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Looking for an artist (kstar still around?)


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Stormy the hammering Stormhammer? It's been forever.


*sniffs around Rhett's slippers to wake up*


Phew. :p


I heard my name mentioned, and you must have used that damned Jedi Mind Trick again. <.<


Anyway @ Rp...I've kind of got my hands full right now (and all the way up to February most likely), and I've not had any time for art at the moment. My wife broke her leg so I'm having to look after her, the kids, the house, and try to do some actual work inbetween. Kind of hectic... :/


That's not a 'no I can't help' - it's a 'maybe I can depending on the time frame'. Let me know, m8.


@ Taos - hi m8, and thanks. Don't do much singing these days, unfortunately, due to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Sucks to be me. :(

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