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Star Wars: Evil Transformation


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“Patience, young one. Your turn will soon come.”


“It’s not fair! I beat Kota in every duel!”


“It is not always about ones skills with a light saber. Kota has far more knowledge of the force than you. He is ready to face the trials, you however, are not. Go back to your studies.”


Vaeda try to calm her mind. The Jedi did not show jealousy. Master Fulay had told her and her brother that jealousy was a trap of the dark side. That she was to show no emotion. Yet she still felt as though she could not grasp this principle. The Jedi had a code, by which she was to always follow. It was to never lead her astray.


“Master, I see no reason why Vaeda should not get to take the test along side me. She is truly gifted, and what she says is true. I can’t seem to beat her.”


“I know she is gifted, Kota. I also admire your sticking up for your little sister.”


“Please Master, listen to him. I want to become a knight so bad.”


“Vaeda, all padawans aspire to become Jedi knights some day. It is no more than normal for you to feel this way, but you should not be jealous of your brother. He is a few years older than you.”


“I know he is master but..”


“That is enough, Vaeda. Come along Kota, the council awaits us.”


“Goodbye, Vaeda…wish me luck.”


“Goodbye Kota…I will.”

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Chapter 1: Loss, of a loved one.







In her quarters, Vaeda stayed for three lonely days. She longed to see her brother, and his smiling face. She was very happy for him. And deep down inside, she knew her parents would be to, had they still been alive. Master Fulay had adopted them as children of five and three years of age. He was like a father to them. He wanted no more than to see them become more powerful than he was.


At that moment, Janoon Fulay walked through the door. Vaeda noticed a disturbing look upon his face. He was ripe, with bad news…


“Master, where is Kota? I would surely like to speak with him.”


Fulay cleared his throat, followed by a hard swallow. Tension was in the room, clearly.


“This is not easy for me to say, Vaeda, because I too loved your brother. I would have gave my life for him. I was not there to honor my word.”


“What is it, master? Please tell me what’s wrong?…”


Vaeda saw Tears begin to form in her masters eyes.


“Vaeda, your um… Brother, perished in a speeder accident. I’m terribly sorry…”


At the same time, they both began to cry. Vaeda was devastated. She lay her head on Fulay’s shoulder, in hope of some comfort. Her brother was dead, and there was nothing she could do about it. Why couldn’t fate have taken her life instead of Kota’s. She left master Fulay and returned to her room. She lay on the bed, pillows over he head. She began to feel sick. She felt something odd, she had never experienced before. Suddenly, she began to drift asleep.


Nightmares of Kota’s death tortured her all night long. She felt hatred against master Fulay for not letting her go with Kota. She felt as though she could have prevented it. “No! I can not let this happen between me and master Fulay. It’s not the Jedi way.” Vaeda left her room to find Fulay in the kitchen.




“Yes Vaeda?”


“What should I do about my feelings?”


“I would suggest meditation. It works for most Jedi.”


“Thank you master.”


Vaeda returned to her room. She sat down in the middle of the floor, and begin to meditate. She felt an inner voice.




“Who is it? Kota?”


“Stay focused Vaeda. Don’t let me get in the way of your training.”


“Kota? Kota! Come back, don’t leave me….”


A loud bang from above awoke her. She ran strait to master Fulay, and explained the vision she just had.


“You must listen to your brother, Vaeda. Remember what I said about you and Kota. How the only reason he tested before you was because he was wiser with the force, and older?”


“Yes, master. I remember.”


“Just remember that. I can sense that you are struggling. Your mind is filed with jealousy, sorrow, and even anger and hate. Do not let these feelings cloud your judgment.”


“I try not to master, but it is easier said than done.”


“I know my dear. But that is why we are Jedi, so that we can learn to deal with these feelings. Now would you like some breakfast?”




At the table, Vaeda was still suffering from her disturbing vision.


“Ah, I still feel the anger and now confusion in you. Easy Vaeda, it was not yours nor my fault. You cannot change destiny. There is something you can learn from this. Do you know what it is?


“No master, what?”


“When I told Kota to go meditate on his decision, he did not listen. He jumped out his window to go to a pod racing match. I know this because I followed him. If I had know his poor choice would have cost him his life, I would have never let him go. You must take to thought what I have just told you. Now finish your meal and will head down to continue with your training.”


“I will learn from his mistakes master.”


“I know you will, little Vaeda.”


