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Shem’s The Force Unleashed Review [Spoiler Alert]


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I decided to write a review based on both of my experiences playing this fantastic game on both Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. As many of you have noticed, they have the same basic story, but there are tons of little differences. The purpose of that is to tell you tell you some of the differences, especially parts I like better between the two consoles that stick out in my mind at the time when writing this. If some of you have the choice to try out what console they wanted to play this on and yet have bought the game, I’m hoping this review helps you make a decision. I will warn you that this is a very lengthy read.


I’m going to talk about my likes, dislikes, and preferences between the two versions on how they handled different situations. There are plenty of parts where I like it better on either console. I do acknowledge that the Playstation 3 version is basically the Xbox 360 one, and the Wii version is similar to the Playstation 2, etc. The biggest differences between those consoles and the Wii version would be the controls and if I get a chance to play the Playstation 2 and other console versions that are like the Wii, I would know some other little differences to talk about. But since this isn’t the case, there’s nothing to talk about with those other consoles on my end.


So when I talk about the Xbox 360 or Wii versions in my review, I’m going to be most of the time talking about the alternate consoles that mirror those versions. When I’m also talking about Force Powers later on, I’m talking about when they’re maxed out on how each has their own advantages. And remember, this is based on my own personal opinion. :D


Visual Experience: Hands down, the Xbox 360 version. That’s an obvious selection. The graphic capability on the Xbox 360 wins because of the power of the console. The destruction that is used in the engine that was created for the game is very realistic and I loved how the AI opponents reacted to being attacked.


There was one thing that slightly bothered me in the Xbox 360 version. Starkiller uses blue Force Lightning, which is consistent with the movies. My slight gripe was that all your other enemies that could use it including Palpatine used purple Force Lightning. Not that it didn’t look cool, it just didn’t fit.


Audio Experience: Some of the reasons would be the lightsaber sounds they chose for the Xbox 360 version. They’re more of the prequel styles we heard and love, or at least I felt that way. I love how your character got to use the Sith sound for the on switch for Starkiller’s lightsaber. That’s paying attention to detail. Many games have failed to realize that and fans alone when I have viewed fan films. To me keeping things consistent is important and sounds you would hear in certain situations should be included. I would have loved it if they had used a Jedi sounding one when you want to go to a blue or green, etc. What would have won fans over in that situation would have been if it sounded like Luke’s lightsaber in Return of the Jedi, in fact I prefer that for my personal Jedi lightsaber. That is a very popular sound for lightsaber ignition in my history of modding compare to the Sith and traditional Jedi ones.


The Wii version uses the traditional Jedi sound for your lightsaber, which really bugs me when I’m trying to destroy Jedi while carrying a red lightsaber. It takes away the dark side feeling I want my character to feel in my eyes.


Lightsaber Control: I really like the fact that I can use both ways to control the game. Sometimes I’m in a mood to relax while playing so the Xbox 360 version is the one I use since I’m just hitting buttons. Other times I like having the opportunity to use the Wii remote as a lightsaber and swing it around and get in the types of slashes I want to get in. I know how to really do some serious flurry attacks in different patterns that really make my fighting almost unstoppable, well at least against AI controlled enemies. There is satisfaction that comes from it that you can only get with the Wii version.


Deflecting lightsaber bolts is different between the two consoles. In the Xbox 360 version, you can’t move, but the visual effects of the deflecting blots looks awesome. In the Wii version, you can walk around slowly while doing some serious deflecting. I like the visual better with the Xbox 360, but the control of the Wii better.


At first I didn’t like the backwards lightsaber fighting stance in the Xbox 360 version, though it did remind me of Adi Gallia in the game Jedi Power Battles. Now, it doesn’t bother me. Most of the time in the Wii version, he holds the lightsaber in a traditional way.


Running and Jumping: What’s interesting is how fast you jump and land on the Xbox 360 version while on the Wii version you hang in the air a lot longer. The Wii version gives you more control, but it is a little too slow when on how you jump. The Xbox 360 seems to be realistically too fast. If both versions could meet half way, both games would have been perfect in that department. I do like how it is like most other games where you can control the speed of your run and walking whenever you want to.


