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$5 Expansion Download Corrupt

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On the XBOX 360, I bought the $5 expansion for SWBF2 and downloaded it to my hard drive. I used the hard drive on a different XBOX 360, and when I started the game, it said that my downloadable content was corrupt and I have to download it again. This means they also want me to pay for it again, even though I am using the same account.

If I put my hard drive back onto the XBOX 360 I originally bought the content for, will my content work on it, or will I have to pay for it AGAIN because I used the hard drive on a different 360 and it said it was corrupt? I will be really pissed if I have to pay for it again to use it on the same console with the same hard drive.


Also, why does it still cost money at all? The game was made in 2005. XBOX 360 games made years later made their content free when it used to cost money, like GRAW and Gears of War.

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The ironic thing is that his post had absolutely no attitude and was simply stating a fact, while your post did have attitude. High five!


Don't be such a retard.

You can post in this topic all you want but I don't see a need to come back to this topic so anything you write to me here, I won't see.

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