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The Imperial Ground Forces Open Enlistment


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Greetings, everyone.


I am Evix Jhredmo of the Imperial Ground Forces [iGF], a club within the Dark Jedi Organization (DJO) gaming community. The reason I'm posting this is to inform you of IGF's open recruitment status. The supported games are Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy.


We are always interested in new members, regardless of skill, age, or anything else exclusive. Tolerance and open-mindedness to new ideas and members is promoted within the club. IGF is a welcoming and inclusive community that promotes a fun and secure environment for its members.


To begin, I'd like to let you know about some of IGF's features.


► Over 300 fully-active members

► Military structure for organizational division purposes

► Multitudes of ranks and awards that can be earned

► Rank images from the movies

► Officer positions for people interested in leadership positions

► Officer training program for preparation for leadership

► Supports Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars: Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy

► Weekly events hosted for both supported games

► Ribbons awarded to event participants as recognition for their activity

► Multi-clan events and wars hosted

► Trophy Room for the three internal wars: Company Wars, Regimental Wars, and Rally da Troops

► Up-to-date Hall of Fame with many opportunities for recognition for good work

► Long history: Established in 1999 (10 year anniversary this year)

► Detailed calendar marking events and important dates for IGF notice

► Part of the larger DJO gaming network: host to over 35 other gaming clubs

► Regular (optional) meetings for IGF members to keep up with current events

► 24/7 hosted dedicated servers for public use and private IGF use

► 24/7 private Teamspeak and Ventrilo servers for all IGF member use

► Xfire network for coordination used by all active members

► All-new Imperial Academy made to teach members who want to learn to play better

► Imperial Academy courses for SWBFII (ground and space respectively separate) and JA

► Complete Knowledge Base defining the features, policies, and functions of IGF

► Comlinks (forums) for on-site communication

► Full profile and comlink features for personal use

► All-new tournament hosting for in-club participation and competition

► Elite teams for exceptionally skilled members to take their gaming to the next level

► Member of the Month award presented to the winner of the monthly poll

► IGF has DJO to thank for many support features that keep the club in order


Unfortunately, I cannot list all of the fabulous features of IGF. If you're interested in learning more about us, you may check out the website by clicking here. Look below for instructions on how to enlist.


I'd like to elaborate on some of the features I mentioned. One of these is the array of servers dedicated to IGF use for both of our supported games.


SWBFII - [iGF] Recruiting!:

SWBFII - [iGF] Event Server:

SWBFII - [iGF] Black Squadron Server:

SWJKJA - [iGF] Event Server:


As well as the above mentioned servers, we have additional private servers for BFII and JA for IGF-use only. The event servers have name changes depending on the weekly event.


IGF has three elite units reserved for only the most outstanding members in those three fields of gaming.


The Storm Commandos (SCOM) are the elite infantry troopers of the Empire's ground forces. These skilled soldiers are unmatched in their skill in the ground battles of Battlefront II. When the Sentinel-class landing crafts open their holds and the fearsome stormtroopers emerge to begin battle, the SCOM lead the charge in the name of the Empire and force all foes to flee in fear or face death. They're known to be the first to fight and last to die.


The Royal Guard (RG) is the personal escort to the Grand Moffs in Jedi Academy. The guardsmen are adept in the ways of the Force and lightsaber forms, trained to never give ground when it comes to the defence of their chiefs. Headed by the Grand Moff, these proud Sith are feared by all they encounter in any conflict.


Last, but certainly not least, is the Black Squadron (BSQ). This team of professional pilots are trained to secure the path for the ground forces and Sith agents' landing. With the Black Squadron, the Empire's invasion forces always have a cleared course for deployment. Skilled in the ways of space fights in Battlefront II, no enemy of the Empire can escape their interception.





Let's begin on the enlistment procedure. Just so you know, you enlist yourself. It's an extremely easy and quick process.


1. Click here: www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF.

2. Click on Enlist under IGF Links in the Site Index on the left side of the page or click www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/enlist.