One of the things that are way different from the Wii versus the Xbox 360 is that you can fall of the ledge and die in the Xbox 360 version. In the Wii version, it won’t let you. For you Xbox 360 players, you may have noticed during the prologue when controlling Darth Vader that it wouldn’t let you fall of the edge and die. That is the case with Starkiller in the Wii version. Personally I like the Wii version in this situation because over 90% of my deaths in the Xbox 360 version are falling off a ledge to my death. Part of it is the skill of mastering how the jumping system works and how fast it is in the game. I’ve gotten lots better with practice, but I still make an occasional blunder and fall to my death from time to time. :xp:


Using Force Powers: For the most part, hands down to the Wii version of the game. One of the things I would like to talk about is the Force Push. The Wii dominates that. Reason being is all you have to do is thrust the Nunchuck and it really knocks people back. The Xbox 360 does, but only if you stop and hold down the push button. The problem with that is you’re vulnerable during the time you’re generating your energy to thrust on your opponents. That’s not the issue with the Wii and it’s very powerful and you can do it on the run.


In the Wii version, Starkiller can choke enemies to death which is an option the Xbox 360 version doesn’t give you. That is actually my favorite Force Power to use on an enemy in any Star Wars game that I have ever played.


The Force Grip Power wins with the Xbox 360 edition. The overall controls and the throwing objects and enemies on Xbox 360 are way better. The throw power in the Xbox 360 when you grip an object or person is better too. However, I do like the Wii version when you pick someone up and wave the remote around. What happens is objects that are nearby just slam right into whoever you have picked up.


The Force Lightning in the Wii is overall better. You can use one hand or two-handed lightning. You choose. It’s a simple push of a button for one hand. However if you want to use two hands, just double click the button. You can be running while doing the one-handed version in the Wii, but I know that in the Xbox 360 version, you can still walk while using lightning.


There is no real advantage with the Force Repulse on either game. It’s done differently, but also it’s very simple to do either way. So it’s even in my book on both consoles.


One thing I enjoyed with the Wii version is the large repeating ground guns enemies would use on you. You can use the Force and take it from your enemy and float it in the air and it will turn around and blast enemies for you. This is not possible with the Xbox 360 version.


Exploring: Every planet that was done totally different that represented areas you needed to go during your adventure was done totally different. If you’re one of those people who haven’t seen both games may not have known this. If you assumed that the difference would be just the graphic quality, that isn’t the case.


One of the things that are different at times is where you go. Both games are traditional where you go to Nar Shaddaa to the TIE Fighter Construction station, then Raxus Prime, then Felucia, only to be betrayed by Darth Vader. Here is what changes. In the Wii version between the missions with hunting down Kota, Kazdan Paratus, and Shaak Ti, you visit the Jedi Temple twice to get additional training commanded by Darth Vader. I enjoy those missions a lot as it has visions of past Sith Lords in this case; Darth Desolous and Darth Phobos. It’s realistic because this has happened in the movies when Luke Skywalker fought a vision of Darth Vader. It’s too bad that isn’t in the Xbox 360 version.


In the Xbox 360 version after Darth Vader betrays you, you have to fight your way out of the med ship you’re on to escape while Proxy sets up the ship to crash into the nearest star to destroy all of the remaining witnesses to your existence. In the Wii version, you just leave the lab and rescue you Juno all in a cut scene and it never explains why the ship crashes into the star before takeoff.


While your next mission in the Xbox 360 version is at Cloud City as you found out that Kota is there now, the Wii version he stays on Nar Shaddaa. This is when you get to fight Gamorreans and such on Nar Shaddaa. Overall, I did enjoy that set up much more than going to Cloud city to pick up Kota. There an error in dialogue afterwards that should have only been in the Xbox 360 version. Kota talks about being smuggled to Cloud City by Bail Organa, which didn’t happen in the Wii version.


In the Wii version only, you go back to the Jedi Temple and have a vision duel with Starkiller’s father before going to Kashyyyk. This is where Starkiller learns that his father never wanted any of this to happen to his son. In the Xbox 360 version, you have the vision of Starkiller’s father in the old hut where he used to live with his father. I’m torn in which version I like better because I like both versions how they’re played out.


