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Ironic things that you have heard about

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I was curious so I started this thread.


The most Ironic thing I have ever heard was my dad's "Hunting safety incident."


Heres the story.


My dad had just graduated from hunting safety and was out hunting with a friend. They had only graduated about an hour and half ago. they were both young and enjoyed hunting.


So, there they are hunting side by side and a rabbit runs between them, my dad's idiotic friend brings up his gun and tried to nail the rabbit.


He ended up shooting my dad. in the chest. my dad was wearing a leather jacket so the blast wasn't as bad as it could be. but they ended up taking him to the hospital.

Hows that for ironic? Almost immediatly after graduating from hunter safety, my dad's friend ends up nearly killing my dad in a hunting accident.

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----> ice burn is an extreme version of frostbite, you get it from things like mishandling dry ice or liquid nitrogen. You might get a semblence of it if you go around doing things like sticking your hand on the inside walls of freezers for a few minutes or licking lamp posts on a December Moscow afternoon. It looks and feels like a burn. That's about as ironic as you can get within a label, which was what jmac was giggling about (I definitely heard her). Brightened my morning anyway.



I think Rogue makes lots of people nervous when he posts, locke. Which is ironic considering he's about three feet tall, wears his pants around his neck and dribbles on himself when he says, "Nurse, bring me my vitamins and wear that lacey number would you?"

Okay not really, but that would be a little ironic.

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