On there way down to the training grounds, master Fulay wanted to stop by the council to explain what had happened. She was told to wait outside the door, but Vaeda could not resist but to listen in by the door on the conversation.


“Well Fulay, if what you have said is true, then you are a fool. How could you possibly let this padawan take the trials if you had scene his disobedience first hand?”


Vaeda recognized this stern voice. Jedi Master Mace Windu, one of the most powerful beings that ever lived.


“Be hard on him, you should not. This boys death, help someone in the future, it will.”


She also knew this one. Master Yoda… The most kind and wise person you would ever meet.


“Thank you, masters…”


Master Fulay returned to Vaeda, with another frown on his face. He some how managed to bring it to a smile though.


“Ready to train, Vaeda?”

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Chapter 2: Blanket of Fear.






Vaeda jump around the room during her training. She focused her mind to imagine herself weightless.


“Good, good Vaeda. Now, use your lightsaber to attack the flying droids.”


Using the force, Vaeda drew her weapon. A gold beam of light shot out of the handle. A small, circular droids began to emerged from a box. They began firing small stun lasers at her. One hit her square on the chest. It knocked her to the ground. She stood up, found the nearest droid and jumped. She soared to its level, and sliced it clean in half.


“Keep it up Vaeda.”


“Master, where are the others?”


“Let the force guide you”


Vaeda focused even harder. She did not see the droids, she felt them. One by one she picked them off. She felt proud of herself. It had taken her months to finish this lesson.


“Good child, very good. Take a brake.”


“Thank you, master.”


“Oh and Vaeda.”


“Yes master? What is it?”


“About what you heard earlier, in the council.”


“I knew you could sense me. Did the others?”


“Most likely, but I am terribly sorry you had to here that.”


“Don’t feel sorry master, it was my own fault for listening in.”


“No, no it wasn’t. You had a right to know.”


“I do not agree with them, master. You are no fool.”


“That is for neither us, nor the council to decide, only for fate.”


“Yes master.”


At the end of the day, Vaeda relaxed at the archives. Researching old masters was her favorite hobby. Master Fulay had never once considered letting her and Kota go off with there friends. He had said by letting your mind drift away from the force, you have no chance of achieving the rank of Jedi knight. She had no reason to not believe her kind master, not once had he steered her wrong.


She awoke the next morning to a tap on the shoulder.


“Vaeda, I am going out for a bit, I shall not be long. I will forget your training session this morning.”


“Yes master. Why are you going out?”


“It does not concern you.”


“Does it concern Kota, master?”


“Yes… I mean no! No, is does not concern Kota.”


When Fulay returned, Vaeda was eager to begin training.


“What shall I learn today, master?”


“Today we will be working on your mind controlling skills. I warn you, it won’t be easy.”


“You know me master, always up for a challenge.”


“Ah yes, but you cannot prevail at every challenge, now can you?”


“No, but I can try.”


“That’s what I like to here.”


On there way back from training Vaeda sensed uneasy feelings from Master Fulay. She dared to ask.


“Master, are you feeling alright? I can sense struggle.”


“I’m fine my dear, it just…I miss your brother a lot.”


“I do to, but you shouldn’t let that affect you, master.”


Fulay chuckled at the comment


“You are wise, Vaeda. I have taught you well.”


“Yes, master. But do tell me, if I am wise, why was I unable to take the test?”


“That is a good question. I suppose I just didn’t want to let my “little Vaeda” go.”


“Don’t embarrass me master, please. I’m not little.”


“Maybe you aren’t to others, but you still are to me. Who are you going to get embarrass in front of? The Walls?”


“That guy.”


Vaeda pointed across the room. Fulay grabbed her hand and pulled her behind a pillar of stone. He whispered.


“Vaeda, that is the chancellor, he is the royalty. You can’t just point at him. I hope he didn’t see us…”


“No man should have that kind of power, master.”


“I know, no one should…”


They slipped away into darkness. But the evil chancellor knew they were there.


That night Vaeda had another nightmare about Kota, the same as before. When she told Master Fulay he only told her to meditate, but that didn’t seem to help.


“Master Fulay, meditating has done all it can for me. What should I do?”


“Calm down Vaeda, if it troubles you we will seek guidance from the council. Will that satisfy you?”




In the councils chambers, a feeling of comfort over took one. Vaeda felt at home.


“Hello young one. What is troubling you?”


Master Windu was addressing her in a unusual fashion.


