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Mama Jae's Birthday!


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*Jae reads thread, looks at all the pics, falls out of chair laughing (and in some cases, drooling at the beefcakes....)*


Thank you all. I will definitely need a castle cleaning service after receiving a castle, a Death Star, and the Taj Mahal (though I suspect the Indian gov't might object to new ownership). I'll need all the space with these gifts of toys, airplane engines, the scythe I'm going to take way from Death while I take home the bunny, a tank (complete with the Jae license plate), the leprechaun, the special toilet complete with pink seat, the side of beef, the lovely cakes, the lightsaber I stole from Shem's Kotor game, and a pool for the poolboy. I'll even let Shem out of the Kotor game if his wife misses him.


The cakes look yummy, especially those beefcakes--(Jae fans herself from the heat of Sithy's poolboy). I'll give a piece of cake to all of you, but I'm not sharing the beefcake (well, OK, I can share the poolboy with the ladies here).


Thank you all! :D

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