Both versions get to go to Kashyyyk and rescue Princess Leia and afterwards go back to Felucia to rescue her adoptive father, Bail Organa. I like what the Wii version did better and that was making Bail scruffy and dirty looking. For some reason he still looks very good in the Xbox 360 version. During that time the Empire has made a base there. In the Xbox 360 version, they chain down the large Sarlacc and invade the inside of it to chase after the Felucians that have hid in there. It was a little weird to have that in there, but I also realize that George Lucas approved of it since he helped write the story, so I’m just going to accept something that I didn’t expect. Besides, how many expanded universe stories have you heard about where people have escaped the Sarlacc? ;) Starkiller ends up getting blown out of it through one of the lungs.


After all that, both consoles will bring you back to Raxus Prime to destroy the Imperial facility there. Both versions have Starkiller bring down a Star Destroyer with the Force with the encouragement by Kota. The difference here is that in the Xbox 360 version, you have to manually bring down the Star Destroyer while at times destroying groups TIE Fighters who shoot at you from time to time. I don’t enjoy doing that part even though I’ve mastered how to do it and can do it on the first try manipulating it before the TIE fighters kill you. In the Wii version, it just goes to a cut scene where Starkiller through the encouragement of Kota brings down the Star Destroyer.


I do like how they timed the music and the visual plays out better when it gets to the video cut scene in the Xbox 360 version as the Star Destroyer doesn’t stop all the way before getting to Starkiller and he has jump out of the way and all the dust it creates brings realism to it. It’s a very powerful moment, or at least it feels that way to me after you do the pain in the butt part. If they could have just kept it as a cut scene that starts off like the Wii version to the finale you see in the Xbox 360 version, it would have been perfect.


In the Wii version only, this is when you go to Cloud City. Unlike the Xbox 360 version where you go there to find Kota, you go there in the Wii version to meet up with Garm, a senator who ends up being a co-founder of the Rebellion. He is captured by a gang of Mandalorians and other mercenaries. The Mandalorians in that one are like Jango Fetts with their design, using a jetpack and can flame you if you get too close, but wear red armor. This mission was one of my favorites and I love the exploration you get to do on Cloud City and you get to work with Lobot, who was seen in Empire Strikes Back. Though the mission, you learn more about Garm’s background and why he is for joining this Rebel Alliance with having a conversation with him after you rescue you him.


In the Xbox 360 version, you go straight from Raxus Prime after you bring down the Star Destroyer to the Death Star after a cut scene on Corellia. In the Wii version, you have the side mission to Cloud City and then the Corellia scene before going to the Death Star for the last missions in both games. The Death Star is less complicated to get through in the Wii version, though this is the only time you can fall to your death in the entire game in the Wii version.


Lightsaber Hilts: The Wii version of the game has lightsaber hilts to collect while the Xbox 360 version does not. That is a plus on the Wii side. Picking out your preferred hilt always will enhance a Star Wars game that you get to be a Jedi or a Sith using the Force and a lightsaber. It’s something the Xbox 360 version should have done. What the Wii version could have done is create more original looking hilts. There was one I didn’t recognize that I didn’t see on another character in the game, or from the movies. It was the one with spikes at the top by the emitter. Having Anakin’s Skywalker’s, Darth Vader’s, Palpatine’s, and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hilts available to use was a good idea because many people love those hilts. They did create hilts for you to collect that are replicas of Darth Desolous, General Kota, Master Kento, and Shaak Ti; characters you fight in the game.


You can only change your hilt when you’re between levels on your ship. It’s different with changing your color crystal as you can do that at any time.


Color Crystals: The color crystal systems were different. I preferred the Wii version in this one. In the Xbox 360 version, you have red, blue, green, gold (orange), yellow, purple, and black colors to use. Besides the black one, you have the compressed and unstable versions of the colors. This changes how the energy flows out of your hilt which is something I dislike, though I know many people like it, so kudos to the developers in doing something many people will enjoy as it is an option, which you can bypass if you don’t like it.


