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Happy Birthday, The Doctor!


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Thanks all! :D I had a nice relaxing day - though it would have been better had my girlfriend not had to be at work. Still, got to see her for a bit after she was done, so it turned out for the best. :D


I got a brilliant gold pocket watch from my parents. You can see the clockwork mechanism through the crystal. It's gorgeous. I shall post pics as soon as I take them.


No, Rev, I am not a fan of Scrubs. In fact, I find Scrubs to be incredibly mundane and unfunny, to be perfectly honest. Why, what makes you think I'm a fan? Or were you talking to someone else? :xp:

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... ok...


As promised, here are some pics - though my photography abilities aren't exactly renowned throughout the land.



This is the front when closed; the back is identical.



The watch face when open.



A close-up of the face, after I finally figured out how to shut off the flash on my damned camera. :xp:


The back opens up to reveal the clockwork as well, but I can't seem to get a half decent picture of the back. I shall continue to try, though I'm not promising anything.


I also got Snakes & Ladders from my girlfriend, as a cheap inside-joke gift. :xp:

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