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problems getting Bandon to appear


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I just started another playthrough of k1 last week, but both times that Darth Bandon shows up (the endar spire and after the fourth star map) my game freezes when he is supposed to appear (he never shows up). I fixed this by exiting the game, renaming my override folder and then playing through the part he appears; this works and I just continue playing, but out of curiousity, I wanted to know what kind of files would affect whether he appears or not.


the mods I have installed are:

carth's secret

carth romance fix

Tsl style rebalance

invisible headgear

lightsaber forms for k1

annoying mannan doors skippable dialogue

Achilles robe mod

ryyk blades

darkside choker

holster weapons armband

a mod that adds dialogue to Deesra on Dantooine

a few small mods that add a blaster, a vibrosword, and special clothing

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