The reason why I prefer the Wii version is because instead of how the blade flows, they came up with three different shades of each color. In the Wii version, you have three different reds, blues, greens, purples, and oranges. It does claim you can collect four red ones, but you only use three. You have a yellow one in the orange category, and one that is half and half of both yellow and orange. The blue one has a cyan looking one with a dark blue and an intermediate blue. The other colors have their own shades as well. I really like this and wished they had used this system in the Xbox 360 version. Now for those who are fans of the compressed and unstable looking crystal system, what they could have done is have you put an option on how your lightsaber emits its blade while having the different shades in the crystal collecting process.


The black one for the Xbox 360 version is out of place in my opinion and really never did have a place with your lightsaber. Black is not a color and it does look funny to be when it’s acting as a saber color. But since it’s an optional color to use so I don’t have to myself, I really don’t care that it’s in the game. I know that having black has made people very happy and I’ve seen many, many people over the years wish they could use a black lightsaber with my scratching my head trying to figure out the logic behind it. The developers who worked on the Xbox 360 version must have gotten wind of that and decided to add that for the enjoyment for those who would. That was a smart move. Again, if you’re like me, just don’t use that blade color if you don’t like it and move it. That shouldn’t ruin your game experience.


Fighting Enemies: When you kill an opponent in the Xbox 360 version, you get health essence added back to your life bar. In the Wii version, you have to find health packs. I prefer the Xbox 360 way.


When dueling an enemy in the Xbox 360 version, it’s a little more bazaar than in the Wii. Sometimes they get in these moods where they form a shield over their bodies and do something throw attacks at you that you have to dodge. This isn’t how it is done in the Wii version; they’re more direct which is what I prefer.


All major enemies give you the chance to do a combo to finish them. In the Xbox 360 version, you just hit the button they tell you in a reasonable time limit or you mess it up and have to start it again. In the Wii version, they tell you when to wave either the Remote or Nunchuck at certain points. Just make sure you wave it fast enough with the correct device and you’re good to go. The visual process in the Xbox 360 version was better for the most part, but overall I have no preference on which process I thought was easier or better.


One thing that really bothered me was fighting Palpatine at the end of the game if you choose the light side way in the Xbox 360. He doesn’t fight you with a lightsaber. Instead it is him in a shield floating in the air a lot while throwing things at you or sending in Imperial Guards to fight you while protected by the shield. Then he will be vulnerable after those phases while you’re hacking at him a ton with your lightsaber. It just feels too weird for me. It’s true that Kota used the Force to grab his lightsaber and tried to attack him, but that also happens in the Wii version. Both games Palpatine unleashed Lightning on him to stop his attempt and Bail Organa pleads with you to help him. That is when you have the choice to help Kota or forget about him and decide this is a good opportunity to get you revenge on Darth Vader and kill him after injuring him in your duel.


Anyway, in the Wii version, Palpatine uses his lightsaber to fight Starkiller. He’s tough and I will see it was better that way. Just Force grab the lightsaber back Palpatine and I wouldn’t be talking about this in the Xbox 360 version.


One difference with Kazdan Paratus, one of the Jedi you hunt down and destroy for Darth Vader is in the Wii version; he uses a double-bladed yellow lightsaber. In the Xbox 360 version, he has a long hilt with a single bladed blue one. While we’re on the subject of that Jedi Master, he likes to use the Force to create droids to attack through the Force during your exploration. During your duel with him on the Xbox 360 version, he creates two different Junk Titans to fight you after he gets to a certain health point. In the Wii version he’s in the Junk Titan and you have to defeat it to get him out of it and then kill him in a lightsaber duel.


The Darth Vader duels were awesome in both versions and how you use the combo at the end to finish Vader was just awesome. My only gripe with the Xbox 360 version is how Vader stands on a platform in the middle of the fight and throws objects and lightsaber at you. You have to do dodging and throw you lightsaber at him during this process. It’s just annoying to me while in the Wii version that never happens, which I prefer how they did it in that version.


Stormtroopers get more advanced while you progress throughout the game. Nothing wrong with the challenge and all, but where were these guys during the original trilogy? I never saw Stormtroopers with the weapons I saw in the game along with some of those who had protective shields. This wasn’t the case in the Wii version which makes the Wii more realistic in consistency.


