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exclusive lego stes! new 2009 minis!


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you have to subscribe to the magazine "brickmaster" for a year but its worth it. they will send you a new exclusive mini star wars lego set every two months. note: i only glanced at it some data may be off. these are not even to minifigure scale there like 2 or 3 inches but still, there exclusive. so far two sets have been reveled, the clone turbo tank, and what im going to get 1 month for, the republic star crusier. (yes, the capital ship)

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^There's a lot to be said with their re-releasing. It seems like every set they have ever made will be re-released within 10 years after its first run with some minor variations.


Yeah that bugs me. Now I have t ogo and buy the "new" version as well. Gets expensive. But sometimes the new version looks better but it still sucks from a collecting standpoint.

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