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The Quantum of Solace

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Since this is now out (at least, in the UK; it's one of the few franchises we get before the US... :p ), I thought a discussion topic might be in order.


Anyone seen it yet? If so, opinions?


Anyone going to see it? I may see it this weekend, and if so, will add opinion below.



Empire Magazine

Sunday Times



Oh, and please remember to stick spoilers (if spoilers there be) in spoiler-tags. :)

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It doesn't release until the fourteenth in the U.S., but I plan to eventually see it.


Craig has been pretty good as Bond, he sort of reminds me of Connery. He has that stare.. that stare that makes it look like he's trying to crush your head with telekinesis.


Sort of like this:

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I'm so stoked for QoS. I've already purchased my tickets for it next friday (since it's released on the 14th here as well).


I think if QoS is just as good, if not better than Casino Royale (which happens to be one of my favourite movies), I think Daniel Craig would probably be my favourite James Bond.

I might have to say the same. Casino Royale is my favorite Bond movie but I can't say he is my favorite after only one movie.


I was planning on seeing it tonight at midnight earlier in the week till I heard it got pushed back. :/ But I will definitely be seeing it next week at midnight.

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Watched it yesterday...


Overall very nice film, about 8/10. Sublime locations and cinematic effects. Truly epic in landscapes, references (look for the Goldfinger 'easter egg) and personages.

Only problem is, the essential Bond things were done...mediocre at best. The fistfights that imposed in Casino Royale turned very fast paced and almost impossible to follow. It was Jason Bourne fighting in overdrive.


Also, there are couple of....stupid things too. I'll throw in spoiler tags...they aren't real plot spoiler though.


-DBS is wrecked in the first 20 minutes. Never see it again in the whole film.

-The only real bond-girl (who is seduces easily, the "Oh James" stuff) has about 2 lines of text.

-Beginning far too fast and impossible to follow. Followed by....slow paced nothingness really, to end with Epic action once more.

-If you glue it at the end of Casino, it fits. ALL. Le Chiffre and Vesper are mentioned ALL the time. Seems more like a...well...easy sequel then a real stand-alone Bond film. Which doesn't really work out that well all the time.



So, as a Bond-fan, I have to say: I don't really have the urge to go again and watch it a second time. The action was just too chaotic.


So, as a Bond-fan: 7-/10.


PS: No humour. At all.

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I'm not convinced that Craig is a good Bond. I also didn't care for Casino Royale. I say bring back Pierce Brosnan.


Depends on which you like:

-A James Bond that looks like he can actually kill someone and who has a commando background (like the novel-bond).

-Or a Bond who looks like he can run out of a burning building with his hair still looking great.


The Brosnan films (with Goldeneye and Tomorrow being...somewhat 'normal' ) were too unrealistic for me.

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This movie gets a big 'meh' from me.


It seems obvious that they looked back on Casino Royale, and thought: "What made this movie a success?", then chose the wrong things.

They keep the serious tone, and try to keep their dialouge as minimal and sublime. But they bring back the giant explosions, the fast, three-cuts-a-second chases (which makes it impossible to tell what's happening), the evil villian that has an inane scheme to take over something-or-the-other, etc.

Now, there are plenty of Bond movies that have had all these and succeeded, but Quantum of Solace is missing an important detail from these: it takes itself seriously. Watching Bond jump from explosions and crash jetskis while retaining a perfect hairdo is fun, and Casino Royale was a very enjoyable change of pace, but mix both, and the result becomes pretty.... Bland.








...James Bland.






For funsies: Try imagining the end of the first foot chase, with the crane and scaffolding and such, without the fancy cutting, from only one angle. It would be truly ridicolous. <.<

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Right. I just got back from the Theater and I think the movie is underrated.


A lot of people didn't like Die Another day. That is a opinion that I don't share. Its one of my favorite James Bond films. I mean Pierce Brosnan was great in that film. Also, the effects, and characters were pretty good too.


Which comes to this. Casino Royale is a reboot of the Bond series. Its about how Bond becomes Bond. I think its a overall great film. One of the best in the Bond series.


Quantum Of Solace is also about how Bond becomes Bond. They both tried to do the same thing. And I think they did successfully.


The plot of Quantum Of Solace is about a secret organization that's planing to stage a coup d'état in Bolivia to take control of its water supply.


Its also about how Bond gets revenge on Vesper Lynd.


The movie shows the ruthless side of James Bond. Bond is pretty much serious in this film. Its not your average Bond film that you see everyday. This one is different.


The plot was pretty good. The action was great. The acting was suburb. I overall think this movie is a refreshing Bond film.


And about humor, I think the film did pull out some comedy humor. There's a scene which has Bond throwing his dead best friend in a garbage and taking his money. I found that quite funny... :lol:


Daniel Craig pulled off great acting as Bond. He did it so good, that I found him to be better then Pierce Brosnan at times. He was funny, serious, and overall, great.


I loved this movie. This is a great, action, Bond film that delivers something new. Its... unique.


Overall, I give this movie a...




Remember this is just my opinion and review. Your welcome to disagree, but please no bashing...

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Honestly, I thought QoS was pretty awesome. Not as good as Casino Royale, but Daniel Craig was ****in' great I thought. I'd probably have to put him up to a tie with Connery as my favourite, to be honest. I thought the action was great, though I'd have to agree it was quite "Bourne-like" so to speak, but I liked it. The humour was still there. I thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely see it again.

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Saw the midnight showing last night. I was a bit disappointed. It was a good movie, and I love Daniel Craig, but it was definitely not Casino Royale-good. I think Hermie and Ztalker summed it up pretty well. The action was very hard to follow, and there was too much of it. Not a very memorable Bond film in my opinion.

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hopefully, i'll get to see it this weekend sometime. right now, i'm waiting for my best friend to become available so we can see it together. gonna have to see Casino Royale again tomorrow afternoon to get myself psyched up for it. :D


i am hearing a lot that the movie puts more action into the storyline rather than trying to make it more emotionally appealing. otherwise, it sounds from the reviews that its still one of the best Bond movies to come out in the past 30 years or so (ie, post-Connery Bond flicks). hopefully, it'll live up to the hype. :)

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I just saw it, and I was impressed by it. I went in there with rediculously low expectations, and...well...had them all fooled.


The title song, and the movie that went with it, was really anoying. But I liked the plot. Sure it had alot of things blowing up, but thats the kind of life style he lives.

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I've never seen a James bond movie so, eh


This must be rectified. Begin with anything with Connery in it and go from there. T_T


I'll definitely see it. When I see it is another question entirely, however. I may end up not seeing it until well after it's been released on DVD.

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