The fight with the Bull Rancor and Maris Brood is different because in the Wii version, after Maris discovers you, she takes Bail with her while bringing in her Bull Rancor pet that is left behind to kill Starkiller. In the Xbox 360 version, Maris sticks around and helps her pet in destroying you.


In your direct duel with Maris in the Xbox 360 version, she can use stealth skills again you, while that isn’t the case with Maris in the Wii version. In the Wii version, once you deplete some of her health, she sends a traditional Rancor on you and then afterwards you have to fight Maris again who has regained back her health that she lost in the first duel.


Costumes: New outfits are something you get throughout your progress through both consoles. You complete an area; you get a new outfit to wear for the most part for both game systems. Only in the Xbox 360 version you get two outfits by collecting holocrons.


There are advantages to both games on how it is equipped. For the most part the Wii wins. Mostly because you can change your outfit on the ship before you start a new level. In the Xbox 360 version, you will have to start your new level first before you can make the switch. Plus you switch outfits each time you start a new level in Xbox 360. In the Wii, you don’t switch outfits until you say you want to. The thing is when the Wii version is you have to be on the ship to do it, which isn’t that big of deal overall.


Now when Darth Vader betrays you and you later wake up in a lab; in the Xbox 360, you’re switched to a med lab type of clothing while in the Wii version you’re still in the game clothing since you didn’t change it manually yourself. That is one time where having your outfit changed automatically seems more reasonable. I’ll talk more about the overall switching outfits issue in the replay section.


You do get most of the same outfits with a similar look to them. One outfit I enjoyed a lot in the Xbox 360 version was the Jedi Adventure robe that you don’t get in the Wii version. Both versions do not have some sort of traditional looking Jedi robe you can wear that we saw in the prequels, which is something they should have done.


The Wii version has more outfits overall if you count using the cheat console. Both games allow you to use the cheat console to get additional outfits, or should I say, both versions give you the opportunity to take on appearances of other characters. The Wii version wins there if you like to do that as you get more characters to choose from. Some of the characters you can be are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, two different Luke Skywalkers, and Darth Maul. There are others I didn’t mention.


Character Interaction: Overall, the interaction and character development was better played out in the Xbox 360. The way the dialogue is spoken while the music used at times to encourage the moods they’re feeling was used very well. In the Wii version, dialogue seems to be sped up, even when a character responds to another character a little quicker, which takes some of the realism from it.


I did like some areas of dialogue spoken in the Wii version that wasn’t in the Xbox 360 version. Like when the Rogue Shadow crew was heading the Felucia for the first time hunting down Shaak Ti. Starkiller makes a point to Juno when she was thinking about something that he can read her feelings no matter how much she tries to bury then. It led to a conversation about one of her battles she fought for the Empire which helped Starkiller and Juno learn more about each other which helped lead to them having romantic feelings for each other.


One other thing on the Wii version is when you rescue Kota on Nar Shaddaa (yes, it’s Cloud City on the Xbox 360), how he is helping carry Kota in the ship and just drops him on table and bench and you see him drop his alcoholic drink. It really plays on how Kota became a drunk after Starkiller blinded him and sent him flying towards Nar Shaddaa to his death only to later survive the fall and give up on life. In the Wii version his hair looks oily like he hasn’t showered for days, while in the Xbox 360 version, his hair is messier, but clean looking. I prefer the Wii version better as it seems to fit the character mood better.


I also like it later in the Wii version when they went to Felucia the second time to rescue Bail Organa. They both talk at the ship ramp privately and Juno makes mention about how dangerous she thinks having Kota with them. They both play on their worries about if Kota discovers who Starkiller really was and that he fought him and blinded him. It really plays on what they fear at the time that you lacked in the Xbox 360 version. Again more character interaction between Starkiller and Juno.


Though the Xbox 360 version does have an advantage over the Wii version with how Juno was always communicating with Starkiller what’s coming in the areas he was in and helping him complete his mission when finding a specific target or things he needed to do to advance or make things better. It seems to make Juno more useful.