3. Fill in the appropriate information within the inquiry fields. For the recruiter field, kindly click on the drop-down list and select my name, LordJhredmo. I am near the names LordSeaba and LordPete on the alphabetical list.

4. Complete the enlistment form.

5. Continue on to the Training Center you will be directed to or look to the Training Center link under the Site Index (left side of the page) or click here. This section has some stuff to read to help you understand some of the basic protocols of IGF. Just read the preceding information and then select the correct answers for the multiple choice questions that follow.

6. Await your assignment e-mail (you will receive it within a day or two at most).


At that point, you will be fully enlisted into the IGF. If you require any help enlisting or experience any difficulties, feel free to contact me via e-mail (igf.lordjhremo@gmail.com) or Xfire (LordJhredmo). I am happy to help any new members with enlisting.


If you have any additional questions or details you'd like to discuss with me, you may contact me on my e-mail, Xfire, or post here, and I'll try to reply to you as soon as I can.


Your interest is my interest. I hope that your interest has been sparked by this post.


Thank you for reading this.



-Major Evix Jhredmo

Company Commander of the 654th Dark Crusaders

Imperial Ground Forces

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Yes, I noticed that clan's presence on the board. Thank you for pointing that out, though.


The Black Squadron of IGF is the revived 181st squadron: the old elite pilot force, but our space assault server is: [iGF] Space Only - IP:


Thank you.


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I was in IGF a *long* time ago, so I remember the 181st. As long as it's not just some new thing that popped out of someone's *ahem* Thanks for listening and not making obnoxious remarks about how my clan must be completely obscure.

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Really? That's interesting. The 181st has always attracted many of IGF's space lovers, naturally, and when it was shut down recently, due to lack of activity, many were distraught by it, so Lightning regiment's own Moff, Mayhem66, set out to revive the unit, and now we have the Black Squadron.


No problem (it's easier to not be obnoxious than one might think). I like to think of myself as an observant listener with an objective heart and mind.


Good luck with your Black Squadron, blader. If you ever decide to march with the Empire again, I'd be honoured to fight along side you.



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To bokkenblader56:

Thank you for your interest in rejoining the IGF. I would greatly appreciate it if you would care to re-enlist. Xfire me any time or just toss me an e-mail.


To M@RS:

That isn't a problem at all. IGF has members from all skill ranges from first-time players to people who have been playing since the games came out. Same for you, M@RS. Xfire me and we'll talk about it and have some matches on some IGF servers and see how you like it.


Thank you all.


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^ Problem, I don't have the game installed and I don't have Xfire...


That can easily be remedied in two sexy steps.


1. Reinstall Star Wars: Battlefront II.

2. Go to http://www.xfire.com and download/install Xfire and register.


And while doing this, you have to play The Zombies' Time of the Season and enjoy. ;)


Xfire is just plain efficient for networking members and it's so easy to use I'm sure it will become illegal.

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I cant remember, did IGF play on ER until vis managed to completely destroy it?



Really short answer:

Yes. Yes we did. :)



Relatively short answer:

Yes, but before we even got into ER, we had already sort of grown past the need for it. We participated, but not very much, and not for very long.



Long and painfully detailed answer:

IGF did participate at ER, but very sparingly. The desired approach to arranging and playing matches just didn't really work out for us: very few of our members had the patience to arrange balanced teams for competitive play (they'd rather just jump out on the servers and play with whoever was already out there). Besides that, we had enough going on every week to keep everyone more than occupied, and there've always been enough members that any IGF-only event was always well-populated enough that the servers were rarely empty.


In terms of competition, our weekly Events are tracked through BattleStats.Com, and those who want to try to put their best foot forward to see how they stack up against everyone else have the statistics available to them to see how they're doing. The Stats can also be sorted by Division, so the Companies can push themselves to work hard, and in that sense, can almost act as independent mini-clans within IGF on a week-to-week basis to see how they measure up compared to everyone else.


Of course, we take advantage of that feature and run official internal (IGF-Only) competitive events regularly with trophies and awards issued to the winners.


ER would have been great for relations with other clans, but for the most part, we were already saturated with our internal schedule.

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