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Downloadable Content Soon To be Unleashed

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This article was posted on starwars.com on September 30.

If you are one of the many who purchased Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for your Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, get ready to get even more playtime out of your game. LucasArts is proud to announce that players will soon be able to extend their game with two rounds of downloadable content that will soon be available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace.


The first of these two packs will introduce the ability to play the game as some of your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe. Whether you enjoy the newcomers like Kit Fisto and Ki-Adi-Mundi, or you prefer to jump back to the classics like Obi-Wan Kenobi and the beloved Luke Skywalker, players have the option to pick a new hero for the game.


Later this year, the second pack of content will be distributed, this time giving Starkiller himself an entirely new mission to master. Heading to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, The Apprentice seeks to discover the truth about his father -- but on the way must confront his own past. In this new area, the player will truly have their skills tested with the barrage of enemies they must face.


The LucasArts team is currently developing this content internally. Though the release date and pricing are still to be determined, keep an eye on the official website for more updates.

Source: starwars.com


EDIT: Oops, didn't realize this had already been posted in [thread=192592]This needs DLC[/thread]. Sorry about that. If a moderator wants to lock or delete this please feel free.

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Ok I give up.... All the complaining and this is all we get. C'mon Lucas give me a break here. I have been anticipating this game for so long, make something worth while. And I swear if those characters are just skins and not new animations and force powers. If Luke shoots lightning I might die.

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I agree: the extra levels are all I'm interested in. But I'm a little concerned as far as that goes as I've heard that there will be but one temple mission rather than three, and the Sith holocron gatekeeper bosses will not be in it. Is any of this true? I really hope it's complete, with everything the PS2 and Wii versions contain.


What I'd also like to see released is an additional Cloud City level like the one in the PS2 and Wii versions, featuring Lobot and everyone else.

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