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My ideas.


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Hi I'm Edd.

I know you guys hate Rp'ers ( xD ) but we're setting up a medium sized community using this mod. Modestly named JkaRP.


This is a few things we would find cool integrated into this.


We'd like to see a system that would allow you to spawn props (perhaps from a menu), so you can make a shop or something.


We'd like to the see Credits System suggested, but a way to earn it apart from killing.


The skills system I will like to see, like you need to train a skill before you can obtain the weapon. That's pretty cool.


I suggested, something like in the Half-Life 2 Mod: Garry's Mod gamemode (if anyone has played it )Dark-RP. Where you can set your job by typing:





If they could do that, so that it gives you access to new things like:

Gangster: Pistol, Sniper, Thermal Detonator.

Imperial: E-11 Blaster, Thermal.

Jedi: Lightsaber.

Civillian: Stun Baton.


Or have a voting system to avoid abuse:



And if the person is a known lamer they can deny him it.


We would also like to see some form of npc control, so if your like an Imperial Officer, your Imperial Troopers follow you rather than shoot you.


Fixed vehicles, sometimes I'd like to fly an x-wing for the sake of a Roleplaying Scene and I can't.


These are just suggestions, and we hope you like these ideas and take them into consideration.

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Vehicles are mostly fixed. They wouldn't spawn because we reached some kind of nPC/model limit. The credit system isn't a bad idea, I like its general direction. No further comment on it, though.


We have a different kind of "prop" spawning system in mind that'll hopefully be less of an RP drag and more an actual gameplay ability, stay tuned.

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