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Happy B-day chevron 7 locke!

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Well I'm SOOORRYY we aren't as well known as Shem or Jmac or TK to have people remember it's our birthday!


Whateva, Happy Birthday, and grats on escapin' da womb!



Well the more you hang around, chitchat and post the more you get know.


Didn't had a birthday thread in my first year around here :p

Though I had one this year :)



Anyway have a nice B-Day Chev 7 !

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I only had about 3 people over today. I got a book. about 70 bucks in cash and a bag of combos. this was a good birthday compared to my other ones. what i really wanted was a new graphics card so i could play my beloved KOTOR 1 and 2 again...


Thanks for the puddle jumper by the way. I'm gonna need that time machine for...something If anyone notices any changes in the timeline...ummmm...it wasnt me?

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