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Stance stance revolution


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Okay I want to change the ready animation for the Desann stance and the Tavion stance


I could only ones I could find to change in the anims were:







I am not sure how in what context the stances Desann and Tavion are listed, but I would like to change them for some persoanl stance fine tuning.


if anyone could help me with this I would much appreciate it.

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Tavion's stance is the same as the blue 'both_saberfast_stance.' Desann's is the yellow which is 'both_stand2.' So if you want to change them the default stances will be the same as T and D's. One way around this would be to edit another stance like 'both_stand9.' That was Kyle's unlit saber stance in JO and is not used in JA. Then make a sab file and put the command 'readyanim both_stand9' in. That will result in the saber using that stance for all saber styles. Sorry to say those are the only ways.

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