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Final Fantasy MoD (yes, another FF rp :p)


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I'd like to take another whack at this. My first FF Rp (which was without a doubt an immensiley popular one) seemed to end miserably.


And so, after a time of giving it much thought, done some further research and playing some of the other games, I have come to a decision to make another RP. Plus I'm all hyped about the new titles about to be released shock1


To enforce this, I offer some optional inspiration. If you want, have a look at this trailer I found on youtube.



Anyway, enough with me babbling. You all want some form of reference right? Here's the story briefing :)





Final Fantasy

Merge of Destinies


Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the A'thulian Empire had governed the Star System. Now

extinct, their last remaining technological marvel still stands as a monument in space: the artificialy created

planetoid known as Haven; an ancient experiment to test their methods of teraforming and colonisation, aswell

carrying a dark secret not yet uncovered.


Now in the present, the governing power of the star system known as the United Sentient Organisation (USO) use Haven as one of their three bases of

operations, as well as a form of residency. But there were those who challenged the USO for dominant control and power. The Bio-enhanced

seperatist movement known as the DETH have waged a dominating civil war against the USO. To assist in their goal, they sent scouts throughout

the galaxy in search for the strongest warriors to convert.





Okay, to summarise: The setting of this RP takes place on an artificial planetoid known as Haven (yeah, yeah... enough with some connections to HALO. They don't relate lol ) , which acts as one of the capitals for the USO. The conflict

of the civil war has brought Haven in the middle of it, as the unsuspecting DETH carries their shipment of imprisoned warriors - which is where the rp lives up to

the title. You may play as any hero from any Final Fantasy game, regardless if they are alive or not (NOTE: If you choose to play as a dead character, you have to

outline HOW exactly he/she came back to life). And as such, if you do play as a hero, you're captured and imprisoned on their shipment vessel which so happened

to pass Haven without noticing it. And as a result, the USO Haven Fleet ambush the vessel to rescue the warriors and are given an opportunity to join their cause to fight

against the evil seperatist force.


You may also create your own original character, whom starts off a resident of Haven and work for the USO, which you will be categorised by your class (Soldier, Mage, whatever)


For some other form of reference, I even took the liberty of designing the map of Haven :D To keep this RP simple, we will be traveling to 4 major locations as indicated.





Alrite, now that we have the briefing out of the way, as well as the artsy-fartsy stuff, moving on to character bios.


Present your Character sheet:



Species: (pfft, whatever sentient species you find in this wiki xD )



Class: (Mage, Warrior, Soldier, Bounty Hunter... whatever you desire)



Bio: (If you're playing as a hero, might as well make a link to his/her webpage on this wiki)


BTW, PowerMods are basically a harvested version of magic. They are for non-mages only and 3 can only be equiped. Mages however don't require PowerMods, and rely on pure magic.

They may have no more than 4 powers each.


General RP rules apply, and you may play up to three characters - on a side note, and this is just my typical fan jibber-jabber, but I discourage anyone playing FFX Tidus (not that you aren't allowed to play as him)

Its just... well... not many people like the guy because he is (how should I put this...?) urm... annoyingly whiney :lol: . But if you really, really want to play as him, just PM me.


M'kay, that pretty much settles it.

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While I'm at it, I'll post my Character Info and take a hero position.


Name: Cloud Strife (don't worry, I won't take any other cool guys :lol: )

Species: Human

Age: 24 (after DoC)

Gender: Male

Class: Warrior

PowerMods: Heal, Haste and Thunder

Weapons: First Tsurugi

Bio: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Cloud_Strife

A few months have passed after Omega's destruction. After a sudden disturbance tracked by the WTO, Cloud investigates a crash site made in Cosmo Canyon. After exploring the canyon, he encounteres one of the converted DETH scouts in search for warriors to aid their cause against the USO. Cloud, overwhelmed by the sheer power the DETH scout, was captured and imprisoned on board the vessel filled with other captured victims.


BTW, if you're playing as a hero, make sure to add a brief on how your character was captured.

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Name: Tifa Lockhart

Species: Human

Age: 23 (after DoC)

Gender: Female

Class: Bar Hostess of 7th Heaven and Monk

PowerMods/Magic: Heal, Beat Rush, Somersault

Weapons: Gloves, Metal Knuckle

Bio: ( http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Tifa_Lockhart )


Months passed, as Tifa began to work at the 7th Heaven again. While working there, she overheard a few men, talking about some kind of new threat that is unknown. Wanting to check out this new threat, the next day, Tifa left for Cosmo Canyon.


While she was there, Tifa could see that her readings were acting up. Suddenly, she encountered a DETH scout. They fought, but unfortunately, Tifa lost the battle, and was taken on a vessel with other prisoners.


(Is this good, PK?)

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Name: Ryan Carmine

Species: Human

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Class: Lance Corporal Soldier


PowerMods: Protect, Haste, and Heal

Weapons: Motorized Gunrifle (I figured since there's a gun blade there'd be some kind of rifle and since GoW has the lancer which kinda is like a Gunblade that I could fancy up the name. I'll change the weapon if needed)

Bio: Ryan Carmine was the middle of his 4 other brothers. All 5 of them had signed up to join USO. All 5 brothers were split up since it was ruled that brothers couldn't fight together after the Jenkin's incident. Carmine quickly rose up in ranks due to his courage in combat and his ability to think quickly on the battlefield. He is a resident of Haven and will due whatever it takes to protect the lives of the innocent.


(Yes I was in a hardcore Gears of War mood, I'll change the character up if you would like me to PK)

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@ Da Ninja


Nah, thats seriously fine man. Its an alrite game, so I can relate. As for your PowerMods, I'd have a selection that relates to Field survival. Perhaps some status enfancements. like "Protect", "Haste" and "Heal".


@ SR


Sure. As I said, you can play as any hero you wish. :lol: and I think what you meant was Cosmo Canyon. Ulroq is in Haven. Its alrite.

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Not a prob. Sorry for the delay of response, my internet was screwing up on me (again). I'll wait for a few more people to join, and we'll get this started.


While I'm at it:


Name: Dende Wedge

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Class: Necromancer (summoner)

Appearance: - Unkept dark-brown hair

- Grey eyes

- Mildly short for his age

- Wears a Light armor vest underneath a long dark coat

Magic: Heal, Shell, Fira, Bio

Weapons: A mage rod with a built in blade. Closely resembles a sword.

Bio: Dende Wedge is a Necromancer working for the USO on Haven. Like most of his class, he was recruited and trained when he was 15. Ever since, he had very little contact with his family. Though Necromancers are well known to be considerably powerful mages, they have their limits: in order to summon, they require two or more elements to sacrifice to bring forth an Esper. As of now, Dende is stationed in the small town Ahlein.

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