You get to use the Jedi Mind Trick three times that I can think of off the top of my head in the Wii version of the game while that never happens in the Xbox 360 version. I also like it when at the TIE Fighter Construction facility where Starkiller lifts up one of Kota’s men in a cut scene and threatens him to reveal where Kota is. Once he does, he snaps his neck with the Force and moves on. It just shows you how much influence Darth Vader has had on his secret apprentice.


There was interaction with Shaak Ti before getting to the Sarlacc in the Wii version. Starkiller tells Shaak Ti about how he knew she knew he was coming and what happens next. You hear how Shaak Ti believes strongly that the Emperor will be defeated and that peace will be restored. The thing I like about it is how Starkiller reacts. He is convinced that the Jedi stand in the way of peace in the galaxy with a strong voice. Shaak Ti then rides off with her pet Rancor. When Shaak Ti welcomes Starkiller to the Sarlacc, she talks about it being a place of sacrifice and when she does, the Sarlacc grabs her pet Rancor and pulls it in which added emphasis to what she was saying.


Proxy was a fun character to have around. I really enjoyed him. There was one big difference with his character in both games is that in the Xbox 360 version. He tried to kill Starkiller with surprise attacks taking on forms of previous Jedi or Sith. In the Wii version, he doesn’t do that. However in both versions, Proxy can with advanced hologram technology take on the form of other people while mimicking their voices and even become the person who Starkiller needs to talk to over long distances; most of the time it’s Darth Vader who Proxy projects.


While we’re talking about it, having Proxy testing Starkiller at times was fun and funny to watch and listen to how he was going to kill Starkiller and fulfill his programming from time to time throughout the game. When he fails, he apologizes to his master that he didn’t kill him as if his master would view him as a failure in doing so. In some ways Proxy is a cross between HK-47 and C-3PO. Basically his personality seems to be in the middle of the two.


I’m a little torn by the fact when Proxy thought it was the best time to fulfill his programming by trying to kill Starkiller on Raxus Prime just before he takes down the Star Destroyer in the Xbox 360 version. To finish it off, Proxy becomes Darth Maul fighting with his double-bladed lightsaber. While it was fun to fight Maul, I felt weird about it. Proxy claimed he had this character stored for this moment for years. It’s funny that of all characters, he chose Maul and at the time he chose to do it.


Now, the thing that has me really torn about the Proxy issue in the Xbox 360 is his combat skill and how he can use Force Powers when he takes on a Jedi or Sith form. He instantly has their weapon in an exact replica. While it would seem like somewhere Proxy has tons of lightsabers to use to make that happen, it just seems farfetched. Let’s move to what really gets me on that one. If this is the case, why isn’t he assisting Starkiller on his missions? In a way, Proxy could defeat a reason to have Starkiller in the first place. In fact, why doesn’t the Empire build a bunch of Proxy type droids and use them to hunt down the remaining Jedi; in fact, it would be like having multiple Sith apprentices in a way, but you don’t have to worry about them betraying you since they’re programmed to obey orders and their master. Palpatine would have done well with that.


Imagine if you will that these droids can take on multiple characters; like hunting down Shaak Ti. One of those droids could make himself into a Felucian and blended in getting to Shaak Ti and killing her via cheap shot and if it failed, just turn yourself into the Emperor and finish the job. Then turn yourself into something fast and speed out and you’re done. Heck, why not a bunch of them doing the same thing. The Empire would have never lost to the Rebellion if they’re taking on forms of looking like Rebellion officers or soldiers to kill off key leaders; in fact, it would have never been formed if you think about it based on what the game’s story is about if done that way.


I’m sure you see why I’m torn with the Proxy issue. There is more you can say, but at least you get the idea why. In this case, I just try to forget it as you realize nothing is perfect and again remember that isn’t an issue with the Wii version. While we’re talking about it, in the Wii version Proxy still sacrifices himself by being killed by Darth Vader to save Starkiller’s life on Corellia. The difference here is he isn’t using a replica of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. He still looks like Kenobi, but he is using Kota’s green lightsaber that he dropped when Kota tried to attack Vader when he invaded the Rebellion meeting.


Replaying: While both games give you the option to replay the game with your current profile, there are differences in how it is done. It is fun to use your profile and go back to the beginning with all your collectables, Force Powers, and abilities you have gained.


