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Sara Kestelman (Kreia)


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As some of you probably know, Kreia was played by English actress Sara Kestelman. Although we all know her from KotOR II, I'm betting not many people know her in other works. I did some spelunking on YouTube, and low behold, I've found her in a 1977 film known as Break of Day. In short, it seems to be another romance film, but I just found it all too hilarious considering that Sara is in it. What's even better, is that Sara plays the sexually promiscuous woman Alice who seduces the strapping soldier Tom in several... erotic scenarios. Although Sara is much younger in the film, you can easily identify her from her distinctive voice. I found a clip, and although it seems to be just a ten minute mash-up of scenes from the film, it gives a pretty good summary of the whole plot.


Enjoy. :D


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