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The Imperial Ground Forces Open Enlistment


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IronLight;2619130']very few of our members had the patience to arrange balanced teams for competitive play (they'd rather just jump out on the servers and play with whoever was already out there).

Yeah, it did require some patience to try and start games with a bunch of cat washers who strangely only had time for 8V8s *cough* taw *cough*

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It was a tournament site for a bunch of games, back when I was in DS/TR/DR we used Battlestats and ER, battlestats eventually stopped hosting battlefront tournies or died or something, it was sort of declining when I joined DS in 2005, it hosted a bunch of star wars game tournies. Elliptical Realms was the site that a lot of clans went to when Battlestats started to weaken in popularity. For a while it was well modded and other than TAW coming up with the most insane excuses for not playing, it was pretty fair. Then RAGE Visualizer got mod spot. Long story short, the site went straight to hell. After they banned a bunch of the best TR/DE/DR people along with some of Vis's supporters who had had a single word vocabulary, blackballing. If someone didnt want to play with them, regardless of reason, that person was blackballing to them. And so they would go cry to Vis and vis would try and abuse his power by banning the supposed "blackballer". A forum war erupted, vis deleted every post made by his opponents, did all of this:

To TR:




to DE: http://img508.imageshack.us/img508/2486/deguestforumsdrresponseso8.png




Finally Maelstorm decided that enough **** had happened so he kicked Vis out, who immediately made a petition to have himself reinstated and have TR/DE banned. Mael ignored him so vis went and made a new game service for the 6 or so small clans that had supported him since they had had enough of loosing to the bigger clans. Eventually Mael put up this

"Ecliptical Realms


July 28th, 2003 => December 31th, 2007




I wish to thank all the admins, game directors, mods, and everyone that were part of this site. Thanks again and see you around!




Maelstrom "

And that was that.

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It's probable, his own little clan was sort of what you would call elitist without a reason, they thought they were such mature and tough **** since they had an age limit, I think they might have reached a whole 15 members at one point. They got all of the small clans to follow them since the small clans were tired of being beaten by everyone else. Wouldnt be surprised if it fell apart after their biggest enemies started ignoring them.

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battlestats eventually stopped hosting battlefront tournies or died or something.


BattleStats.Com ended up getting a very painful facelift: the time it took for them to turn it over to their new "VSE" system (Variable Statistic Events) caused alot of clans to pick up and move on: there was only one programmer, so it took a long time to get bugs sorted out (they also had a tough time getting volunteers to help run the site, so administration was relatively poor around that time as well).


They've picked it up again, though.. The VSE system still technically isn't complete, but it's functional for week-by-week purposes (save for a lack of stat compilation within profiles). IGF is using it exclusively for its weekly Events, and there's enough control at the club level to appoint administrators for Events fairly easily (actual BSC Administration has been mucho helpful the last year or so as well).



We put in a couple hundred rounds on their system every week, and we get into "fun" events every now and then with a handful of other clans that are still kickin around on there. Communication and interaction is still minimal between clans, but I'm still blaming the game's terrible social interaction tools for that.





Is this the same Visualizer with DJO (RGF)?


I think it is, but I don't know for sure.

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IronLight;2621049']Communication and interaction is still minimal between clans' date=' but I'm still blaming the game's terrible social interaction tools for that.[/quote']


I agree... I really loathe the BFII communication and social features... *laughs* I used the word "features," my bad. =/


I'm hoping BFIII will allow for (Creator willing) club/squad hosting, like with other games such as WC3 and such. At least chat rooms...


As for Visualizer, he's not very popular in DJO right now. He isn't a very loved character after the BFII Week of War charade back there. I laughed so hard at how badly managed it was, and the fact I managed to muster enough magics to get those three matches in.


Thank you for your reply, Master GDC IronLight. I find your posts very enlightening, as always. =)




I have confirmation that the RGF Visualizer is the one you're talking about. He has history with RAGE and ER.

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Hay, I have a few questions, and I know that they might sound really stupid, so i'm really really sorry in advance. Ok for one is there a cost? Even though i'm sure there isn't. And is this a thing where you play BF2 online and your scores are posted on the website or something like that? Mostly what i'm asking from that question is do you play on line? which is no problem, just want to ask. For right now that's about it, but i'll probably think of more. Thanks in advance for answering my questions, and again i'm sorry if they sound stupiud. peace !!

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No questions are stupid as far as IGF is concerned. :)


But I'll answer them. There is "no" cost to IGF, it is 100% free. And yes, we only play online. Each week there is a new event (or war inside our clan). For example, this weeks event is called "4th Of July Fireworks" and you are limited to certain classes that you can play as. When a match is finished, a screenshot is taken to keep track of the scores, and then those scores are entered into a ranking program for each event. There's also awards that you can earn for playing a certain number of matches in one event and for various other things.

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First, don't consider your questions stupid. It's intolerant and IGF isn't like that, so don't be sorry about it or feel that way.


To confirm the answers to your questions...


There's no cost involved in joining IGF. You do, however, need to own either SWBFII and/or JA, which does cost.


Yes. We post our game results on a site. It depends heavily on the honour system. Also, the stats are monitored to make sure it's all legitimate.


IGF would be useless if it didn't play online.


And yes, it does matter if you have it for the PS2, as we only support the PC versions of the games. Like LordOfTheFish said, there's some good prices on Amazon.com, but you can be creative and look on eBay.com (and different eBays, like .ca .au and whatever else you can think of) for reasonable and downright cheap prices.


I hope you decide to join IGF. We'd be happy to have you with us.


Good luck and have fun.

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