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Favorite Star Wars Character?

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my favorites:


1. Revan (personalitiless he may be, but he was made to be awesome, and damnit, awesome he is!


2. Yoda. is. the. flipping. man. (no seriously, he flips around using ataru! :xp:) IMO he was one of the strongest jedi ever. He also mastered every lightsaber combat form, and was pretty powerful in the force. and, as far as we know, he resisted the dark side for all those 900 years. he also was great as a person. a true jedi in every sense.


3. Qui Gon. Its his personality. he was a great jedi. not in terms of power, but he was what a jedi is supposed to be. and he was the one who taught yoda and obi wan how to remain individual in the force. which scores major points.

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My favorites would have to be...


Boba Fett: He's awesome! Do you really need a reason beside that?!!:D


Darth Maul: Awesome tatoos, must've hurt, but hey, it's cool! {that and the double-bladed lightsaber and cool voice}


Clone Troopers: "Good guys wear white," is defitely the saying with these guys. Awesome weapons and armor, that and their exploits are awesome, in fact, their mine. {I'm a Clone Commander!:D}


Those are my absolute favorites beside Darth Vader, who is awesome, no other comment....:D

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