“I am having nightmares, about my brother, Kota. I meditate night and day but I feel nothing.”


“Interesting, you are hard to read.”


“Come here young one, troubled you are, by not only that.”


Vaeda had no problem talking with master Yoda, no one did. She approached him. He put his hands on her head and closed his eyes.


“Answers, you seek?”


“Yes master.”


“Find them, you will, at the sight of your brothers death.”


“Please master, tell me more.”


“Tell you more, I can not. Only you, can find this answer.”


“Thank you masters.”


Before they entered the doorway, they stopped.


“I sense anger in you young one. You must be careful.”


“Yes master.”


Vaeda had never said anything to master Kit Fisto before. He had come from a strange planet. He was said to be very wise.


Back at there room, Vaeda and Fulay talked.


“Are you sure you want to go through with what the council said?”


“Yes, they are never wrong.”


“What they said about your anger, is nothing to worry about. Focus on what is in front of you.”


“I know master, but it disturbs me.”


“Do not let it. It will only make it worse.”


“I know master.”

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Chapter 3: Hate’s Grip.




Vaeda arose early the next morning to begin her journey with master Fulay to the site of her brothers death.




“Yes, Vaeda?”


“I deeply appreciate you coming with me.”


“Like I said, Vaeda. Your still my little girl.”


They both laughed. Fulay was a kind person. Vaeda felt as though he would never leave her side, she liked that.


“Shall we pack a lunch, master?”


“Why not? Perhaps we can find a nice place to enjoy it in this blasted city…”


“Are there really areas of vegetation on roof top, like you told me…and Kota…”


“Yes, Vaeda, there are. C’mon now, don’t let Kota get in the way of our fun.”


“I shall try not to, but it is hard.”


“I know, I have witnessed it first hand.”


“What do you mean?”


“When I was around your age, I lost my sister to a weequay smuggler back on my home planet of Ryloth.”


“How come you have never spoke of this before, master?”


“I suppose because it saddens me.”


“Kota’s death saddens me as well. But I feel much better when I spill my feeling with a dear friend.”


Fulay smiled, he knew she was right…


Vaeda and Fulay left right before noon. Vaeda was eager to leave the temple, not often did she get to. They flagged down a taxi. It took around an hour to reach there destination. Vaeda knew this was the place. The ground was scared with burn marks. There was still some pieces of the speeders on the ground. Vaeda felt her heart get heavy. Fulay stepped out of the taxi, took a few steps and stopped. He realized Vaeda wasn’t behind him.


“Vaeda, are you coming?”


“I cant do it master, I just cant do it. It makes me sick to be hear.”


“I know it’s hard but you must, the council suggested it.”




“Yes? What is it?”


“I feel….hatred inside me.”

Fulay cleared his throat. He had hoped Vaeda would not come to this. He feared for her what had consumed many jedi before her.



“Ignore it Vaeda it’s nothing.”


“It doesn’t feel like nothing.”


“Well it is nothing, now come on.”


“Yes master.”


They sat down near the side of the street, had there lunch, and meditated. After about an hour they decided to stop. They gathered there thing and proceeded to leave. This time, Fulay phoned a republic transport. They always made special efforts to help jedi.



“All ready Vaeda?”


“Yes master.”


“Did you see anything in a vision, or hear a whisper in your ear?”


“No. I plan on meditating for awhile when we return.”


“Very good. You are learning more and more patience, and becoming an excellent student.”


Upon arrival back at the temple, they were greeted by master Windu, and Yoda.


“Did you find anything, any answers to your confusion?”


“No sir.”


“Meditate longer, you must.”


“Yes sir, I had planned to.”

“Then perhaps you should go do it, now.”


“Yes master, thank you. Come Vaeda, lets go.”


“Yes master.”


Vaeda went to her room silently. She felt the hatred boiling inside her, ready to burst. For some reason, it felt….good. “What is wrong with me?” she thought to herself. “Have I done something wrong, and now I paying for it..?”

She then went to bed.


She awoke during the late hours of the night. A voice, and dark sounding voice laugh in her ear. “Who’s there? Master Fulay? Is that you?” It did not stop. She screamed “Master!” Fulay came running into her room.


“What is it child?”


“I...I had another nightmare.”


“About Kota?”


“No, I mean Yes. About Kota, master.”


“You are troubled, are you not?”


“Yes master, I am. Master, If you don’t mind I would like to have a private conversation with master Yoda. I feel like he may be the only one who can help me.”