One of the differences is the prologue with Darth Vader. You can’t do it again in the Xbox 360 version. If you want to play that part again, start a new game and use a different save slot. In the Wii version, you get to play the prologue again. The Wii wins there.


In the Wii version, you have to do all the missions in order. You can’t choose which one you want to use like in the Xbox 360 version. The Xbox 360 wins there.


The auto-saving has a different affect. While in the Wii version, it will save your progress in terms of what you have collected and such, but if you have to turn your game off, you have to start the level over again. In the Xbox 360, you start from the last auto-save point. The Xbox 360 wins there.


The problem with the Wii version is that you can’t get access to your ship after replaying your game again until after you have defeated Kota. That means whatever outfit you were wearing on the Death Star will be your outfit when doing the TIE Fighter facility again. That means if you like to wear a Jedi type robe for the last mission; you’re going to wearing it when Darth Vader is knighting you and sending you off on your first mission when starting over. You’ll have to wait until you complete the mission and present Kota’s lightsaber to Vader to make a switch. The only thing you can do is change you lightsaber color back to red if you want if you were using another color. This problem is your hilt too if you like changing your hilt if you change your blade color to reflect Starkiller’s personality change.


They should have had it where you can at least access the Rogue Shadow’s options where you can change your outfit and saber hilt on the Rogue Shadow itself since you do use it to travel with it to do your first mission. I don’t know what they were thinking on that one.


Cut Scenes: In the Xbox 360 version, they’re set in stone in what you wear because they’re recordings; well most of them that is. Some are in-game types. In the Wii version it’s in the game every time. That means whatever outfit you’re wearing in the Wii version is shown on Starkiller during cut scenes no matter what. I like this because like if I was hunting down Kota, I like to wear a black hooded robe in the Xbox 360 version along with the Wii version, but in the cut scenes, Starkiller is wearing the training gear in the Xbox 360 version.


It’s not horrible thing, but I wish that wasn’t the case, but at the same time, the movies were made to really capture the characters animations which was done with the voice actors who had motion sensors on their faces when reading acting out their lines. I do know that these types of videos had their advantages with how animations are presented, so I see the point there.


Overall: I really enjoyed the story, especially the light side version. The dark side version disappointed me. I was hoping that Starkiller was going to destroy the Emperor and become the new emperor instead. Instead he ended up having to be rebuilt like Vader was which means he became a shell of what he once was just like Vader did. Well, you can’t have everything your way. There are other things that could have been mentioned, though some of it probably was just overlooked as I’m doing this all off the top of my head with the experiences I had, but you get the gist of it. I hope this was helpful and enjoyable to read for some of you out there. :D

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I was hoping that Starkiller was going to destroy the Emperor and become the new emperor instead.

If I was writing a story and I had to choose between sacrificing the player's invincibility complex and/or ego, and sacrificing believability and originality, I'd go with the first option.

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I concur. The dark side ending adequately portrays what greed and lust for power bring about: a broken person. I think that both endings teach us profound lessons regarding pride versus selflessness. One shows that us that it is never to late to turn one's life around and that no one is beyond redemption, and the other shows us what ultimately becomes of us when pride and egotism have their way with us.


"He who exalts himself shall be humbled, but he who humbles himself shall be exalted."

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Okay, I just read your entire review. Very interesting read, Shem. It sounds to me like the last-gen versions of this game completely own their next-gen counterparts in nearly every single way possible.


This is why I wish they could release an uber version of this game for PC eventually, completely remade from the ground up. It would be a cross between both versions, using the next-gen engine and graphics but preferring most of the good stuff from the last-gen systems that you mentioned. It would also be nice if they could tweak it a bit to be more faithful to the novel. In the novel, Galen uses Kota's green lightsaber following his first betrayal by Vader, and then build one with an aqua-colored blade after departing from Kashyyyk, utilizing a blue crystal he found in his father's home. However, in the FMV's Galen uses a blue lightsaber from Cloud City onwards. I wish they'd change it to green at that point, up until Imperial Felucia.


