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OK, so. I kinda failed at doing stuff for the site during 2008. That makes me sad since I never forget about The Dig Museum. The thing is I often find myself struggling to put time on a lot of things I should (and want to) do.


Anyway, I've decided that the best course of action is to make things slowly and in tiny bits if it has to, but actually DO something.

So, I'm calling for all faithful visitors, old-timers and newbies alike, to suggest improvements!


I'm possibly going to redesign things a little bit. I think navigation could be a little bit easier, and cleanup sections too. I really need to improve the museum main page and that should be easy. I would like to implement RSS for the updates as well, but I would need some help on that.

What would you like to see? Fanart? (I'm willing to do that now, honest!) What do you think should go away? Yoda? (There is no real justification for that, I have to admit)


This time I WILL include the forum into the site, in the hope to make it flourish a bit.


Ok, so I'll just shut up, and let you do the talking now. What say you, spacemen?

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What do I want to see? Well a gallery section, a review section, this penultimate section. What do I want to go away? All this "coming soon" stuff.

HA! good one. Now you are making me feel like a politician.


But seriously now. What would you like to see in all the "coming soon" stuff?


The PenUltimate section was an ambitious idea from when I was younger and bold. The idea was to make a flash interactive version of the PenUltimate 2000 I had designed. Besides it wasn't easy to make, I didn't really had good ideas for it's content. Not only all that which so far is more than enough to not make it... when I made it, as a "commercial PenUltimate made by Apple" it was cool and kind of a futuristic Palm. Now the iPhone came, which is like a PenUltimate 5000 and the one I made looks retro now.


BUT... yesterday I was thinking about this very thing... and I came up with a new and more exciting idea. So, here it goes... you tell me what you think:

Since the iPhone/iPod Touch is the real deal, we could make a call on the site, for any willing geniuses, to design some PenUltimate apps for the iPhone! How cool it would be if you could just click on your contacts faces (big avatars) to call them? and what better game to kill time on the subway than the Lunar Landing?! Yeah, I know, I'm brilliant.

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Ok then. A neat gallery it is. What I have for the gallery is one of the main dishes. A couple of never-before-seen images (storyboards, sketches and more!). BUT what else would you like to see there besides these exclusives? Fanart? screenshots from the game? images from previous installments of the game? porn? ALL OF IT?

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I know what I'd like to see in the gallery, because I'm an art nerd like that. Screenshots/Images of the scenery, characters, and especially the aliens.


Also, I've always wanted to have a copy of all of Brink's crazy smart insults i.e. when he lured the monster away from Maggie and such.

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Hopefully, when I have time to do so, which is not something that happens often. What I can do is put Christmas hat on Boston, in the front page. That's something :)


I think is time that I consider summoning a new team for helping me with the site. Incidentally, this saturday is the 4th anniversary of the museum, which is always a nice and alarming reminder that years go by and I keep not updating the site.

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