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Karen Traviss Talks about Sev's fate.


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  • 6 months later...

I'm sure this has nerf has been beaten to glue already but what Bugs Me is that tactically it doesn't make sense except as a pointless exercise in melodrama.


Using the theory of Good Cops Never Die Alone, you would want to reform on at least a two man buddy system and then work your way back up and down to a common extraction point to compress the time spent separated and vulnerable.


Thus 40 shouldn't move out until 07 is with him and all of you should flow through to a rally point adjacent to a big enough platform for a gunship to take you off without undue exposure risk. Given a starship exploding over the top of a tree itself sounds like a suicide gambit, I just don't understand why 07 is lost so immediately without any help nearby when 62 is right there ready to meet me as I'm making my way back through the Geonosian infestation nursery.


Since I don't buy books just to explain what should be said in a film or game, I would like to know if any of this has been dealt with on a public forum where I can legally read it.


It really ticks me off that these Commandos, having tackled more objectives than is realistically probable for a 'surprise' raider mission, are now so badly needed elsewhere that they cannot be allowed to determine what happened to their comrade as a function of GOING TO the extract. It's arbitrary rather than tactically sound, particularly with their abseil packages.



Thanks- Saberist

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