“Help you from what?”


“My nightmares.”


She spoke before thinking.


“Very well then. I shall arrange for it first thing in the morning.”


“Thank you master.”


Vaeda knew she had lied to her own master. It felt bad, yet deep down inside it felt almost good. She went back to sleep hoping tomorrow would be different.


Later the next morning, Vaeda arrived at the councils chambers. She entered, scared that master Fulay had stayed outside.


“Talk with this young one alone, I must.”


The room emptied. Yoda got up off his chair and sat in the middle of the floor, right in front of Vaeda.


“Sit down young one.”


She sat, no longer scared, for that peace that came over one when speaking with master Yoda had captured her.


“Tell me what troubles you, you must.”


“Oh master, I have many things to tell, and you are the only one I feel I can speak with.”


“Yes yes, go on.”


“Last night, I awoke to an evil voice laughing in my ear. I have also been feeling lots of hatred inside of me. And for some reason, it feel…good.”



“Ah, clouded your mind is. You are being attacked by the dark side. Let it take you, you must not.”


“I try master but it is not easy.”


“Tell me who your hatred is against, you must.”


“Dare I say it master?”


“Go away by itself, this problem will not.”


“It is towards master Fulay.”


“Ahhhh, feared this I did. What is you hatred toward him for.”


“He told me right before he spoke Kota’s death, he would have gave his life for him, if only had been there to honor his word.”


“Hold him accountable for your brother’s death ,do you.?”


“I feel that way, even though I no it’s not true.”


“To solve your problem, stay away from your master you must. Find you a private room, I will. Meditate while you are there, you must.”


“I suppose that mite help, master.”


“Only if you let it, will it help.”


Yoda called back in the masters. He told them that he felt it best for Vaeda to spend time by herself, meditating. They agreed. So for the next two days she was to be by herself.

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Chapter 4: Betrayal




The days came and went as Vaeda meditated night and day, hoping to find some answers. She had not missed her training, or master Fulay. It felt good to have some time alone. Everything she could ever wont was provided in excess. She wondered if this was how normal people lived. There had been days were she longed for a normal life. She knew it could never be…

She let those dreams go, and the fire inside her to become a Jedi

Knight grew. She wanted to fulfill her destiny, and nothing was going to stand in her way…she thought. Kota’s death had brought her progression to a halt. The disturbing dreams troubled her. But finally she felt some peace…


On the last day of her retreat, the door rang around mid afternoon.


“Come in.”


Master Yoda stepped through the door.


“Hello youngling.”


“Greetings master Yoda.”


“Found the answers you are looking for, have you?”


“Yes master.”


“Good. Time to go back to Jedi life, it is.”


“I look forward to being back with master Fulay.”


Master Fulay was waiting for her in there quarters, arms open wide. They hugged and exchanged greetings. Fulay explained how he had missed her, and how she was going to need to work extra hard in training to catch back up. She laughed. It had been fun and peaceful, but still a bit lonely staying by herself.


“I missed you very much, Vaeda.”


“I’m sorry I had to leave, but… I was having some problems.”


“I know child, I am not mad at you.”






“I wish to go to the senate, and ask some questions.”


“Why would you won’t to do that?”


“For personal reasons.”

“I am sorry , Vaeda, but the council are the only Jedi aloud to speak with, or see the senate.”


“I see. I suppose it is not meant to be.”


“Vaeda, are you feeling alright? You’re acting strange.”


“I’m fine master. Don’t trouble yourself with my feelings.”



Fulay could sense something was not right. Vaeda left and went to her room. He made a mistake, and let it go.


That night Vaeda woke up. She knew what she must do, got into her robe, and left. She went to a landing platform and boarded a public transportation vessel. She got off at a club and walked down a few yards and entered a dark alley, and stood. A voice spoke from shadow.


“Darth Andros?”


“Yes my master…”


“You know what is to be done.”


“Yes master, I shall not fail you.”


“Good. Together we can rule the galaxy!”


Vaeda returned to the temple. She enter Fulay’s room.


“Vaeda? Is that you. Is something wrong…Vaeda?”


She turned on her lightsaber and raised it to his throat.


“Vaeda! What are you doing…?”


“You let Kota die. You weren’t there to honor your word.”


“I had no idea he would wreck…please stop.. no, no Vaeda!”


“Now its your turn… Goodbye, master…”


A communicator rang.


“Have you finished your duty?”


“It is done, master…”




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