Also in the novel, seeing a vision of Darth Vader murdering his father and taking him under his wing as his apprentice, as well as finding out his real name -- Galen -- from the apparition of his father, Kento Marek, plays a major part in his character development from that point onward. I'd like to see this implemented as well.


Sadly, such a game will likely never exist. :(


I remember being so disappointed that Kazdan Paratus' junk Jedi Council droids don't come to life and attack you as they do in the book. I though, well, maybe that happens in the Wii/PS2 versions. But from what you said, it looks like it doesn't. The novel also provides a motive for PROXY to come and kill you on Felucia: he has been corrupted by the planet's droid intelligence core, which is where Galen discovers him and fights him. It even makes mention of his photoreceptors (eyes) turning red and his voice changing. And he assumes the forms of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in addition to Darth Maul.


In the game, he just randomly shows up to try to kill you. Such a shame.


Also, the way you fight Palpatine in the 360 version makes him seem a lot more like his character was originally portrayed in Return of the Jedi before the prequels gave us a different picture: so powerful that he uses only the Force, without the need of a lightsaber. I don't know if this was the intention or not, but that's the feeling it gave me.


But yeah, anyway, it appears from what you said that the last-gen versions are far superior! I am quite surprised.


I say we start a petition for that uber hybrid PC version I had in mind. :D

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The novel also provides a motive for PROXY to come and kill you on Felucia: he has been corrupted by the planet's droid intelligence core, which is where Galen discovers him and fights him. It even makes mention of his photoreceptors (eyes) turning red and his voice changing. And he assumes the forms of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in addition to Darth Maul.


In the game, he just randomly shows up to try to kill you. Such a shame

Well, aint it his primary programming to kill you ? They atleast say so in the xbox version
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I concur. The dark side ending adequately portrays what greed and lust for power bring about: a broken person. I think that both endings teach us profound lessons regarding pride versus selflessness. One shows that us that it is never to late to turn one's life around and that no one is beyond redemption, and the other shows us what ultimately becomes of us when pride and egotism have their way with us.
But the problem with that in a game is that it lowers someone ambition to want to do the dark side ending, thus making it almost useless. I have no desire to do that ending again now, which defeats the purpose of having it in my opinion.


In the novel, Galen uses Kota's green lightsaber following his first betrayal by Vader, and then build one with an aqua-colored blade after departing from Kashyyyk, utilizing a blue crystal he found in his father's home. However, in the FMV's Galen uses a blue lightsaber from Cloud City onwards. I wish they'd change it to green at that point, up until Imperial Felucia.
How did Starkiller get Kota's lightsaber since he gave it to Vader?


Also, the way you fight Palpatine in the 360 version makes him seem a lot more like his character was originally portrayed in Return of the Jedi before the prequels gave us a different picture: so powerful that he uses only the Force, without the need of a lightsaber. I don't know if this was the intention or not, but that's the feeling it gave me.
I never saw Palpatine as someone like you or others have. All we saw from him was Force Lightning and that Luke didn't have his lightsaber to block it, nor did he know how to block it. Besides that, I never saw something from Palpatine that made me think he didn't need a lightsaber, in fact I always assumed he had one as I did with Yoda believe it or not. I know people were like how you were because I remember lots of discussions on whether or not Yoda or Palpatine would have a lightsaber and I would debate that they would. Some people were very bitter because how heated those debates got. :xp:


Great review! I have the Wii version myself and agree with you 100% on your take of the same version.


After reading, it seams to me that you prefer Wii over 360. But that is just my opinion.;)

Depends on my mood. I've probably have put in just as many hours in both games so far.


Great review, Shem! But I wonder if it takes longer to read it than to play the game. :p
That's usually a sign that someone liked it and was disappointed because that person wanted more. :xp:


Thanks for the compliments guys on my review. I'm glad some people thought it was worth the read. :D

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Good review i agreed with some of the points but i agree with the others about proxy his primary programing is to kill you and he even says it he saw that moment as his best chance to acheive that so it made all the sense in the world to me. I personal like the ds ending because you become a slave to palpatine because too many times in star wars games when you go ds you become this all powerful ruler whch is like what?? after you give into you hatred you basically become palpatines whipping boy

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