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Hey, I'm new to the forms and the KotOR modding community.


I'm making a mod for KotOR, a rather ambitious mod, adding old school Mafia to the game.


I know that dosn't sound like KotOR or Star Wars, but I have already created a storyline that will incorperate it into the Star Wars universe, mainly because by the end of the mod it will have turned into a completley different organization, one still around during the Original Trilogy.


I will make most of the mod myself: modules, scripts, characters but since I'm a begginer I will need these from the community:



-A model of the Faleen species

This is the biggest request I have.


-3 custom Hutt skins


-A suit

Similar to Goldstar's



Except without the shoulder pads, and more like a suit.


-Custom Heads

As many as I can get from the community! Human Males and Females.

NOTE: These are not nessecary, but if you already have custom made heads I'd be happy if I could use them.




Now, I have this whole mod planned out, and I will release more details and screens when I can. It will be released as a series of three, probably the first in late December - mid January. It'll only work if i got these mods!


I am going to be away from Thursday (Nov. 6th) to Wednesday (Nov 13). So either respond within the next to days or pm me, and I will respond as soon as I can.


And please don't put me down or tell me it's impossible, just help or don't.


Thanks for your help. (If I get any.)

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