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A Request from your Resident NaruHina weirdo

Chevron 7 locke

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I was hoping someone could whip up a small armory on the Endar Spire, something to make it a bit more realistic. maybe have a few sith troopers guarding the armory...


The List of Items I would like in the Armory is as follows.

4 sets of Heavy Blasters

2 blaster rifles

1 set of Arkanian blaster pistols

2 sets of heavy Arkanian blaster pistols

2 Bothan Needlers

1 Bothan Quick Draw

2 Mandalorian Blasters

2 Sonic Pistols

1 Arkanian Sonic Rifle

3 Cinnagaran Carbines

1 Mandalorian Assault Rifle

3 Sith Assault Guns

2 Sith Sniper Rifles

1 Sonic Rifle

3 Long Swords


and that's about it for the weapons. this is just to make the game seem a bit more realistic

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well, all you would need to do is make your own footlocker or two, and spawn them into one of the areas with the stuff you want in them, using the whereami cheat... I could do it, but it might take a while, because I haven't made my own footlockers before... I might have it done by the 22nd.

Edit: if you want it to be even more realistic, you shouldn't have the Mando items in there

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