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Happy Birthday Me!

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Best part about it, My girlfriend (who bought the cake which I have seen already, but we've not lit them yet of course.)

bought these candles that spark when lighted just to amuse me.

And I do believe they will do that task.

Sparkly doom everywhere! Mwahahaha!

Oh and yes, we actually were able to fit that many candles on the cake.

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Happy Birthday Me?... It's not my birthday!

I know. Reminds me of April Fools Day this year...



My girlfriend bought these candles that spark when lighted just to amuse me.


I have ADD and sparkly candles. Oh the fun I will have :D



You are now one year closer to death. Congratulations. Heres a tie.

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Alright, I got my presents and here's just what I got

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

4000 gamer points

Grand Theft Auto 4 for my Xbox


Rock Band 2 complete with the bass replica which is just AWESOME (from my best friend who i've known since 2nd grade, and so far I made my character named "General Shazzle" a Nazi, well, here's his story:


This man was a child once, named Christian (my name) who went into a coma for 15 years and when he awoke he believed he was a Nazi from Germany sent by Adolf Hitler to take over the world, and as such is trying to take everyone under his influence with his rock, his band consists of:

Him on the bass

Borat on the drums

The guy from 300 also known as SPARTAAAA!!! on the mic yelling Sparta everytime the yellow thing comes up

and some hippie on the guitar.

He started in new york and began to take the world over with his rock while during the day he dispatches anti-nazi's.

One day he ,while shooting at the police, was cut by a knife and lost an eye and has an open gash going up his nose to his forehead, but he continued to rock even after the wound, swearing the world will one day be his!


One day I might start up a story of that, but back to the list:

Fable 2 which is great so far as well,

The Rogue Squadron series,

72 dollars in cash,

And a subscription to the upcoming Kotor MMO,

and best of all, MY OWN CHEWBACCA OUTFIT!!!!!!

I and many others would say this was a pimpin' birthday.

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