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[SPOILER] Need help with the mining level in Jedi Outcast


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Hi guys! I got recently got Jedi Outcast in 'The Best of PC' pack. I FINALLY beat the first two levels at the 'abandoned' Imperial base, and now I'm going through the mining tunnels level. There's one place I'm stuck on, and my walkthrough makes no sense here.


Do you remember a pipe that extends and retracts every ten seconds or so, the one above the chasm? (Above a chasm...now there's a surprise...:rolleyes:) Anyway, I crouch and walk down the little tunnel, and soon I come to a room with some sort of generator in it. When I shoot it, nothing happens. When I shoot those four red panels on the walls, all they do is break. Approximately ten second after I enter the room, the walls and floor start glowing red, and seconds later, I'm dead. This is really starting to get on my nerves. :( Help!

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