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Mr. Robot


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Who wants to play a 3D isometric platformer/RPG? Enter Mr. Robot, probably one of the more creative games that I've seen in awhile. Created by indie developer Moonpod, the premise is simple; You're a robot on a expeditionary ship to a Earth-like planet called Prime, and the main AI goes on the fritz. The gameplay is quite innovative, as there are two "worlds" in the game, each with its own unique gameplay. The "real world" is the platformer; You solve puzzles by moving blocks and jumping around everywhere. The second world is very Tron-like, and it is accessed by logging into a terminal. This is where the RPG element comes into play, and it involves moving around to different areas of the computer and destroying rogue programs through a turn-based interface. The graphics are somewhat cartoonish, but they are clean and well polished. The music, however, is a bit bland for my tastes, but is still satisfying.


Although you can get the free demo and buy the full version of the game off of the official website, you can also get the full version for free off of GameTap. Overall, I hope most of you will be pleased with this satisfying morsel of a game. :)

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