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The Exiles final fate

knight 12167

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Hello.this is a quick fic I whipped up last night.It probably has several mistaked but is jope you enjoy it:D:D:D


Here it is





We were fools. Easy pickings for the Sith. It was foolish to travel to the unknown regions at all. I now realize why we were not aloud to bring the ones we loved. They too would have fallen and all of our companion had a part to play in this endless game of Dejark. Leaving Trayus Core everything seemed to be mapped out in front of me. I would join Revan in the fight to destroy these new sith enemies. Win and return to known space. Revan would kiss Bastila and I would kiss Atton. But the faceless players of this game would never let their be peace. I went to the unknown regions and landed on a faceless planet so I could think about my options. Quickly I discovered other potent force useres was on planet. I approached. It was easy. The other “Force Users” had red lightsabers that clashed against my blue. It was and easy battle. By then I was a master of the Jedi’s primitive weapons. But then “He” came. He called to me and instantly I was insnared. He turned me into the very thing I despise. I became but a servant to him. Along with his other apprentice and prisoner Revan………


I helped train a huge army of sith so that my master could siege the regions of space that were occupied by the “Republic”. I have now discovered that I served my master for over 400 years while his dark side powers have fed on me and kept me alive. Now we are ready to strike the republic. However my old companions did well. They constructed a whole new order of Jedi Knights. Unfortunately I know that the jedi of the republic will be crushed by the onslaught of the sith army me and Revan have trained for our master.


He calls revan by the title of Darth Sideous and me the title of Darth Hideous. The title gives me credit as my face is horribly cracked and scarred.


We will soon be marching against the civilization that took people like me thousand of years to build.


I am trying to break from my master’s spell but I simply cannot. Revan has fallen so far he is beyond saving.



Even if I do escape what is the point? Atton is sure to be dead along with all of my other friends.


I pray to the force I can break from Lord Plagiuse’s chains and warn the Republic of their on coming doom……….



The End

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