics content and swg is more based on the movies. but yeah where theres a lightsaber ill be looking at that game.

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