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Kirk vs. Revan who would win in a fight

Kirk vs Revan who would win  

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  1. 1. Kirk vs Revan who would win

    • Kirk he's awesome
    • I love Revan
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Revan woud pick him up with the force and choke him.

Nuff said


Not if Revan gets shot first, and/or Kirk could quite simply cheat and have Scotty get a transporter lock on Revan and beam him into space widest possible dispersion.



Kirk is too cheesy with his dialogue and uniform, hence that he's beaten by Revan who is AWESOME! As Chevron 7 Locke put it, nuff said.


Explains why the charecter Captain James T. Kirk is in 7 movies (soon to be 8), was in two Television Series (believe it or not they did make an Animated Cartoon), a whole comic series, and a few computer games. While Revan was only in one game and a hallucination of Revan was in KotOR II, oh and he gets a guest appearence in a comic series.

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Revan would win. Agressive diplomacy is his strength. A reason for Kirk's massive movie appearances is because Spock and Scotty are awesome, that and the guy who played Xavier in Xmen plays the captain in many of the later episodes.


The bald Captain whom you refer to, Captain Jean Luc Picard is a charecter from TNG, which is canonically 80 years after TOS which is Captain Kirk's era.


Kirk was the only man to defeat the "no win scenario."


Plus a Phaser is not a Blaster Rifle, it is significantly more powerful than a blaster and the wide beam setting would render a lightsaber completely ineffective.

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Revan would win, nuff said. He's Revan for crying out loud!


So, Revan is used to fighting people that aren't as strong as he is. Kirk is used to fighting people that are stronger than him, he's used to having to out-think his opponent.


Revan would lose because Revan would underestimate James T. Kirk just like all the other people Kirk faced.

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Revan would call upon his buddy Chuck Norris, and his buddy ARNIE Schwartzeneggar!


They would totally win against Kirk! Revan alone stands a chance, though!


Oh so now we're calling in other people? Okay if we want to go that route Kirk could just have them beamed into the vacuum of space.


Though Chuck Norris and Schwartzeneggar aren't even in either timeline...

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Well, maybe we should just keep this between Revan and Kirk. It would probably be more fair. So you think Kirk would win, why?


Hand Phaser Type II at Setting VIII + Wide Beam = person being vaporized, a lightsaber wouldn't be able to block it at all. So one shot and it would be all over.

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I still don't belive that Kirk would win in a hand to hand duel. Even if he was armed with a phaser, Revan would just use the force to destroy him.


But the enterprise is more manueverable then KotOR era ships. That, the sheilds, and the brillians of Kirk would be too much to revan on board his ship.

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